Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding YouTube and algorithms

You'll learn the essential knowledge and algorithms you need to know before becoming a creator.

How to design a channel that's right for you

I'll choose a channel concept that suits me and draw up a YouTube roadmap.

How an ordinary person creates content

You'll learn how to create content that even ordinary people can do.

Step-by-Step YouTube Growth Strategy

You'll learn strategies to grow YouTube according to the number of subscribers.

How to change your life with YouTube

You'll learn how to use YouTube to change your life.

We will change your life with a 3-month investment.

Anyone can grow a channel in a short time!

3개월, 9개, 5만

▶ 3 months, 9 pieces, 50,000

Reached 50,000 subscribers with 9 videos in 3 monthsAll of our know-how will be revealed! Whether it's an ordinary person or anyone You can grow your channel in a short period of time. sweet 3 months of investmentYou can definitely change your life with. It's not a story about catching a floating cloud. My new YouTube channel was all about proving this strategy.

What do you do with YouTube keywords? 🤔

It only took two months to change my life

Q: 유튜브로 인생을 바꿀 수 있을까요? / A: 네, 가능합니다.

▶ Q: Can YouTube change my life? /A: Yes, it's possible.

YouTube can change your life in a short time. How sure are you? Because I experienced it firsthand in just two months. As the channel grew, there were 3 major changes.

#1. revenues

Channel growth boosts ad revenue

3개월 광고수입: 5,394 USD= 약638만원

▶ 3-month advertising revenue: 5,394 USD = approximately 6.38 million won

#2. branding

Affiliate inquiries pouring in after channel growth

  • Book publishing suggestions
  • MBC proposes SBS broadcasting
  • Proposals for collaboration on various platforms such as TikTok
  • Class 101 and many more online course proposals
  • Newspaper interview, community lecture proposal
  • Proposals for various advertisements, PPL, and branded content

#3. Financial freedom

1.5 million won per day for a 5-minute video

I made a 5 minute video and received 1.5 million won. If I calculate 1 hour for 1 minute of editing, my hourly wage is 300,000 won. I earned 300,000 won per hour from less than 300,000 won per day.

Why this course can be the answer 🔍

세상에 뛰어난 유튜버는 많습니다. 하지만, 강의를 증명하려고 채널을 키운 사람은 저 밖에 없습니다.

▶ There are many outstanding YouTubers in the world. However, I'm the only one who developed a channel to prove my lectures.

I completed the “YouTube Development Strategy” and wanted to start a full-scale business. However, I had a problem.

Will people really believe my words?

I thought proving a verse would be much easier than explaining it. Then I created a second channel.

Q. Did your homemade “grow YouTube” strategy work?

A. Yes, it's grown more in 2 months than the channel I've grown for 2 years.

첫 번째 채널과 두번째 채널의 비교

▶ Comparison between the first channel and the second channel

Q. Isn't that possible because it's a “show cut”? I'm normal.

A. It's fine. Anyone can do it.

I prepared this course before I created the 'Showcut' channel. Therefore, from the beginning, I prepared a curriculum for an ordinary person to develop YouTube. A hidden secret? Absolutely none. I also only followed the lecture to verify the 'YouTube growth strategy'. The result is the Life Shortcut Channel.

More than 35,000 subscribers in just one month

You can do it too! 📈

How did you get 35,000 subscribers a month? In order to quickly grow a channel, a blockbuster video is essential. I put all of my know-how into a lecture on how an ordinary person can create blockbuster content. It's absolutely not difficult. Anyone can do it, but it's a powerful methodIt's.

Not everyone is doing it? 🙁

I'm here to help.

I'm a YouTube consultant!

I first started YouTube in 2019. Over the course of 2 years, I posted 100 videos and created a channel with 10,000 subscribers. Then I started YouTube consulting for beginners. I realized it while doing simple lessons such as creating thumbnails and videos. What people really want

It's an easy and quick way to grow YouTube

I was curious about that secret too. Since that day, I have been constantly digging and analyzing YouTube-related books and videos. I paid 1.57 million won for a paid course and participated in an offline MCN course. I put all my passion and time into it, Finally, I completed a “YouTube growth strategy” that even an ordinary person can doI did it.

'Strategies for growing YouTube'I consulted many people with, and the results were also good.

🔻 YouTube growth strategy proven by reviews

수강생 후기

I only followed the strategy, but the number of views..! 😲

어떻게 평균 영상 조회수가 30만이 넘을까요?

  • How was it possible to do something in 2 months that I couldn't do for 2 years?
  • How was it possible to do only 9 things that I couldn't do even if I uploaded 132 videos?
  • How does the average number of video views exceed 300,000?

Grow YouTube

The answer is in OO 🤫

유튜브를 빠르게 키우려면? 방향성과 전량이 가장 중요합니다.

▶ How to quickly grow YouTube? Direction and power are the most important.

If you've already uploaded dozens of videos and your channel isn't big, there's definitely something wrong. It's better to let go of the idea that “if you work hard, it will happen someday.” Acknowledging and accepting problems is the first step in channel growthIt's.

If you do this

I'll never be able to grow my channel 🙅🏻‍♂️

평범한 사람이 생각하는 유튜브 키우기

▶ Raising YouTube that ordinary people think of

3 Things Beginner YouTubers Should Never Do🚫

1. random zealously ban X

2. unconditionally Sustain ban X

3. promiscuous uploads ban X

Be sure to remember it. On YouTube There is no Kaegeun Sang 🙅🏻‍♂️

The only thing that changed was the number of subscribers 😲

So much has changed in my life.

채널 성장 이후 쏟아지는 제휴 문의_1채널 성장 이후 쏟아지는 제휴 문의_2

▶ Affiliate inquiries pouring in after channel growth_1,2

In response to the ridiculous number of affiliate inquiries, I wanted to say, “Can I do that at first?” But now I've realized it. What's changed “It's not the number of subscribers, but the fact that it made me known to the world.” It's.

To spread the word about myself to the world.

That's what raises my ransom

It's a life-changing secret.

There are actually many ways to make yourself known, such as broadcasts, books, media, and various social media. though YouTube, where ordinary people can generate the most traffic, is now the bestIt's.

Grow YouTube 🥇

I'm convinced now. Anyone can quickly grow their channel this way.

Do I need to experience the many trials and errors I've gone through?

We'll turn your two years into two months. Don't worry and struggle alone, let's go together. If I did, you can do it too.

35,000 more subscribers per month ❗

Minimum wage of 300,000 won per hour ❗

Now it's your story 📖

+) Class 101 students only

We operate an open chat room.

This is an open chat room run directly by Shockut. Don't worry about it alone, let's join us. If you have a colleague, you can go much further.

❗ In order to operate a dense dantok room, there may be a limit on the number of people.

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“How an ordinary person can quickly grow YouTube”

I was an ordinary office worker.

As an office worker, the best side job I could choose was YouTube. It doesn't matter time or space, and it doesn't cost anything.

However, the channel wasn't as big as I thought, and the video took a lot of time. I waited for Zonber to get better, but there was no change.

“How can an ordinary person like me grow fast?”

I was worried. Since then, I've been searching for methods by analyzing over 100 videos, listening to books, paid lectures, and MCN lectures. My life completely changed after 3 months of completing Mochi Sang's YouTube strategy.

Now I get paid as much as an employee's salary for one video, and I don't stop receiving publications, lectures, and partnership inquiries.

The two years of trial and error I went through,

Do I really need to experience it?

I'll show you all the YouTube shortcuts.

Let's change your life too.

Shortcut Dreams: Life's Shortcut

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