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Dynamic house tree person picture inspection

I look for psychological reasons to draw a house, a tree, and a person on one sheet.

Psychology based on the strength of the line and the use of the picture line

In graffiti-like pictures, I see psychological reasons through the strength and weakness of good and the appearance of good.

The heart of a person who recognizes by color

Learn about the current state of mind with expressive color expressions.

Mind according to where the picture was drawn

Learn the psychological factors associated with which part of the paper you draw on.

So that you can understand the psychology of yourself and the other person through pictures

Hallo I will show you how you and your partner's psychology can be understood through pictures Picture Psychological Counseling ExpertIt's.

What is picture psychology counseling?

I became interested in picture psychology when I first started studying art psychotherapy. While studying, I was convinced that if I conducted picture psychological counseling along with various psychological tests, it would be good to use it as a test method to recognize people's minds without major changes. Also, I learned that it is a good tool that can be applied to counseling by reading the mind right away before starting the consultation. This is why I recommend 'painting' as a tool for understanding the minds of myself, friends, family, students, etc.

I recommend the Picture Psychology Counseling Course to people like this

There are times when we want to talk to each other about what to talk about. When that happens, if you look at the picture, there is a way to understand what the person wants to say, the current situation, and what they want. It's just graffiti or drawing. Drawing or graffiti is a way of expressing a person's mind. This is a class about drawing psychology and communication for people who can't really say what they want to say while twirling and twirling.

If you want to understand the feelings of your children, friends, family, students, etc., as shown below, please learn “painting psychology.”

  • People who are curious about the feelings of my family, my friends, and my lover
  • People who want to know the minds of people who are difficult to express verbally
  • Those who run the school who want to know their heart
  • Those who want to know the heart of their boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Those who want to know the heart of my child who is difficult to express, etc.

Even if you don't have drawing skills, the pictures you usually draw are enough.

In the class, I took a general picture drawn in a relaxed state and learned the symbols and meanings contained in it, hoping that a “picture” would be used as a tool to start talking about the heart, so I made it out of lessons learned from over 13 years of on-site lectures and consultations.

Picture psychology counseling classes are not difficult.

  • Even if you don't have drawing skills, that's fine. You can express your heart even with graffiti or pictures with intentions.
  • I like the pictures I usually draw. You can express your mind with such pictures and be a tool for communication.

We look forward to attending the course for those who want to know stories about the heart of me and the other person.



Drawing Clinic

Drawing Clinic

5th year of African Broadcasting Picture Psychological Counseling Broadcasting, Psychological Counseling Expert, More than 10 years of experience in running a Psychological Counseling Center, Professor of Art Therapy Qualification Course, Expert in Projection Picture Examination, Training Director, Korea Children's Art Therapy Association, Art Therapy Expert

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