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As a plant/gardening tool
10 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • A small flower pot perfect to put on the table

  • Chubby succulent flower pot

  • Cactus pot with thorns

  • large houseplants

  • A terrarium planted in a glass bottle

  • Western orchid with flowers

  • large cactus pots

  • String garden

  • Rinsing plant

  • Dongyang Nan

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding plants

Learn about plants that grow well indoors.

How to prune

Learn why you need to prune and how to do it.

How to repot a prickly cactus

Learn when to repot and how to do it.

Understanding soil

Learn how to mix the soil for each type of plant.

How to make plants grow longer

We will prepare for proper management methods and pests that may occur.


Flower Baby Studio,

Flower Baby Studio is a botanic studio that creates designs that enhance the quality of life and awaken sensibility by naturally blending flowers and plants into your everyday life.

  • Flower & garden
  • Planetary
  • Wedding&Party Celebrations
  • Class


I am a treasure who runs a flower baby studio located in Seongsu-dong and is trying to promote the appeal of flowers and plants to the public. I learned about flower design and plants for over a decade, gained experience working at a famous flower & gardening shop in Korea, and now I am working as a horticulturist. They are also called “florists” and “gardeners.”

When I took my first steps, I didn't know I would work in this field for a long time. There was a lot of trial and error, and there were some difficulties, but plants always gave me a sparkling sense of curiosity and curiosity.

The studio may seem peaceful on the outside, but if you look closely, you can see that every day they carry heavy loads brought from flower markets and farms, touch the soil, and are bursting with hands, shoes, and dirt. I have to give my strength to complete various tasks while filling such a busy day in such a quiet, busy day, but rather, I am receiving a lot of comfort from flowers and plants. For me, this job is more than just a job, it has become a lifelong learning experience, and a moment of joy.

It's a daily life I want to share with all of you.

The life of a plant-living person?

Bring the green freshness of plants into your daily life.

Have you ever experienced invigorating a deserted space? Plants are small, but they have power. The freshness of green brings many changes to everyday spaces. Nowadays, it's also called a pet plant, and since it's a living life, it can be physically difficult if you handle it sensitively and delicately. Nevertheless, the energy given by plants is the driving force, forgetting that it is difficult, and they enthusiastically take care of plants.

It's too hard to grow plants.

It's too hard to grow plants. How long does this plant go? How can I grow them well? This is a question frequently asked by customers who buy plants. I brought it in because it was beautiful, but once I went on vacation, it was dry, and I did what the flower shop told me, but the condition got worse. I've done that too.

After that, when I sold and cared for plants at a flower shop, I naturally gained experience and knowledge about plants. I loved the time spent planting and touching fresh plants while smelling the earthy smell as much as the time I touched the flowers. I fell in love with that, and I also took the Gardner Specialist Course and focused more on plant life.

Now, planters are popular in Korea, and the term “pet plant” has also arisen. As urbanization progresses, there will be more places where plants are needed. So I think it's a field I can look forward to in the future.

You can learn 3 main things through this class.

The first How to choose the right plants for your spaceIt's.

The second Appropriate watering and careIt's.

The third The right time to repot and how to repotIt's.

About essential management methods such as the providence of nature For those of you who are new to this path of dealing with plants with all your heart, I would like to give you an easy and detailed introduction. I want to be able to stay with my favorite plants for a long time.

There are many plants I've grown for a long time in the studio. With the exception of annuals, plants usually get better the older they get. My taste changes little by little, but I like “naturalness.” Therefore, I think I prefer natural soil or eco-friendly materials rather than pots made of special materials. Most of the time, plants are taken into account as interior elements, but along with that, you need to know how to properly care for them. It can be difficult for customers who treat plants only as interior accessories rather than living things.

There was a time when eucalyptus pots were popular. It's a difficult plant to grow because it doesn't fit the climate of Korea, but I think many people were attracted to its exotic appearance. It's hard to keep growing these plants unless you're an expert. This is probably why you shouldn't choose plants based only on fashion.

Don't learn every plant

Learn about the large branches of plant types.

You will learn the senses of plant life.

OK, now

A small garden that starts in my room,

Let's get started?

You all went to the farm yourself

I will try to make it with ingredients of my own choosing.

The first farm I went to,
Please follow me!

In fact, I will tell you in detail how to buy the necessary plant materials while running a flower shop. We'll also discuss the criteria for making choices and purchasing auxiliary materials. For those of you who don't feel comfortable visiting a farm, we'll also give you tips on buying online.

Gardening is also equipment washable

In order to handle plants, you need to know how to use tools properly. Especially when repotting, it should be done smoothly and quickly so that sensitive plants are less stressed. That's why you need to use the right tools in the right place. Also, poor touch can hurt you, so be sure to adopt good habits! Learn about the various tools required for home gardening and learn the precautions.

And I'm finally going to make something beautiful out of these. From small pots that are easy to give as gifts, you can build up your skills step by step, and in the second half, you can plant large pots without difficulty, and teach you how to take care of each plant. I think that if you carefully follow me to grow and manage plants, you will learn on your own in the process, and the moment will gradually come when you understand plants. That kind of process is really a great learning experience.

If you've followed this far,

Now all that's left to do is enjoy!

Let's try “full yoke” together!

In this class, you will learn everything essential to know for home gardening, including plant selection, pot selection, repotting methods, soil preparation methods, and care methods. Through countless classes, we will explain in detail the common difficulties and questions you have in common. As anyone who has completed the CLASS101 flower class “A small flower shop that starts in my room,” which was posted prior to this home gardening class, knows that Flower Baby Studio's online classes are based on a lot of practical experience and will be generously taught with essential practical and useful content, so you should follow them until the end. Don't think you're going to finish this class all at once. You have to practice over and over again to become truly your own. I included the content in the hope that there would be something new to learn each time.

You don't have to try too hard to be good at it from the beginning, and you'll have a natural immersive experience. I hope you can deeply experience the beauty of plants through this class. I'll be a great guide.

Let's always support your flowers and plant life, and start a greenerable daily life with plants with me!



fleurs de Bobé

fleurs de Bobé

Since 2015, I have been running a flower and plant shop in Seongsu-dong and have been conducting flower classes and plant classes. A long time ago, while dreaming of being a florist, I came across plants naturally, and I experienced the comfort of nature in the process of sweating while touching fresh plants and soil. Since then, I have become deeply infatuated with plants. As the world becomes more urbanized, the mind may become strained, but I would like to share with many people the freshness, comfort, joy, and healing that can be felt when caring for green plants.



꽃보배 유튜브

꽃보배 유튜브



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