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Skills You’ll Learn

Making rich vegetable water packed with umami

The most basic of the basics of cooking vegetable soup! I'm going to make the right amount of water.

How to cook vegetables from which they were harvested

I'm going to make a tasty side dish with the leftover vegetables from the vegetables I've made.

The secret to making deep, rich soup dishes

Learn how to cook vegan soup dishes with a deep and rich flavor that any Korean would love.

Making side dishes that go well with Korean soup dishes

Let me tell you the secret of various vegan Korean side dishes using vegan kimchi and mushrooms.

How far have you given up on being “vegan”?

It's really difficult for a vegetarian to eat out in Korea. Most vegan restaurants focus on Western food, such as salads and sandwiches, and are expensive. Then one day, on the bus on my way home from work, I thought, “I'm bothered to go home and hammock rice, but I want to roll up a bowl of bowser near my house and take a break.” However, when I looked out the window, it was full of gukbap restaurants that I couldn't eat, such as “Sundae Gukjip, Bone Haejang Soup House, Seolleungtang House, and Hwangtae Haejang Soup House.” What I gave up after becoming a vegetarian is an act that sacrifices animals and harms the environment, not a specific food. I felt it was unfair, and I decided to make Haejang soup with vegetables.

Because I'm a vegetarian
Foods that were difficult to eat,
Now I'll help you not give up anymore!

Made with 100% plant-based ingredients

From sharp soup dishes to hearty food

Hallo It is a zero-vegan that is the first in Korea and the first in the world to make vegetarian Haejang soup. In this class Finished with 100% plant-based ingredients My own vegan Korean food know-how and secretsI pressed firmly to capture it.

Tailored to the tastes of Koreans From sharp soup dishes to hearty and rich health food, and with tomatoes Unique Haejang soupuntil! I'll show you the secret to making your own simple one-pan vegan dish in 10-15 minutes or less, such as gukbap, that you never thought you'd eat in your whole life.

Don't miss out on taste, health, and the environment

The secret to a vegan+zero-waste lifestyle

STEP 1. Complete conquest of harvesting! Deep and rich water harvesting with umami

Unlike broth, pickled water has a refreshing flavor, but it's hard to get a deep flavor. But if I only had a special secret of my own Harvest with a deep and rich flavorYou can experience it. Since it is made with only vegetables, it has a deep flavor and is easy to eat after eating. Not only that, it's low in calories, so you'll be able to drink soup easily.

In order to produce proper harvesting, which is the base for Haejang-guk Prepare and clean materialsFrom the process of doing it Two ways to enhance umami, and Expiration date along with storage methodI'll teach you how to fully master harvesting while also learning about.

STEP 2. Rice thief recipe cooked with vegetables used in harvesting!

Until now, have you harvested and thrown away the leftover vegetables as they are? Now I'll help you not to do that! Let's make delicious side dishes using the vegetables used for harvesting without throwing them away. It's not a food made to avoid throwing it away, but only a recipe that you can find because it's delicious and can hurt the whole air of rice.

STEP 3. Surprising taste and texture even for non-vegans! Various recipes that use mushrooms instead of meat

Try making mushrooms for dishes that you've always thought could only be made from meat, such as scrolling, simmered in soy sauce, and earthenware. The secret of zero vegan that captivated even the taste of non-vegans! If you only need mushrooms that have the right balance of flavor, texture, and nutrition, you can make a variety of dishes. Let's reduce meat consumption while protecting the environment.

You can make it without salted fish

Vegan kimchi I've never seen anywhere else!

You'll also learn about vegan kimchi, which is the basis of Korean food and is inseparable from soup dishes. Kimchi that does not use salted fish and is 100% veganIt's easy and simple to make. Let's learn the kimchi seasoning base and use this seasoning to make kakuteki and kakuteki. It will be a dish that goes best with vegan Haejang soup.

With warm rice in the air

The vegan Korean food I was looking for

If you've been waiting for a vegan Korean meal that goes well with the warm air of rice like a hearty bowser rather than a salad or sandwich, let's start with Zero Vegan. To be able to match my own emotions Special know-how to maintain the original taste of the food you have eaten and completely replace the ingredients with vegetablesLet's learn all of them?

With delicious vegan cuisine
Let's protect the Earth, animals, and even your health together!





We are revolutionizing vegetarian food by developing Korea's first and the world's first vegetarian soup. Zero Vegan's recipe know-how is fully revealed! I was really worried! I won't be upset if you don't come to Zero Vegan because it's made so well at home. I want to let more people know that vegetable dishes are also delicious.



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