12 chapters · 8 hours 8 minutes
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iPad, Goodnote, Keynote
8 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Yearly calendar

  • Monthly planner (monthly)

  • Weekly Planner (weekly)

  • Daily Planner (Daily)

  • handwriting inlay

  • Hyperlink diary

  • Hyperlink notes

  • Shortcut settings

Skills You’ll Learn

Goodnote Tool Master

Master Goodnote by learning tips hidden in basic features and special applications

Create notes and planners

You can create any template, from a simple grid paper to a hyperlink planner

How to envision a format

Let me start by showing you how to design a template with a sample of various types of forms

How to “use” an iPad well

Make plans, study, and even do hobbies with homemade forms

How to use shortcuts, reminders, and notes

Learn real-life tips for using various apps

I bought an iPad that cost a lot of 1 million won
Are you only using it for watching videos?
All iPad features
You can use it right now
Introducing the all-in-one class!

I opened my iPad a month ago

All the ways to make good use of 200%

There are many people who spend a lot of money to buy an iPad but are unable to utilize 10% of its features. It's very difficult to know all the features on an iPad and use them properly. We'll help you achieve your first commitment to creating a meticulous and smart daily life with iPad.

Easy and detailed practical tips that you can apply right now!

Hello, I'm Soram who shares various everyday lives using iPad on YouTube. I really love creating new ways that others haven't thought of. I'll show you how to use basic features in a new way I've come up with! I will teach you so easily that even beginners who are new to iPad can follow them step by step, so don't worry, follow along!

So that once you learn it, you can use it for a lifetime
We have prepared high quality courses.
You can look forward to it!
I couldn't cover it on YouTube
We'll give you detailed usage tips.

Even if you know this, 80% master!

Complete conquest of Goodnote features you never knew

If you buy an iPad, you can enjoy a much more diverse iPad life just by making good use of Goodnote, which is the number one app I definitely recommend to buy. I'll teach you everything from solid basics to advanced applications. “You can even do something like this with Goodnote?” You'll be amazed after learning it!

I create my own customized palette by bundling only the things I use frequently. Once you've created it, it's very useful when taking notes. I'll share with you the palette I actually use. It's not difficult at all and it's fun. New features that will significantly improve the usability of Goodnote If you learn graphics, you'll master Good Note too!

The key point of smart usage!

Easily create complex forms with keynotes

Keynote is the basic presentation app for iPad. It's a bit surprising to create a form with a presentation app, right? If you just learn how to use keynotes, you can create complex templates such as a hyperlink planner. Once you've learned important points such as brush tools, alignment tools, and master slides, you can use them however you like!

I'll show you a sample of my own planner and diary! Identify a design that suits your taste through various forms. It contains everything from how to conceived my own form to the know-how to actually create it. When planning a form, we will work out how to get started step by step, and create various types of forms together.

Hands-on! You will be able to keep your plans continuously

How to take notes & write a planner

I've learned all the Good Note features, but when I use a planner, I don't use it the same way as a paper planner? Digital planners have a way to do it. It's time to try out the form and make it completely your own. I'll actually show you how to use the planner!

Being able to use forms efficiently
Apply specific methods immediately

Why isn't my writing crooked and pretty? Easy to read handwritten content at a glance! Start studying with effective formatting and clean writing. The process of recording and learning will be easy and enjoyable!

Taster shortcuts, reminders, and notifications

You'll learn about reminders and shortcuts that will bring iPad Planner one step closer to your daily routine. You can always check your plans and add records by linking your iPhone and Apple Watch. It's packed full of solid basic tips to get you started with Notion!

Building a sense of accomplishment every moment

Fill your precious everyday life

I'm going to rectify my daily routine and create a habit of carefully utilizing and planning what I have in my hands. An iPad that was frustrating because you didn't seem to be able to use it properly, can't you look forward to a big achievement that starts with a small challenge?





On my YouTube channel, I share various ways to use iPad and my own templates. It's been 8 years since I used the iPad, and making plans, studying, and doing hobbies on the iPad has become a natural part of my life.

It's always been a shame to share everything I know with short videos on YouTube, so I'm so excited to think about meeting you in class! For those who want to make better use of the iPad, I'll show you everything from very basic app usage to detailed settings and information with my own tips.

소람 soram

소람 soram





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