6 Class Projects

It takes about 1-4 hours to complete one class project.

  • Forest scenery

  • Small bird brooch

  • Fox brooch

  • Rabbit patches

  • Squirrel keychain

  • Forest embroidery frame

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic embroidery stitches

It's just fun, and you'll learn basic stitching that's as easy and easy as possible.

Forest animals

We will embroider 5 kinds of cute animals such as small birds, foxes, and squirrels.

How to tailor

You will learn how to tailor small items such as embroidered patches, brooches, and key chains.

Learn how to make small animal embroidery you can hold in your palm

Have you ever wanted to try embroidery, but felt intimidated by its complexity and struggled to get started? Do you love the idea of embroidering adorable animals, but find it messy and overwhelming? Or have you tried embroidery before, but found it frustrating and difficult to get the hang of?

If any of these sound like you, then this is the class for you! Not only will you have fun, but you'll also learn how to create cute and charming embroidery pieces in the easiest way possible.

In this class, we'll focus on sewing animals with a characteristically deformed look, making it perfect for beginners who want to learn basic embroidery stitching techniques. You'll learn how to create small embroidered patches and brooches with ease and in an easy-to-understand manner.


Nice to meet you, I'm Itosino, and I've been practicing embroidery as an artist for the past 6 years. After retiring due to marriage, I discovered my passion for manufacturing and embarked on my journey with embroidery.

As a self-taught artist, I've always focused on making embroidery fun and accessible for everyone. My aim is to make it as easy as possible for beginners to enjoy this beautiful art form, and I'll be sharing various tips and techniques that I've learned along the way.

Express a fluffy coat and three-dimensional effect with simple stitching and colors



Instead of creating realistic animal embroidery with many intricate details and colors, this class focuses on embroidering simple and cute forest animals. You will learn techniques to create a three-dimensional effect, such as a fluffy tail or sheep's coat. This class will teach you how to make small items like embroidered patches, brooches, and keychains using these techniques.


It may seem difficult, but in fact, there are not so many types of embroidery stitches used for animal embroidery, and they are not complicated.

In the class, we start with the basics of embroidery and gradually step up so that you can master fewer stitches. We will continue in this way, so even if you are a beginner, you should be able to enjoy creating works.

At the end of the class, I will help you make a "forest embroidery frame" where you can display the brooch you've made, so you can even decorate your room with your work!

Please enjoy the time you spend embroidering with these adorable animals.

There is also an embroidery experience using interesting materials! There are many ways to enjoy embroidery even for experienced people ♪


In this class, we will be using some materials that are not commonly used in regular embroidery. These recommended materials have been personally selected to make embroidery more accessible and enjoyable.

In addition, I will also teach you how to embroider without using a sketch copy through the use of printable cloth, as well as the process of transforming a sketch into a finished animal embroidery. By practicing these techniques, you can arrange and embroider your own unique designs.


I am happy to share with you new ways to enjoy embroidery by incorporating different techniques and not feeling restricted by the "correct" way to sew, suitable for both beginners and experienced embroiderers alike.

Every embroidery piece is unique and takes on a different character depending on the individual who stitches it. Your embroidered animal will be like your own child, with its own personality and expression.

Imagine the different expressions and personalities your embroidered animals will have! I hope you will enjoy your embroidery journey and have fun creating your own unique works of art.

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Learn Forest Scenery by Sewing [Basics of Embroidery] and [Basic Stitching]


Finish with a roll [little bird brooch]


Finished with folding end treatment [fox brooch]


Finished with folding edge treatment [rabbit patch]


Finish with a roll [Yezo squirrel key chain]


Decorate a sheep brooch [forest embroidery frame]








I discovered the art of embroidery 6 years ago and have been working as an embroidery artist since. My specialty is creating embroidered figures of adorable and beloved animals from the world of my original embroidery story called “Itoshi no Mori”.

Apart from selling my unique animal embroidery works, I also provide designs for various embroidery books.

Embroidery may appear complicated at first, but it is a relatively simple process. It takes patience and time, but the feeling of accomplishment upon completing a piece is simply incredible. So, please give it a try and enjoy the satisfaction of saying “It's done!” while sewing the last few stitches.

Q. Why did you decide to offer online classes with CLASS101?

A. As I work as an embroidery artist, I have been getting more and more questions about how to embroider. What I felt in that was that, surprisingly, everyone was obsessed with “correct embroidery.”

Make embroidery as easy and as easy as possible without making it difficult to grasp. I wanted to help make embroidery a little more fun for everyone, so I decided to take on the challenge of starting this course.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

A. In this class, we use some materials that you don't often see in regular embroidery. All of these are recommended items I've found to make embroidery “easy” and “fun.”

I would like to tell you about new ways to enjoy embroidery that expand by incorporating various things without being bound by the “correct way to sew” for both beginners and experienced people.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. Even with the same pattern, embroidery changes its expression in various ways depending on the person who sews it. The animal that comes from your hands is your only child. What kind of facial expressions and what kind of personalities will children be born with?

I would be happy if you could enjoy embroidery time with animals while imagining various things.


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