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To invest 'properly',

“An eye for the forest” is necessary.

Chart analysis and performance analysis are also important when it comes to investing in stocks, but the most important thing 'Macroeconomic indicators' It's. In today's volatile market, macroeconomic analysis is of paramount importance.

The stock I had at the last high If I could sell,
The current leader at the low of the past If I could buy?
If you think so, this is a must-have ability.

The market is always full of news. Nowadays, the number of media that delivers such news has increased significantly, and the amount of information is more overflowing than ever before, so I can't watch all of the news, and it's not all important.

Only by selecting “signals” from this noise can we “respond” appropriately to the situation rather than entrusting the investment to “luck.”

The most important thing is more than collecting information,

It's the 'ability to sift through information'.

It is so difficult to enter when the market falls excessively below the actual risk, and to rely only on “emotions,” such as realizing profits when everyone is full of joy, so “numbers, that is Fact (fact)You must check 'to be able to do it.

I don't know what kind of items to buy and when to sell.
People around me say that the stock market is over, but I'm confused.

Rather than predicting 'Response', More than emotion I wanted to create a course necessary for those who want to invest based on 'facts' and those who want to know how to diagnose the real state of the market.

I'm a “Don Tutor” who talks about money.

Throughout my investment career, I have felt that accurately understanding the macroeconomic environment is very important in investing.

Even excellent companies that are growing cannot avoid a sharp drop in stock prices when the market collapses, and when they know that the decline in the market has stopped, buying a good company whose stock price has fallen cannot lead to big profits.

These many experiences have made me more immersed in macroeconomic analysis.

I explain the macroeconomic situation on a YouTube channel called “Don Tutor Jeong Hyun-doo,” and many people are doing anything to help them improve their understanding of “money” even a little, such as appearing at SBS Don War School for 2 years.

Do you know the difference between “adjustment” and “decline”?

Here's a cool summary of everything you were curious about!

Efficiently invest your money Management is possible!

: The “price” of the stock is also important, but in the end, the profit depends on “how much” you buy. I will learn how to determine how much stock I should hold from the amount I can invest now by looking at the global economic situation.

Learn to tell the difference between a “correction” and a “decline”!

: Both are the same in that the stock price is falling, but if it is determined that it is an adjustment, it is an opportunity to buy, and if it is judged that it is falling, it is necessary to sell. Depending on how accurate the judgment was, the results of the two will vary dramatically. Coordination, you don't have to be afraid anymore.

You can see the risk signals that appear in a real downtrend!

: Learn what risks are in the stock market, what risks can lead to a real downturn, and how to identify them.

Learn about rising vs. falling markets, what kind of interest rate hike time is now!

: We are on the verge of raising interest rates. Some interest rate increases led to a second bullish market, and some interest rate hikes led to a sharp decline in the stock market. We'll show you how to understand how the upcoming interest rate hike will cause in the stock market.

Learn how to take advantage of the US market and the Korean market at the same time!

: Would Korea have an advantage or would the US have an advantage? The two markets are very different markets. Each has its own favorable environment, so the methods to be applied are also different.

Stop twinning and brainstorming!

You only need to look at 'objective' numbers and metrics.

I was swept away by investment content aiming for views,
When they climb, they only say they will keep climbing, and when they get off, they only say they will keep falling
Follow various views without accurate fact-checking,
Have you ever had a mismatch?

It is possible to reduce the cost of brain trading by reducing missteps and making sober judgments based on numbers and indicators. We will help you make <fact-based investment>, focusing on 'indicators that can be easily identified' among the 'verified indicators' of verified institutions.

You need to study 'Macroeconomic Indicators'

You can make a safe investment.

Among the objective indicators, I will give you one of the easiest examples. It's just “dollars.” The dollar flow is a measure of the global economy, and it is common for the global economy to be weak when it is booming. Since Korea is an export-oriented economy, COSPI is sensitive to the global economy. In other words, the COSPI falls when the dollar strengthens and rises when it weakens

Comparing the two, when the dollar turned strong around May 2018, the COSPI began a long decline, and when it weakened again after March 2020, the COSPI rebounded strongly. As the dollar strengthened again in July of this year, the COSPI showed a major correction.

Even at a glance, it can be seen that the direction of the dollar provides a great basis for investment decisions on COSPI. I gave you the easiest example. In this way, it is necessary to study “macroeconomic indicators” that provide a basis for investment decisions to make safe investments.

Stocks are 'risk assets'.

In other words, it is an asset with a high level of “volatility,” where it falls sharply even if it rises or falls, and then turns strongly one day after another.

However, if you can distinguish between “adjustment” and “decline,” and “overheating” and “rise,” you can buy stocks at the time of adjustment and sell even part of the overheating. As much as you have sold, you will be able to buy and collect assets during the next adjustment, and then sell when it enters a decline rather than an adjustment.

Turn “volatility”, which is a risk of stocks, into “opportunity”!

Of course, it's easier said than done. Even if you know how to do it, it is essential to go through a lot of “training” and make it your own. The goal of my course is to get you to take the first step in that process.

This is because if you know only the minimum essential economic concepts and a few key economic indicators essential for investment decisions, you can invest wisely without being afraid of a volatile market. Because you only need to know the core elements!

Just because stocks are falling now,
Don't be afraid anymore.

If there is no problem with objective indicators alone,
It's a good time to buy good stocks at a low point.

Indicators that will help you throughout your life if you know them,

Aren't you curious? Let's join us!





In the movie “Contemplation,” the genius contemplator “Nae-gyeong” continues his difficult life while experiencing all kinds of customs, even though he has the ability to see through everything about that person by looking at his face.

Naekyung said, “I've only seen people's faces, I haven't seen the faces of the times; I've only seen the ever-changing waves... “I have to watch the wind, but it's the wind that makes the waves,” and at the same time I regret it, the film ends with new eyes.

Wasn't that the case with our investments?

Haven't you made the mistake of looking only at the ever-changing stock prices and prices, not seeing the desire to create those prices, and not seeing the face of the times?

I'm a “money tutor” who wants to unravel the story of where and how the wind (zeitgeist, macroeconomics) comes from in an easy and fun way.

You didn't even know this existed before you knew it, but once you know it, there's nothing more interesting than this. Are you ready to hear about macroeconomics and markets?

🥇 Instructor profile

-Director of 'Economics Course 1', Current Economic Research Institute

-Current representative lecturer at KG Eduone OH MY SCHOOL

-Current Seocho Branch Manager, Mirae Asset Financial Services

-Currently a Jewish investor in Hana Financial Investment

🥇 benthic

- Don't War School

- Don Tech Household Account Book

- Goodbye credit card

- Han Kyo-rye contributed to the 'Financial Stability Project' column

- Supervised the economic section of Bold Journal

🥇 Attendance history

- 2020 Seoul Money Show 2030: Feel the Taste of Money Lecture

- Attended the National Pension Administration Corporation

- Attended Korea Industrial Workforce Management Corporation

- KDI Korea Development Research Institute participated in the Ministry of Planning and Finance Teacher Training Program

- Training for large companies such as Samsung, Lotte, etc., and attending financial industries such as Hanwha Life, ING Life, and MetLife Life

- Shinsegae Academy financial lecturer activities

- Attended the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Industry and Energy, and Financial Supervisory Authority

- Attended FITI Research Institute

- Attended the National Rights Committee

- Attended Asan Youth Committee

- Attended the Chungbuk Youth Hope Center and many others

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