8 chapters · 10 hours 25 minutes
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2 Class Projects

It takes about Around 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Waacking Choreography (DISCO)

  • Waacking Choreography (NEW)

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic arm movement skills for waacking

Learn the basic principles of arm movement and use various basic movements through this

Various arm application actions

You will be able to try various directions and speeds based on basic skills

Body movements and steps

You will be able to combine various body movements and steps with arm movements

My own expression

Express what you feel through songs in your own unique style

Waacking Choreography

You will gain learning and expressiveness by interacting with waacking in the form of choreography rather than improvisation

She started as a Crayon Shin-chan girl and is currently active on the world stage

I'm YOON JI, the waacking dancer

Hello, this is YOON JI! Hello, this is Yunji! 'Dance' became a hot topic through mass media, such as 'Street Woman Fighter'. And within that dance is a street dance genre called 'WAACKING'.

Now that interest has increased, it is clear that among those who read this article, "I also want to learn that dance once, but where do I learn it? I wonder how to play it! 'I think there are people who believed that. I welcome you to Class 101 Waacking Introductory Class, where I will take this precious first step for all of you!

My own personality captured at your fingertips, that beauty

The dance called WAACKING began in clubs based on gay community culture in Los Angeles in the 1970s and is a dance that focuses on colorful and charming arm movements along with the disco music genre.

Furthermore, it is a dance that can fully express the unique identity and individuality of a person called “I.” Through this introductory class, you can learn the basic movements of waxing and a special waacking technique that will capture your unique feeling.

Great for people like this!

  • Those who want to learn waacking but have never known it
  • Those who found it a bit difficult to learn by going to a dance school on their own
  • Those who want to learn the correct operation and principles of waacking
  • Those who want to learn not only the basics but also application actions and detailed expressions
  • Those who wanted to learn firsthand about Yoon Ji's waacking style from the video

What will I learn?

1) Among the typical actions of waacking, such as Twirl (Twirl), Extension (Extension), and Waack (Waack), Principles and applications of basic actions

What first actions come to mind when you think of “waacking”? The waacking performed by dancers that we usually see in media consists of the basic movements above. You'll have time to learn the principles of waacking's most famous movements step by step. Once you know the basic movements, you can prevent bad habits from forming if you learn the principles properly.

Is waxing a dance where only the arms move? NO!

2) Various body movements and steps and how to combine them with arm movements

In addition to arm movements, waacking also includes various body movements and steps. However, for beginners, it is most difficult for beginners to combine body movements, steps, and arm movements harmoniously. So that you can master a complete waacking dance so that you don't have to separate your body, feet, or arms, I'll show you my know-how to connect actions smoothly!

Why are my movements somewhat bland?

3) How to express the lyrics of the song and the various sounds in it in your own style

Waacking is a very delicate dance where I can capture my feelings right down to my fingertips. Instead of simply following basic and applied motion techniques, I will teach you how to capture emotion in every action. I'm following the dance movements while watching the video, but if something is plain and not cool, please pay attention to this part!

Waacking Choreography to complete together!

4) Summarize what you've learned and even try out exciting waacking choreography!

Let's complete your own waacking choreography with me! You can even complete actual choreography using the basic movements learned in the curriculum. At this stage, I can also check my waacking skills while choreographing the music to see if my movements are natural. Learn step by step how to connect the basic movement choreographers you learned earlier. My new choreography, which has never been shown before, will only be shown in Class 101.

I used to do that too!

When I was just starting to do waacking , there was a time when I was vaguely watching videos and randomly following them, so I thought, “What if my video was the beginning of someone experiencing that dance? What kind of content should it include? How should I let you know? ' I think I prepared more carefully and hard with that in mind!

Through solid and full classes, I'm here to help you have fun working together for the first step or more of a more accurate and efficient waacking goal. Let's join you guys!





Hello! I'm YOON JI Lee, a waccking dancer who started as a Dancing9 Crayon Shin-chan girl and is currently active on the world stage, including Street Woman Fighter 2! 🙏🏻 Currently, dance is becoming a hot topic every day, and interest in the genre of "waacking " is also growing, and surely among those who read this article, "Let's learn it?" "But where do we start, and how do we learn?" 'Where are you going? 'There must have been some of you who did! I came to you for an introductory class 101 waacking course to solve that problem ❤️ I will carefully start with the basics in a fun class without getting bored! 😉 This wonderful dance waacking full of personality that can be expressed one by one with the music, even one finger at a time! Would you like to get started with me?

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