Skills You’ll Learn

Weaving traditional knots with a different kind of string

In addition to the basic traditional knotted string, try weaving knots with a variety of materials, such as imported ropes.

Learn 13 traditional knotting methods

Let's learn various traditional knotting methods properly and combine them to create a work.

A clean, gentle way to finish a knot

Learn how to finish a clean, finished, and balanced shape that lasts.

Tips for more luxurious creations

Let's take a look at the details that enhance the completeness of the work by wrapping it with silk gold thread

Learn the skills to use tools and accessories

Learn how to use tools and connect auxiliary materials according to the application.

A story about the meaning of knots and their past uses

Learn the meaning and origin of traditional knots

Traditional knots, not far away.

Let's weave it together with a modern sensibility.

Hallo Traditional Knot Workshop 'Dandy'I'm Kim Jong-in, who runs. Traditional knots may seem strange and distant, but they're still Decorate our side every special day, such as weddings and first birthday partiesI'm doing it.

I met and communicated with the students in class 101 twice. Through this class, many people got close to traditional knots, More knotting methods and advanced techniques I hope I can learn.

What you need is not a natural talent

Honesty that is woven step by step!

Traditional knotting is not a craft that requires innate talent or dexterity. Knot as long as you honestly weave It shows the results, so if you weave them step by step in order, you can create the same work as me. The process of weaving traditional knots is not only easy, Everyone can complete a beautiful work if they just “keep going”You can do it.

Even works that seem complicated and difficult can be finely woven by “dandy” weaving slowly, steadily, and “dandy.” I'll show you how and how to do that.

Learn 13 ways to tie knots

7 artworks carefully completed

Shall we start off with a light heart? To understand the principles of lacing and the flow of laces, we'll start with seat knots and eyeglass knots. Even with a single knot method, you can use straps of various thicknesses and materials to create an accessory with a completely different atmosphere.

Just relax your hands and practice, and you'll have a lovely knot accessory.

The branch cushion knot is a knot used in the court to decorate a lucky bag (scroll bag) with the meaning of “let good things happen in a row like a branch.” I'll use this knot method with a pretty meaning to make a pouch that's easy to carry anywhere. I would like to be able to add style and beauty to everyday life with traditional knots.

A butterfly pacifier that is easy to wear with a hanbok, and a doltie would be a very meaningful gift for a family about to get married or for a baby who is celebrating her first birthday. Here are some tips for improving the completeness and detail of the work. Even knots that seem complicated will be neatly finished if you stack them one by one. I can't tell you how proud I was at that time!

Finally, let's delicately weave a gorgeous chandelier pacifier. Isn't it surprising that traditional knots have changed, which was only thought out evenly? If you also learn 13 ways to tie knots through the class, you will be able to create your own traditional knot work full of modern sensibility.

Check out reviews with a 99% satisfaction rating

만족도 99%의 후기

This is a review of my class that many students heard and were 99% satisfied with. I'll try to incorporate my know-how into the curriculum so that it's not difficult to follow along. Please trust me and follow me.

Let's decorate our special day with our own hands.

At my wedding, I made my own wedding pacifier for both mothers. I chose a color string that would go well with my Hanbok skirt, and I made a pacifier with a sense of gratitude that I couldn't express in words. I can't forget the appearance of the mother of both families wearing a wedding pacifier and shining at the wedding hall. At this time, I was really proud to be able to make a warm gift made by my own hands. I thought I was good at learning traditional knots.

Why don't you decorate your special day with your own details? I'll be with you step by step, from the beginning to the end. We tie the knot beautifully. Let's build Dandy!

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It will always make me shine! The only traditional jewelry and traditional knots in the world

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We will introduce K-crafts and traditional knot classes that connect the past and the present.


I'll make a hairpin and hair tie that looks like a cloud


I'm going to make a square shaped modern eyeglass knot keyring


I'll make a pouch with a cute twirling knot


I'm going to make a beautiful pink butterfly cicada knot pacifier


I'll make a simple knot pacifier with a smooth curve


I'll make a doll to celebrate my baby's first birthday


I'll make my own traditional knot work


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hello, I'm Dandy, the creator.

He runs a dandy workshop and works on crafts that weave traditional knots in a modern way.

Like many students, I didn't do traditional knotting from the beginning, and I graduated from the Department of Industrial Design and worked as a designer at an IT company.

When I live a life that pursues a rapidly changing world, I would rather I have a thirst for the emotional things I do with my hands.

I came across traditional knots by chance and fell in love with the fun of weaving them one by one with all my heart.

In the spring of 2021, I am trying to make the meaning of traditional knots known to many people by publishing the book “Weaving Beauty, Traditional Knot”.

Due to the Corona crisis, there are no more face-to-face classes at the workshop, but I would like to meet many students again and share the beauty of traditional knots through the 3rd class.


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