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It is a steering kit consisting of 50 kinds of fragrances
10 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • Simple steering experience

  • Watery character fragrance making

  • GREEN character fragrance making

  • Making WOODY character fragrance

  • Making MUSK character fragrance

  • Making AMBER character fragrance

  • Rose character fragrance making

  • Making JASMINE character fragrance

  • Making MUGUET character fragrance

  • Creating a signature fragrance

Skills You’ll Learn

Basics of perfumery for perfumery

Learn the extraction process of natural incense, the language of incense, and how to read and use its natural specifications

How to train your sense of smell

Here's how to train your sense of smell using a training program for new perfumers

The components of Trendy Fragrance

Learn the components and steering methods of trendy fragrance characters leading the market today

Various steering methods

Let's apply various fragrance methods that can be designed for each category of fragrance every time

Everyone who is interested in steering!

Haven't you tried to worry about this?

  • Maybe I've made perfume or candles through one-day classes or steering classes, but it's all Because I couldn't create my own scent Have you ever felt sorry?
  • or fixed Fear of creating new scents without a curriculumDo you have one?
  • The scent that used to only feel good is now tediously Can you feel it?

Hallo Working as a lecturer for lecturers and a developer for fragrance developers Perfumer ThomasIt's.

I have been working as a lecturer at a steering academy for many years, met many students, and have been consulting with various perfumers and fragrance businesses. For those of you who have ever had to worry about the questions I asked above A class where you can firmly grasp the basics of steeringI have prepared it. Build not only a solid foundation, but also developer-level expertise to get into the fragrance business.

Did you know that incense is also trending? We'll help you express your identity in a stylish way with fragrance. After taking this class, it's more than just a hobby Next-level steering ability to even plan a businessYou will be able to cultivate.:)

What is the steering ability of Next Level

What is it?

When you take a steering class, you can pick a specific formula, but when you are steering by yourself, there is no guide, so it won't be easy to achieve the scent you have imagined. In order for all of you not to experience such difficulties, in this lesson Even after class A growth curriculum where you can steer yourselfWe are planning to provide. 1) Get to know fragrances 2) Go through training steps 3) Specific handling methodsI'll let you know step by step until.

In this class 'Practical Steering Program'and upgraded for online education “Training for fragrance development experts”I've captured all of them. It may seem difficult just to hear the name, but as you learn it step by step, you will feel more fun than difficulty. Learn the ability to control the scent with your own strength, and make a new scent your own faster than anyone else.

The only way to mix incense is to mix incense

Isn't that something you need to know?

For a new and trendy look, it is necessary to systematically experiment with what components each character consists of, what combinations, and what results. High-end brand productset Market-leading The fragrance method for representative characters that is mainly applied to trendy scentsYou will be able to learn and practice on your own.

Also, learn the roles and uses of basic fragrances that can draw images, and each Complete the character's signature fragrance in every chapterI'll try it. In the final chapter, you'll even develop your own signature fragrance that fits your needs.

At 70% cost savings

Get all 50 flavors!

From those who are new to steering, to those who want to go beyond a hobby and make their own steering technology, please pay attention. To be able to set up your own steering laboratory without getting stuck in a simple curriculum I made up the kit with 50 kinds of spices. Rather than making a personal purchase Cost savings of 70% or moreWe have prepared a kit so that you can use sufficient ingredients. Start your dream to the fullest so that it doesn't end as a simple hobby.

The signature scent I made

Spread it out to the world.

It's great to make your own scent, but it would be even better if you could share your own scent with the world, right? Based on years of consulting experience, we will tell you Guidelines on regulations and regulations required for perfume launchesI'll let you know in detail until We look forward to seeing your signature fragrance outside of class:)



Introducing Thomas Perfumer's steering class


Let's get acquainted with spices


Training steps before full-scale steering tests


WATERY character steering


GRREN character steering


WOODY character steering


MUSK character steering


AMBER character steering


ROSE character steering


JASMINE character steering


MUGUET character steering


Let's make your own perfume


Thank you for your hard work:)


perfumer thomas

perfumer thomas

A professional steering lecture given by Thomas, a fragrance researcher

I will teach with solid skills gained through practical work!

Thomas Perfumer works as a lecturer for instructors and a developer for developers based on his 8 years as a fragrance researcher and a lecturer at the Steering Academy. We provide professional courses covering everything from products such as perfumes, diffusers, and candles to detailed and difficult steering processes applied to cosmetics and daily necessities.


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