3 chapters · 1 hours 10 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Traditional knotting tools, dowels

Learn when and how to use answer rates.


Learn how to tie a ring knot from a traditional knot technique.

Flower ring

Learn how to make a flower ring by applying a ring knot.

Connect to surgery

Learn how to connect sambongjutsu with flower knots.

Octopus foot

Learn how to complete a pacifier without surgery.

Tradition has come to everyday life,

I made a traditional knot with a workshop that came close to me.

As the world changes rapidly, I feel that there are not a few things that can make us feel our unique beauty.

Da-on, which began with “I wish we could fill our daily lives a little more with tradition,” hopes that tradition will become your daily life through classes.

Fill every moment with a pacifier and key ring made in the Traditional Knot Mini Class. As an interior accessory that fills an empty wall, as a hanbok accessory that is the first stone for my child or nephew, or as an accessory to decorate bags and pouches. If you think about it, it's an ornament that goes well with everything, and even the colors are brilliant.

My nephew made a mini pacifier with this flower design and attached it to my nephew, no matter how good it was with Hanbok! Photographing a stone is something that lasts a lifetime, and it was so proud and rewarding to take a picture with a homemade pacifier. Everyone must feel this way too! I want you to feel it. I didn't make a good pacifier because of me, but this mini pacifier is a pacifier that anyone can learn to make.

Traditional crafts, not difficult.

Let's practice many times with plenty of ingredients.

I'm going to share all my own tips on how to easily and beautifully make traditional crafts that seemed so far away and difficult up close.

So that the materials for the mini class don't feel like mini, we have prepared enough threads and materials to make about 6 to 7 pacifiers using just the basic kit. We will prepare more than 50 horses for a human dog knot, so be sure to practice enough and create lots of works. I make plenty of ornaments, trinkets, and gifts to keep tradition close to everyday life.

It will be such a time where you can focus only on yourself and relax.

Let's meet in class!



Knot Dagaon

Knot Dagaon

Inspired by tradition and brought to our daily lives,

I'm Lim Gong-gong, a traditional knot craftsman who runs Onna Knot.

The knots are spinning and passing through people, from hand to hand.

A tradition that will come from my hands to yoursknots.

I'm already excited and excited.

Thank you for being with us:)



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