10 chapters · 10 hours 48 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

The Overall Roadmap to Improvement in Art

Basic Female Anatomy

Hair and Clothing

Coloring and Basic Rendering

Class Summary

Go Deeper into the basics of illustrating an anime female character!

Chaesu will provide you with thorough lessons covering basic anatomy, coloring and shading, tips on drawing hair and clothing.

Class Takeaways

• Illustrate characters with a focused practice and study plan.

• Learn complete art making process you've been craving for.

• Tips on character design and how to give personality and life to your character through your illustrations will be covered in the class as well.

This Class is For

• Develop a focused plan to grow and hone your illustration skills.

• This class is for beginning illustrators

• Anyone who wishes to learn the basics of digital anime art, and improve their character illustrations, this is going to be a perfect class.

Class Requirements

• You need to have your own Clip Studio Paint to take the class; the program is not included in the class package. For more information, please visit

Class Highlights

Learn Chaesu's step-by-step workflow

Gain a better understanding of character illustration

Beginner artists will gain a better understanding of character illustration, and how to improve their drawing skills more effectively over time. Learn Chaesu's step-by-step workflow from the planning stages to a finished character illustration.






I'm Chaesu, a self-taught illustrator that specializes in anime-style female characters.

Due to my red-green colorblindness, I spent the majority of my life assuming that I could never excel in visual art despite my love for anime and illustrated works. It wasn't until late 2018 that I found the motivation and determination to try and learn how to draw despite my condition and lack of any kind of formal training.

For three years, I have dedicated my time and focus to the study and practice of character illustration, and have been able to improve my skills as an artist and express myself through the illustrations of my original character.

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