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Skills You’ll Learn

Refine polling details that are easy to miss

Details that breathe life into polling, creating a line that changes with a single difference

Pole conditioning increases technical stability and success rate

Step-by-Step Training & Pole Conditioning for Intermediate Entry

Conditioning for increased flexibility & stamina

Building flexibility and strength with pole warm-up, the first step for a strong octopus

“Eye Stealing Pole Dance” posted on social media

I'll make it a success

I want something that looks better than the actions I always do.
I think a pole dance with details and perfection is a long way off from me.
I want to do better, but I don't know what to do.

It is posted on social media If you've saved Wannabe pole dance moves at least once, you should take this class. It's not easy to follow the detailed polling with just a demonstration video. Follow Poliday's Bible, who has systematically coached pole conditioning for each level.

The secret to increasing technical success

What is “pole conditioning”?

Pole conditioning awakens every muscle used when using technology and recognises warm-up exercises and movements to understand the direction and principle of forceIt's a process of doing it. Even the hanging, climbing, and spinning that you do when you first learn pole dance More than 10 times the difference in success rate between people without pole conditioning and one personIt's coming out.

It's a good idea to practice 10 times to succeed in one skill, but building a body that can succeed in 10 techniques is a great way to improve your skills. I'll show you what the different lines and polling details are.

Details that breathe polling

<Polling Magic Note>

A complete polling depends on details such as pointing, speed control, and eye processing, and the completeness of the techniques used. Even if you use a difficult technique, it makes you feel lacking without these details. For those of you who know “what” you lack but don't know how to fill it A magic note that breathes life into pollingI'll let you know.

It's better because it's online

Smart pole dance lessons

In offline classes, I couldn't explain for a long time due to time You can learn the principles of polling, exactly what kind of muscles to use, and postures that you can't see well by repeating them. Practice smartly while saving your precious physical strengthPlease do it.

Tarapol Dance offers various special lectures and classes specialized in pole conditioning for each level every month. Based on this data Solutions based on individual body shape/conditionI will present, and many people will be able to level up through this class.

6 weeks of happy polling

Pole Camp Curriculum

Week 1: Basics & Details for Perfect Polling

It is often used as a bridge technique in the beginner to intermediate level of pole dance, but I will check out tricks where the line changes significantly depending on the details. I'll teach you basic details that are easy to miss, such as airwork and points based on various grips, and one-point tips on techniques that were difficult to succeed at once, such as Vortex, Sideways, and Cupid.

Week 2: Decorating actions that create elegant and beautiful polling

You can also create beautiful introductory shapes by linking beginner to beginner technical difficulty moves. If you practice consistently performing long combos that connect multiple moves, you'll increase the duration of your moves on the pole.

Weeks 3-4: Step-by-Step Intensive Training for Your Dream Skills

Next ReEvery time I go up the bell, I say, “If only this technology succeeds, I have no wish!” I know this earnest romance better than anyone else, and I'll make it happen together! As the difficulty level increases, there are more skills that require both strength and flexibility, right? If you continue to use poles to develop physical strength and flexibility, you will not only be able to prevent injuries, but you will also be able to succeed in your skills without difficulty.

Week 5: Transitions that create unobvious polling

If you think about new connections, new tricks, and transformation shapes instead of actions that are always connected together as a set like mathematical formulas, you can enjoy a different kind of polling. The secret to making your own combos that aren't obvious on Beginner/Beginner/Intermediate difficulty levels. At Tarapol Dance, we have prepared the first K-12 trending class for the popular course that sells out every month!

Week 6: [Bonus] Value for Money Fall Poses Collection zip: Using Fall Profiles and Ending Motions

Are you determined in your heart that you should take a Paul profile at least once in a while? If choosing a technique is too difficult and overwhelming, prepare for a cost-effective pose. How about taking a commemorative photo with your friends in a rental photography studio equipped with a pole or a beautifully decorated rental rehearsal room?





Hello! Tarapol dance instructor is on a charter basis. Even though I had no exercise experience, I fell in love with pole dancing by chance, and have been working with Paul for 7 years to introduce pole dance to many people. Since I had zero strength and flexibility, I will guide you step by step into the world of pole dance using the know-how and experience I have built up by learning and teaching pole dance over a long period of time! Offline, we meet students in classes specialized in step-by-step training that increases the success rate of various tricks and techniques. Since Class 101 is an online class, I will teach you tips for checking proper posture and various training methods to effectively improve strength and flexibility so that you can upgrade your pole skills even on your own:)

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