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Skills You’ll Learn

How to sell NFT works yourself

I'll show you how to create your own NFT work and sell it directly to the market.

How to invest in NFT works

We'll show you how to discover and buy potential NFT works.

Introduction to the NFT blacksmiths

Here's an introduction to NFT blacksmithing sports that have gained wings.

About Game Coin Blacksmiths

Here are some blackmail coins for games related to NFT.

Ladies and gentlemen, NFT is not a thing anymore!

Learn NFT right now and climb the ladder to the end!!

'위메이드'가 NFT 게임

'Wemade' is reporting prices every day as an NFT game. Even in the hustle and bustle of the field, Gamezuman is flying with wings!

The highly anticipated global NFT game 'The Sandbox' is breaking its record price even though SAND Coin is still not officially open.

Indeed, NFT has become a magical keyword that can rise just by touching it!

The work of the artist 'Beeple' was published as an NFT and won a whopping 78.5 billion won.

People are making more money than their salary from Southeast Asia's national game 'Exy Infinity'!

“Hello. The first author of an NFT book in Korea, received the Minister's Award from the Ministry of Digital Contents,
I'm Shin Bong-gu, the official NFT creator of the metaverse game 'The Sandbox'.”

I wonder what NFT really is.. Is this the reason for the turmoil?

NFT(Non-Fungible Token)

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) refers to an irreplaceable token and is a means of proving ownership of digital goods using blockchain technology.

Digital goods (images, videos, sounds, characters, items) have been around for a long time, so why is it only now that they have been quiet for so long?

Until now, there has been no way to permanently prove who owns the images or items circulating in games on the Internet. If the game company terminates the service, the item will fall apart. However, if you issue it as an NFT, the ownership will stay alive forever. In this way, we created a system where each character or item can be issued as an NFT and bought or sold with a unique coin commonly used within the game.

If you used to play games through real money (paying money to enhance them), now you can earn coins by selling your own items, reselling purchased items at a high price, or through in-game mining. These coins can be cashed out on exchanges. The era of making money by playing games has arrived.

That's right! NFT is the only way I can have coins without spending my money!!

If you go to NFT now, there will be a way to earn money from home without having to go to work while having a tiring commute.

There are 4 ways to make money with NFT!

Create and sell NFT works

Investing in NFT works

Investing in NFT-related stocks

Investing in NFT coins

If you have a talent or interest in art, there is a way to draw, publish, and sell NFT works yourself. The process was captured in detail in the class.

The class also included the process of what kind of work to choose and how to buy it if you are interested in investing in art even if you don't have a talent for art.

If you don't have a talent for art and want a high-return investment, you can also invest in NFT-related stocks or coins. We will discuss the representative blacksmiths and representative coins in detail in the class.

“NFTs are mostly traded in Ethereum or unique game coins. If you can't get into Bitcoin because it's too expensive, you can earn Ethereum by creating works, or earn game coins by making items! It's the only way to have coins without spending money!!”

Those coins are skyrocketing upward at this point! You can cash out at the exchange at any time.

※ The reason this class is “beginner” is because NFT is a concept that has just started, and everyone is a beginner. It's the only fair chance to start on the same line and win the jackpot!





I have been working in planning for IT companies for 20 years, including listed companies. He received the Minister of Orthodox Affairs Award for Planning and is also a CT technician at the Korea Content Agency.

He is also working as the official NFT creator of the metaverse game TheSandbox. After years of IT practices and changes in the digital environment, we have tasted the fruits of opportunity, and now another opportunity, NFT, is in front of us.

Through this class, we will unlock the value of NFT faster than anyone else and present the possibility of making you rich by lightning!

It contains a lot of advanced information that you'll regret hitting the ground if you don't know it now. NFT is the only way to earn coins with just your own talents without the need for money! That too is Ethereum!! “NFT is the only way to get coins for free.” Seize your chance right now!!



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