3 chapters · 2 hours 13 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

With Adobe Photoshop
3 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Pattern design using hand drawings

  • pattern fabric

  • Design goods (cell phone cases, glass cups, diaries)

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn core Photoshop features

Basic layer functions, image editing functions, filter functions, and compositing functions in Photoshop

photoshop pattern design

Create pattern repeats using my own drawings

How to make pattern products

Find out about patterned product manufacturers and learn how to make each item

Collecting everyday life and recording it with a pattern

Pattern design studio pattern shop

In this class, even if you don't have professional design skills or brilliant drawing skills, if you have an image that captures your own or someone's tastes and preferences, such as my own writing, loud graffiti, or a picture drawn by a child Learn the basics of Photoshop and how to design patterns so anyone can learnIt contains about.

Wouldn't it be fun just to imagine if you could decorate your interior with a pattern fabric designed by you, such as curtains, table mats, and cushions, every season? It will be a really fun class for those who feel that commercially available fabrics alone aren't enough to capture their tastes.

If I can design a pattern, I can design a pattern that can be applied to various items that match my lifestyle, make it a product, and keep it by my side and use it for a long time. Once you learn it, it becomes a technology you can keep using!

The easiest way to learn pattern design

In this class, we used Photoshop among the many ways to design patterns The easiest and most friendly way to design patternsI'm going to try to compactly capture about. Let's start your fun pattern life sooner with this course containing only the essentials!





Hallo Since 2013, the pattern shop has been delivering the joy of pattern life through pattern classes. Inspired by everyday life, I record patterns and design with patterns.

The pattern life at the pattern shop focuses on creating one's own life according to tastes and preferences, and aims for that kind of life. So if possible Things you need for everyday life I teach how to do it through classes to interested people so that they can make and use it as much as they like. Instead of easily buying and throwing away items from an overflowing pile of goods, I hope that I can continue to live such a life with the meaning and value of designing the products I need in my daily life, making them well, and using them for a long time. Also, I would like to share this pattern life with many people.



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