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5 Class Projects

It takes about hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Eye-grabbing design

  • A design that conveys well

  • Ad designs that get clicked

  • Designs you'll want to buy

  • A brand website that won't let you leave

Skills You’ll Learn

[Stole your eyes] The law of one point x the law of margins

Understand the mechanism of the human eye and create eye-catching designs that steal our eyes

[Tell them well] The law of margins x the law of contrast x the law of alignment

Deepen understanding of “ease of viewing” and create “leaflets” from the viewpoint of information design

[Advertisements clicked on] Law of Angle x Law of Illusion x Law of Appearance

Master composition, good composition × calculated angle = click rate ↑

[Design you'll want to buy] Law of Shine × Law of Gravitation× Law of Subtraction

What is a design that guides our eyes? Design a “flow line” from the target's “line of sight”

[High Visible Design] Law of Subtraction x Law of Color x Law of Typeface

Master techniques to understand and fascinate high-visibility design theory

[Brand that won't let you leave WEB] The law of typeface × law of alignment × law of color

Learn the elements of design that create air, and create designs that are conscious of space (feeling of air)

Learn “strategic design leading to results” from the basics

In this class, you will not only learn design, but you will also learn strategic design leading to management strategies to grow your business.

“I want to make sure my design fits”

“I want to understand 'somehow understand' more logically”

“I want to design in line with the concept and strategy”

In this class, you will gain the ability to objectively judge whether a design is good or bad. By knowing design theory and ingenuity tips, you can apply it to any design. Plus, you won't get lost in design, and you'll be able to create compelling designs.

Design is by no means just for designers, and it is useful in business situations for a wide range of people, from individual business owners to office workers. The simpler and more sophisticated the design, the longer it is often used in various situations.

Why don't you enjoy learning the principles and principles of design and creating strategic designs?

Effects you can expect after attending the course

  • You can understand the principles and principles of design
  • You'll be able to create compelling designs
  • You will learn how to apply design to business strategy

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who want to understand design more logically
  • Designers who want to learn design that leads to results
  • I want to make use of design in managementBusiness owners, sole proprietors, and company employees

When attending the course

There are no kits for this class.

Classes use Adobe Illustrator, so please install them separately.

■There is a fee for the Adobe Illustrator app used in class.

■This is an essential program for students to take the course smoothly.

■Please purchase separately. Please note that there is no burden on purchasing the Adobe Illustrator app, such as classes not being offered even though they were purchased and prepared.

■There is an explanation in class about how to use and use the app.

3 reasons why this class is special

① Understand the principles and principles of design

Logically explain each item, such as a design that steals attention, an advertisement design that is clicked on, and a brand website that does not let you leave. By multiplying the laws, we can create designs that lead to results.

It can be used in various places, such as leaflets, SNS, and the web

Since you can learn based on multiple specific examples, you can get practical learning.

You will be able to think about designs together with strategy and marketing

This class includes content that I would like people who are good at design but have never thought about strategy or marketing together with it to listen to. You can acquire the basic ability to create designs that are in line with a brand or concept, not a design that you like.





art director

After working as a person in charge of sales promotion and marketing for major companies, I have been involved in domestic expansion from branded product licensors, brand strategies for startups and IT companies, and problem solving through design in businesses related to regional revitalization. I am also involved in corporate training and designer development projects as a lecturer.

Graduated from the graphic design department of Tama Art University, CEO of Uji Publicity Co., Ltd., and a member of the Design Society of Japan.

Responsible for creative for major companies such as Mitsubishi Electric, Nissin Foods, and Hattori Seiko at advertising agencies and production companies. Uji Publicity was established in 1994. An advocate of “Visual Marketing®,” which regards design as a management strategy and achieves dramatic effects through recruitment, sales promotion, branding, etc.

Many design seminars for non-designers are also held. Judge for the “Kagoshima Design Awards”. Chief director of Yamaguchi High School brand business. Also serves as CDO for startup companies. We are also actively working on branding projects that launch long-established stores and good Japanese products to the world.

Involved in formulating design guidelines for Francfranc, a major interior goods brand that celebrated its 25th anniversary, and introduced Scalable Identity System®. It has been open to the public online at since 2017/9.

Participated in the launch of the Institute for Social Technology and Information Design (JUSTIDA) as a director. Full-scale commencement is scheduled from 2021, centering on publication of research papers, publication of design teaching materials and design picture books, etc.

He has written many books such as “The Basics of Design Ability” (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing Company) and “22 Laws of Design that Moves People” (KADOKAWA).

[Creator Interview]

Q. How did you get into design?

A. I've been good at drawing and crafting since I was little, and I decided to become a designer or picture book writer. Maybe picture book writers can be made even after they get older? There were times when I thought about it, and I felt that in order to become a front-line designer, I felt that it would be necessary to constantly refine my sensibility and something like training, so after studying under an art director through corporate experience and production, I became independent. When I set up an independent design office, I realized that the quality and beauty of design is “a matter of course as a professional,” and that the strategic part of how to solve customer issues is particularly important. I think it is very important to be aware of the principles and principles of design when formulating this strategy.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

A. When I work in design, I think there are times when we try to respond to customer requests so much that we almost lose the beauty and power of design. In such a case, please remember the principles and principles of design. I hope that the final result is a simple, beautiful, and powerful design. I sincerely pray for everyone's success.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. This course is designed to be useful in addition to everyone's individual skills and sensibilities. We hope to see you at CLASS.





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Amazon 著作一覧

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