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Skills You’ll Learn

How to use the program to start drawing

You'll learn basic information about Saitool's tools and options and how to use them.

Study the human body for the desired character

I'll show you how to collect and study materials about your favorite faces and human bodies.

The characters' attractive expressions and gestures

I'm going to try drawing facial expressions and movements that will bring the characters to life.

High density coloring techniques

From contrast to color refinement, you'll learn coloring techniques to improve the completeness of a painting.

Effect drawing that will further enhance the individuality of the picture

Draw a variety of effects to add personality to the character and compose the scene

Correction methods to improve completeness

You'll learn about correction methods using layer effects, textures, and balance.

Got a story you'd like to tell?

Let's melt it into a character with me.

“What would I like to draw?”

Hello, illustrator Kim IsaThat's it! I've loved comic books and anime since I was a kid. While watching the characters in it, I saw various expressions and unique gestures, and began drawing character illustrations, and I fell in love with them. I captured the stories and feelings I wanted to capture, and I naturally drew character illustrations that would make viewers cry and laugh together.

What kind of picture would you like to draw? I love painting itself, but it took me quite a while to find out what I wanted to draw. Also, it took me a long time to know what kind of study I needed to complete such a picture. As a result of thinking for a long time, I Illustrations that will make people happy I decided to draw. In this class, I will cover study methods based on my concerns, coloring, and correction methods that will improve the degree of completion.

A new experience unfolds in the basic Saitul

I don't use any other painting program other than Saitool and Photoshop for retouching. Therefore, I am working on illustrations using only the most basic functions. In this class Lots of experience with simple toolsI'll tell you all the know-how I've learned so that you can try it out.

Create your own brushes, use textures and layer effects, and specify shortcutsThere are also endless ways to use it! It doesn't matter if the program you're using isn't Saitool:) I'll make it easy for you to follow the class.

Do you still think the hardest part is the human body?

When I was painting, I felt the human body was the most difficult. How do you memorize all the muscle positions? How should I adjust the facial proportions? How do you express natural motion? I had a lot of trouble, etc. I've bought several books on anatomy, but the world of the human body is too big and difficult.

However, I thought the human body was the most basic element in character illustrations. That's how I found my own way to study the human body. Research various facial images, how to find the desired facial image without difficulty, how to study the shape of the human body and hands, and how to understand the structure, and how to melt it into a picture I'll let you know.

Expressions of lively characters that seem to be talking right away

I think this kind of expression and action would be appropriate for a character, but it wasn't as expressive as my heart would. Everyone will be there. I'm here to solve that problem. How to study various gestures and facial expressions through croquis. I've put my own know-how into this class that will make your expression easier. Together Use of lines and brushes, and coloring techniques that match the desired painting styleI'm going to cover it up to.

When I see a character smiling with the purest and brightest expression, I often think they were good at drawing. Before finishing the class, use the facial expression methods you learned with me Time to give your favorite character the happiest smileI'm going to try it. I wonder how your character is smiling in your heart!

Coloring for high-density illustrations such as watercolors and oil paintings

There are many important elements in an illustration, but coloring is essential. Not to mention the degree of perfection. Among the various coloring methods I have A built-up coloring technique that focuses on densityI'll let you know. The degree of completion of the illustration is much higher. Watercolor and oil paint-like illustrations filled with warmth. You can draw too.

Difficult backgrounds and effects are enough

While drawing an illustration, there are times when it's hard to draw all of the backgrounds. When I do that, I often use Photoshop to express effects that are suitable for the characters. You can enrich your illustrations by using only exaggerated light and simple effects like animals. Sometimes effects add personality to characters and help them understand situations more easily. In this class, I'll show you not only the effects, but also how to correct the picture so that it blends with the coloring and illustration, as well as how to edit the image and use it as a background.

My happiest time

If someone asks me when I'm happiest, I don't hesitate to say, “It's time to paint.” It's also a time where I can fully express what I want to express. But even so, painting sometimes makes me tired and difficult. They usually call it a slump. I recently experienced a very long slump. They used to whip me up for drawing better and compare myself to others. However, I didn't want to let go of the painting, so I made up my mind for the slump that I would come back to as I overcome it.

  • Let's save myself as a painter
  • Don't compare them with other people's paintings, love your paintings
  • I don't draw well, but I will look more brilliant when I have fun drawing what I want to draw
  • Let's not forget what I paint for

Of course, these are attitudes for me, but I hope they will be of some help to all of you who will be happy to paint with me for a long time in the future.

I'm in this class A time to think together about what you want to draw, what kind of pictures you are happy with, and how you can draw such picturesI hope it becomes. I will be there to support you until the illustration with your heart is completed.

A happy illustration that incorporates your story. Let's draw together.



Isa Illustrate

Isa Illustrate

Hello, I'm Kim Isa, a digital artist who is happy to draw what I want to draw!

I've loved painting for a long time before I can remember, and of course I've lived with painting, and I've always been greedy for paintings that satisfy me. That greed led to concerns about “facial expressions and gestures that make the best use of characters,” “warm coloring techniques,” and “well-finished illustrations,” etc., and I learned my own painting techniques in the process of painstakingly drawing to find answers to those concerns.

I think many painters probably share the same concerns as me. So I'm happy to share with you all the things I've been studying about painting through this class!

What you need to bring is simple. If it's a digital tool that can draw, you can draw anything if you start step by step with me. Please follow along slowly!



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