9 chapters · 4 hours 46 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

iPad/ Bluetooth keyboard/ Apple Pencil
7 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 5 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • A set of 2 object stickers with a hand-drawn and illustration-like feel

  • Daily Habit Tracker, Study Planner Template

  • Hyperlink diary

  • Sensational video intro

  • A unique vlog of your own sensibility

  • Money roadmap

  • Numbers household account book

Skills You’ll Learn

Create stickers and color palettes with ProCreate

After setting up a special brush and palette, I'm going to make an object sticker.

Create your own templates with keynotes

I'm going to make my own Habit tracker and planner template that I can use one sheet every day.

Create a hyperlink diary with keynotes

I'm going to make the form I created more convenient through the hyperlink function.

Learn how to use 200% of Good Notes

You will learn how to efficiently manage time and record daily life with various forms.

Create an inspiring intro video with Vllo

I'm going to make an intro video that moves like Hina-log's intro

Emotional video editing with Vllo

You'll learn sensible editing as if you were using a professional video editing program.

Create a money roadmap with numbers

I'm going to draw up a roadmap and create a template for making a 20-year money plan.

How to make a household account book with a number

I'm going to create a number household account book that combines the advantages of a handwritten household account book and an app.

  • Those who only use an expensive iPad to watch videos
  • Those who downloaded an app because they liked it, but don't really know how to use it
  • Those who have downloaded various template templates that have been created, but just don't want to use them
  • Those who want to use the iPad in a variety of ways and in a beautiful way with a new mindset

If any of the above apply to you, then this class A class that can improve your quality of life, or your sense of satisfaction, maybe twiceIt's going to be.

iPad, how far is it possible?

Of course, using a template someone has already created has the advantage of being convenient.

But what if there's a template that fits your lifestyle exactly?

What if I could easily manage my schedule, add the features I need, and create my own templates without unnecessary features? Maybe you don't bother searching for a template that's right for you anymore.

Hello, I'm Heena!

I'm introducing ways to use apps that can make 200% use of the iPad on YouTube. Also, I am a creator of content that creates and shares various templates and materials. In this class, we will not only use various apps such as Numbers, Blow, Procreate, Goodnote, and Keynote, but also for your steady record I'm going to create a template that fits my lifestyle.

There are things you miss if you only record in one way.

Goodnote, Procreate, Keynote, Numbers, and even vllo!

Let's draw a road map for my life by managing my own thoughts on Good Note, managing my assets on numbers, and drawing a road map for my life! When you look at each record after a while, those times will come alive vividly. I'm going to create your own template so that you can record in a variety of ways and more efficiently. I've also prepared an easy way to create sensual videos on an iPad. Even if you don't have a professional program, you can become a creator with just one iPad.

I don't have time every day, manage my time efficiently with GoodNote

Those who are always anxious because they have a lot of work to do, Good noteManage your time by making a plan. If you make a plan and put it into practice about where you spend a lot of time and what time is being thrown away, you will have the power to fully focus on the present.

Create an emotional vlog with just one iPad

People who seem to have lost time without doing anything for some reason, visualsTry recording with! If you play back your record, the record will expand your memory, and you'll realize that the time that has passed has been more meaningful and meaningful!

I want to stop doing 3 more days of Jongshim!

keynoteHave fun creating a template that fits your lifestyle with and filling it up one by one every day. Fill out the form you created and upload it to social media with hashtags #플래너인증 and #스터디플래너! If you share it with people who live in a planned way, your will burns even more.

The format that was popular on YouTube was revealed! “Number household account book”

For those who feel that it is difficult to manage my assets at a glance, and that there are too many functions that the app household account book does not need, I have eliminated the disadvantages and included only the advantages of the handwritten household account book and the advantages of the app household account book. It contains only the advantages of a handwritten household account book that is carefully written by hand every day and contains only the necessary functions, and the advantages of a convenient household account book application that is automatically calculated Numbers household account bookCome and enjoy the fun of raising money by setting up a money roadmap and meticulously managing your assets!

Goodnote, Procreate, Keynote, Numbers, and even vllo!
Learn how to use the iPad app and create a template that fits your lifestyle
Let's keep my records on the iPad!





Hello, I'm Heena. Business if you open your eyes, school if you open your eyes. If you look back, isn't the year just passing by without knowing how it's been? It is said that the same things that are repeated are because the brain simply compresses memories. That's why I record every day. Records shape and expand memories. If you use a format that's right for you, you'll be able to have a more enjoyable recording life. I will also make your time more full through classes.





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