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7 steps to becoming a building owner

We will guide you step by step, from preparing to buy a building to signing a contract

Isn't it the dream of all of us to be a building owner?

The seven steps of the building owner's roadmap are revealed!

A vague dream can never become a reality.
If you have a dream of being a building owner, draw a specific road map
Building Road Odong-hyup, an expert in building brokerage in '17, will help you!

Nice to meet you. I'm Odong-hyup, the CEO of Building Road and running a YouTube channel. I'm going to tell you a story about the building world where I've been working for 17 years.

Many people have already moved from investing in apartments to investing in buildings due to repeated tax bombs and regulations. The market for small buildings is not a closed market for people who know it, A market of opportunities that all of you can fully enjoyI would like to let you know that it is.

I created this class by combining 17 years of know-how from working as a broker specializing in buildings and my own experience of becoming a building owner and investing in a building. What are the lectures to be held in the future I'll show you the way to becoming rich in buildings.

The reason why Sinsaimdang invested in small buildings over 6% dividend shares!

신사임당이 6% 배당주보다 꼬마빌딩에 투자한 이유

👀 What if you invest 1 billion in 6% dividend shares?

You can earn 60 million won per year from dividend income, but in the case of highly volatile stock markets, you may lose a lot of principal.

The secret of building investment that can safely generate a profit of 9% per annum without losing principal! Aren't you curious?

😮 Let's thoroughly analyze the investment case of a small building in Hongdae in Sinsaimdang!

  • Final purchase amount 3.65 billion
  • - Loans of 2.7 billion (+ deposit of 150 million)
  • = Actual investment of 800 million ⭐⭐⭐

  • 12 million won per month for rent
  • - Monthly interest on loans of 5.4 million won (interest rate 2.4%)
  • - Electricity and facility management costs 50 to 600,000 won per month
  • = Approximately 6 million won ⭐⭐⭐

The appeal of building investment, which generates a cash flow of 6 million won per month with an annual return of 9% compared to investment funds (800 million won)! How are you? The above example includes only the example of monthly rental income. What if the value of a building increases even more over time? A curve curve of asset growth due to market profit will be created. This is also why rich people have buildings.

💰 Building investment that brings a sense of relaxation and stability to life through safe rent income

💰 Building investment that creates a curve curve of asset growth through market profit

💰 Building investment with lower ownership stress than housing and better utilization of leveraged loans

💰 Building investment that can be used for various purposes

A blue ocean of attractive real estate investments! Building investment!

For 17 years in the business, I only looked at buildings.
In terms of safety and profitability, small buildings
It's an attractive Blue Ocean financial market.

There are many people who want to start investing in buildings these days. In particular, I get a lot of advice from people who are good at apartments but are new to buildings. It's a difficult and variable building investment, so if you get hit by your main business and get busy, you won't be able to buy it, and you will often give up.

I want to buy a building, what should I do first?

For these borrowers I wanted to tell you the whole process of buying a building in order. Building Road's Seven Steps to Building InvestmentPlease enjoy all of them to make the dream of a rich person in buildings come true and make specific plans.

🚩 A seven-step road map for building investment to become a building owner

Step 1. Understanding how to invest in a small building and drawing a roadmap

Step 2. Setting the building purchase plan and purpose

Step 3. Actual building purchase process

Step 4. Precautions when contracting a building

Step 5. Balance and ownership transfer registration

Step 6. What you must know about building management

Step 7. Road map for building wealth

Unlike a house

Each building has its own personality

The sales amount of a building varies by hundreds of millions of won depending on the external part, distance from the station, accessibility to major commercial areas, and rental conditions. Also, even if you buy for the same amount, the tax and yield will vary depending on how the loan is structured and how the purchase is made. Also, it is a successful building investment that requires planning in advance until the exit at the same time as the purchase.

Of course, there are many things to study, and there are many laws and documents to consider. I'll explain difficult building investments in an easy to understand at a glance. Build up all the basic knowledge about building investment!

빌딩으로 돈 버는 기초 개념 5가지

📌 5 basic concepts for making money from buildings

✔ Regional growth factors: Value increases as the surrounding environment develops

✔ Individual rising factors: rent income through rental+advertising fees (LED billboards)

✔ SETECH: Consider various investment methods such as individual vs. corporation vs. equity

✔ Leverage (leverage) effect: 70-80% loan utilization

✔ Secure transactions: Utilize secure transactions with escrow

Investment risk management to realize profits

Like all investments, building investments also have various risks in the process of realizing profits. Depending on what choices you make at each branch point in the building investment phase, the result is the difference between heaven and earth. Please check the building investment risk list created by summarizing know-how accumulated in practice and make a systematic investment plan.

About building investment
Risk can be minimized.

Borrowers who are new to building investing often don't know what to do when they don't even know what they don't know. We will teach you what risks should be kept in mind and how to deal with them in order to invest and manage buildings through various practical examples. I'll show you ways to maximize profits while keeping your building safe from numerous risks!

Building brokerage expert Building Road Odong-hyup's

It contains all 17 years of know-how.

▶ ︎ Interest rates are rising, is the Little Building OK?



Building Road

Building Road

A guide to “Building Wealth” Oh Dong-hyup, CEO of Building RoadIt is.

Many people dream of being a “building owner.”

As real estate regulations on housing have intensified, many people are turning to the building market. This is because the building market is relatively unregulated and market profit is attractive. However, it's so difficult and there are a lot of things to be careful about. If you learn and prepare properly, you too can enjoy the 'market of opportunity' that only they knew.



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