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Skills You’ll Learn

Fusion 360 installation

- I would like to inform you about the process of creating a 1-year free trial account for the Fusion 360 Program.

Fusion 360 interface/tool description

- Rather than complicated tools, I will explain the tools that are essential for practical test modeling.

How to read public drawings

- We will inform you so that you can grasp the 3D printer operator's practical skills public drawing.

Public drawing 3D modeling process

- Explain the modeling process that can be memorized as a whole.

Description of A and B dimensions in the drawing

- We will explain the ±1mm tolerance required during the modeling process.


I'm a training team manufacturer specializing in 3D printer certification.

Maker Chuck has been teaching 3D printing and 3D modeling courses since before the 3D printer's national certification was first created, and has a career in online and offline lectures.

I've used various 3D modeling programs such as SketchUp, Rhino, etc., but I felt that Fusion 360 was the most suitable for 3D printing, and it has the advantage that it is free to use and that once you learn it, it is easy to perform various modeling tasks.

Based on the experience of giving Fusion 360 lectures to all age groups, from elementary school students to young people and adults Those who are new to 3D modelingI'll show you one by one so that you can fully follow along.

National certified 3D printer operator certificate

To prepare for the practical exam

As demand for the 3D printer operator certification, which was first implemented in 2018, increases, a total of 3 tests are scheduled for 2022 this year. Unlike the written exam, which can be done by self-study, I think many people find it difficult to prepare for the practical exam because they have to make their own models using 3D modeling and 3D printing, but I will tell you everything from installing the program to the actual test site, so I hope you start preparing for the practical exam with a maker chuck.

I think the process of reading CAD drawings and representing them in 3D is the most basic part of product modeling, so I think it will be helpful for those who are interested in modeling itself in addition to certification.

Actually, Fusion 360 is a program that can do a lot of modeling, but there aren't so many tools required for practical tests. I plan to use only the minimum tools required to express the public drawings posted on the Korea Industrial Workforce Corporation website in 3D modeling. If you model 21 drawings in a similar way, you will be able to prepare for the practical test almost at the level of memorization.

For those who have trouble getting used to 3D modeling due to the use of too many tools

There are various 3D modeling methods, so if you can use many tools, there will be more models you can create, but I don't think you need many tools to prepare for the 3D printer operator's practical test. I will teach you to memorize the modeling process of the drawings shown in the test by repeating similar methods, focusing on basic sketches and extrusions.

Based on our experience of teaching the Fusion 360 program even for elementary and lower grade children who are not good at using computers, if you have any problems, we will definitely help you!

Newly added public drawings

In particular, the public drawings added in 2022 do not show dimensions, so I think self-study is bound to be more difficult. If you practice additional modeling with drawings containing dimensions created by MakerChuck, you will be able to master all the public drawings.

From file storage methods to slicing

In the final lesson, I will explain how to save the files that must be submitted during the practical test, as well as the slicing program. Be sure to check all the parts of the exam that you need to check so that you don't make mistakes, and carefully prepare for the practical exam!





Hello, I'm Chuck Chuck, a training team specializing in 3D printer certification.

We have opened a class because most of those who passed the 3D printer operator certification exam as self-taught students will not be able to prepare for practical skills.

In the 3D Printer Operator Practical Test, which has been increased to 3 times a year since 2022 this year, you must learn the 3D modeling process for a total of 21 public drawings, including newly added drawings. This course is recommended for those who are new to 3D modeling or have difficulty interpreting drawings.

I hope you have good results in the certification exam, and I hope MakerChuck's classes will help you a lot.



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