5 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • Coloring Exercise 1 - Texturize like Watercolor

  • Coloring Exercise 2 - Texturize like Oil Painting

  • Practice1. A shy girl with rosy cheeks

  • Practice2. A woman with a sulky expression

  • Practice3. A man with distinct shade and mood

Skills You’ll Learn

A Variety of Skin Tones

You will be able to be bolder with using various colors for the skin.

How to Use Texture Brushes

Learn how to draw and color with texture brushes.

About Composition and Facial Features

Learn the basics of facial structure. Observe how it changes depending on the angle and facial expression!

Expressing the Texture of Skin

Learn how to depict the skin texture that makes it look twice as real.

Simple Ways to Depict the Texture of Hair

Embody the elaborate texture of hair with simple tricks.

Adjustment and Retouching

Tips on adjustments and retouching to make your drawing one of a kind.


I'm portrait artist Seal. I'm back with textured portraits❤

Welcome! I'm very happy to see you again in my second class.

I'm back with different brushes, different drawing style, and improved skills! In this class, I'm also going to share tips on learning drawing easily and my secret to improving skills that I have learned from my own experience.

Also, through my previous class, I found out what concerns you have and where you get stuck. I studied thoroughly to make a class that is not about drawing well, but delivering well. We will start with the basics, so that beginners can follow along easily!

When drawing

📌 I won't pressure you to draw well.

📌 I'll help you gain confidence in drawing.

To draw well, you need to draw a lot. To draw a lot, drawing should be fun.

Only when you feel confident abour your drawing, can you find yourself enjoying drawing!

Making Use of the Texture

Makes Your Character More Attractive!

The brush I'm going to use in this class is the one I get asked a lot about, every time I post a drawing! It's one of ProCreate's basic brushes, and you can use it right away after customizing it a little bit.

The 'Easy' AND 'Pretty' Brush

As I was preparing for the class, I taught some friends a little about how to use this brush. Every one of them said it's so easy to use!

Oil Painting or Watercolor?

Color in any Texture You Want

Though 'texture brushes' sounds like it can only recreate the thick texture of oil painting, it's nothing like that! It can also deliver the clear and delicate texture of watercolor.

Especially when coloring like watercolor, it takes much less time, but the outcome is just as beautiful. So you can follow light heartedly! Also, since learning how to use a brush is the most important part of the class, I will thoroughly teach you everything from line to coloring.

Use Various Skin Colors

Let's Not Limit Ourselves to Apricot

Have you ever had a hard time choosing the skin color? Follow these steps to get vibrant and natural colors for skin!

[Base color - Shade color - Detail color]

Choosing colors has its steps to follow, such as adjusting hue and saturation or using color contrast. If your colors canceled out each other or looked blurry and boring, be sure to apply these steps to your drawing process!

Don't Stick to Only Pink for Blushers

Pink, orange, yellow and even purple! Let's try a variety of color combinations that will add depth to the drawing. Once you get used to it, every time you draw a new picture, choosing the colors will be the most enjoyable part. 🤗

Photographic Drawing of the Skin

Looks Twice as Real!

I'll introduce you to brushes that can make the skin look twice as real! If you add small bumps or pore on the skin, it will look much more vibrant. Not to mention the freckles and moles that effect the character's image! It will take less than a minute. 😁

The Basics of Drawing:

Everything from Composition to Drawing Facial Features

Beginners Welcome! You will be learning everything about basic composition and proportion in detail.

📌 Basic facial composition and proportions

📌 Differences depending on the angle - Front / 3/4view / Side

📌 Tips on drawing facial features

I'll be explaining thoroughly so you don't miss anything but also proceed quickly so it doesn't bore you.

I'll talk a little bit about the common mistakes that classmates make. Reviewing notes are just as important as learning theories! Figuring out mistakes in your drawing will help you improve yourself faster.

Simple Tricks to Elaborately Depict

The Texture of Hair

Depicting hair is easier than skin! It's so simple but the outcome is very elaborate. Drawing only the face well does not make the drawing good. I have my own way to express hair that takes half the time while creating a quality that blends well with the skin.

Do you feel that your hair adds depth to the painting? There are tips for quick and easy drawing of fine hair that adds depth to the painting even with just a few strands.

Bringing Drawings to Life

Retouching Tips

Everyone knows about the retouching functions of ProCreate but few actually make use of them! I'll show you how you can use it.

From the illustration of light flowing like water droplets, to adjustment effects such as noise and glitches that give a special touch to the picture. Let's complete the pictures in a variety of ways!

Learn Once, Apply Limitlessly

Once you get used to texture brushes, it's much easier to create a realistic feel than when using a regular airbrush. Sometimes it's a character painting that makes full use of the roughness, and sometimes it's a complete live-action painting with details! Expand the spectrum of drawing styles.

It can also be easily applied when drawing elements from the nature such as clouds, seas, and grasslands. The coloring method is the same. The only difference is the object you draw!

I'll Be Your Strongest Supporter

It's important to draw a lot, but it's also very important to reach high quality with each drawing.

There may be many reasons for not being able to complete a drawing, but the main reason is probably because it's "difficult". Looking for answers one by one to the reasons why drawing is difficult, I'll help you improve your skills and figure out the direction of yourself.

The biggest difference between drawing alone and at class is “feedback”!

"This part needs to be fixed", "I'll have to draw it a little more like this next time." Even if you tell these words to yourself a hundred times, it's not as good as someone else saying it. If you have any questions, if you can't figure out the direction of your drawing, I'll always be a strong supporter you can rely on! :D

I've dedicated myself to this class, and I'll provide you with a quality class!

💘 If you want to learn how to draw attractive characters,

💘 If you are curious about my texture coloring method,

💘If you're a beginner and have no idea where to start or feel like you are stuck

Join this drawing class to learn about tips on attractive texture and colors. 🤭

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Procreate and Texture Brushes


Getting Familiar with Brushes - Coloring Exercise


The Basics of Drawing - From Composition to Features


Practice - Drawing a Shy Girl with Rosy Cheeks


Practice - Drawing a Woman with a Sulky Face & Resting Chin on Her Hand


Practice - Drawing a man with distinct shade and mood


Thank you so much for your hard work!




I'm portrait illustrator Seal who came back with the second class. I'm happy to see you all!

In this class, we use textured brushes instead of soft brushes. Ever since I used this brush, I started to enjoy drawing much more, and got a lot better at drawing.

I don't know how much I wanted to tell you about this drawing method, which is pretty but easy to use, and enhances the depth of the finished work to the fullest. Also, through running the class, I knew where you felt troubled the most, so I thought a lot about how I could teach you even when you're drawing alone. I really wanted to share the fun of drawing.

Drawing when you have something you want to draw. It sounds simple, but it's actually very hard. This class will be an interesting turning point where you can take the burden off and just get new drawing tips!

The joy of painting. Let's enjoy it together!






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