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Use Clip Studio, Photoshop, or Illustrator
8 Class Projects

It takes about Sticker: 3 to 4 hours/Other: 1 to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Seal sticker (long version)

  • AirPod/Buzz Case

  • acrylic keyrings

  • Memo paper

  • Grip talk

  • mugs

  • Seal sticker (big version)

  • Various product-specific packaging

Skills You’ll Learn

Develop your own character

I will draw my own characters that can be used in various product lines.

Picking a line with Illustrator

A perfect way to beat the knife line picking through an understanding of basic illustrator programs!

Orderings for various product groups

Cover as many product lines as possible, and learn the features and ordering methods for each

How to take and retouch attention-grabbing photos

You'll be able to create powerful photos of Chinese medicine that don't need any publicity.

Understanding packaging

Raise the sensibility and completeness of the product to the next level at once! Cheat key that lets you do it, good packaging

Your own colors and paintings

No feeling like you've seen it anywhere! You'll develop your own style.

Various SNS marketing & collaboration

Collaboration with other companies, forms of entry. Tips on social media marketing etc. through this!

Starting as a hobby,

Until collaborations with large companies

Hello, I'm a Koondershop artist who runs the character-based lifestyle brand Koondershop. Since I was an undergraduate student in design and making goods as a hobby, I found an aptitude for branding. Since then, my fixed income was higher than getting a job at a company, so I dedicated myself to this industry.

Expressing your identity? It's easier than you think!

I have vague ideas, but I have my own tastes that I want to express with my own sensibility, Not sure how to express it?

Refine ideas and use illustrations with product value By systematizing the birth process “A method that anyone can easily assign, and even after stubbornness, they can apply it on their own.”I'll let you know.

Anyone can do it with an iPad or PC.

Can be easily used on a regular PC other than an iPad or MacBook Clip studioThrough, we will give you tips that can easily improve the degree of completion with just one click. Have you ever been curious about various texture processing methods such as hand painting even though it's the same digital drawing? We will share all the design know-how we have gained through years of practical experience!

Haven't you tried Clip Studio? It's fine! Clip Studio has an intuitive and very convenient interface, so if you touch it a little bit, you'll quickly get used to it. If you don't have Clip Studio, you can use Photoshop. Because we're going to learn how to find an identity!

My identity to survive in the era of goods flooding

Even if I learn and get to know these various techniques and tips, my paintings are Can my products survive in the Red Ocean goods market? There are probably many people who are worried.

As a brand owner of Koonder Shop, which has received many positive reviews for her unique paintings “My own paintings” and “the secret to creating differentiated artwork”I will tell you more about

Identity and individuality are not innate; they can be created and developed!

Of course, you can't miss the technical practical tips.

Simple pictures, simple shapes, lines, and commercialization can be understood only by looking at YouTube,
I want to draw more complicated pictures... and I also want details...

I think there are definitely people in this situation. In this class Various styles, from simple frameless paintings to complex hand-painted designs with vivid borders one by one, and tips for making productsYou can take it with you.

How to order various products+real tips

In addition to the relatively best-selling product lines such as stickers and memo paper Try various productionsWant to try it out?

Made with care The long-term future of my brandIf you want to brand a living brand beyond a stationery brand, this is a must-have course. This class includes tableware such as cups, various cases, etc. Covers a wide range of productsDo it Production method for each orderI'll let you know.

Practical tips from Kunder Shop that I've built up by running on my own feet!

Now that I've found my own paintings and I know how to make them, where should I create them?
And what's the unit price? Also, what about the production period?
Are there any company-specific differences?

Actually, I really wanted to ask if we could have a 1:1 conversation! I know all of your tickling points very well. There was also a time when I was vaguely selling products, looking for companies, and making inquiries. We'll reveal it in a cool way. Also, company information on various product lines, as well as feeder products such as stickers, I'll share everything I know.

The power of packaging

As the neologism of emotional marketing has arisen, The completeness of the product completed by packaging and the power of the brand's sensibility are enormous. I think it's going to be difficult Just a few very easy principles in a design-oriented way You just have to remember it. As a design major, everyone To make it easier to follow I'll guide you.

Together A packaging company that is inexpensive and can be received as soon as possible, varying A store where you can choose opp/packaging products from a range of affordable and durable optionsI'll tell you all the honey information about!

Because it's an ALL IN ONE class:)

The power of photos and social media to call for purchases!

Beautifully crafted products. But how frustrated would it be if the public didn't recognize that 100% pretty? A way to double or triple the use of my beautiful productsDon't be difficult to find, and I will share the know-how I gained through trial and error myself.

  • How to take attention-grabbing photos
  • How to spend 3 more minutes to retouch and edit high-quality photos that stand out from a myriad of photos
  • How to use these photos to save money on social media

I'll tell you everything!

Let's grow our brand ↗

Entering a store & own mall (shopping mall) & MORE!

Entering an offline store is the first step in full-scale brand growth!

  • How does entering a store take place
  • To what extent are fees usually formed
  • Is there anything I need to be careful about when entering the store

Information that you are curious about but can't be easily explained anywhere. Based on “my real experience,” I'll tell you the current state of the industry as it is. Store management is also a very important part of the brand as it grows! Coondershop provides essential but not easily accessible information.

A brand that is growing more and more. It's time to think about smart stores, private malls (shopping malls), etc. Koonder Shop, which has successfully opened and operated its own mall, will be happy to talk about the following.

  • Pros and cons of our own mall
  • Necessary documents until we prepare our own store
  • Things you need to prepare
  • Turning points to think about
  • How long it takes to open

I didn't even know the '' of coding, so I can confidently let you know:) Don't worry!

After adhering to this class,

You'll be able to take a lot of things with you.

More than just following a tutorial The principle and mechanism itselfI'll teach you. Because it shouldn't be a class where you just listen to it.

After stubbornness, Koonder Shop will help you prepare to launch your own brand by using and applying the principles you have learned.





Hello, I'm artist, koontheshop! :)

I've lived my whole life as a person who loves design and creative activities,

Based on my experience, I can easily solve this field for more people,

I'm so honored to be able to help you get closer again.

Running the brand "koontheshop" was both difficult and fun.

It was a very practical help for me in these courses

I would like to share with you the parts that are still building a strong foundation

This is how I came to see you in class 101.

I would like to show you a selection of only the most realistic and essential courses.

With realistic help, both creation and design become more enjoyable,

Only then can we all have happy creative activities for a long time!

We support all creators!







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