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Skills You’ll Learn

Basic Afghan floats

I'm going to learn and practice basic knitting, which is the foundation of Afghan knitting.

Afghan knit knitting

Learn and practice Afghan knit knitting to make a colorblock petit shawl

Making Afghan popcorn

Learn and practice popcorn making to make mini popcorn bags

How to decorate a realistic handle

Learn how to decorate by wrapping a thread around a handle that can be applied to other works

How to knit a strap

Learn how to knit an easy and simple strap.

키트를 구매하는 모든 분들께 5mm 코바늘 선착순 무료 증정

▶ Free 5mm crochet hook on a first-come, first-served basis for all those who purchase the kit

Stay cozy even in the unusually cold winter!

Winter knitting accessories made with wool in just one day 🧶

varying Afghan floatsIntroducing the law and knitting props Effortless crochetIt's. Afghan knitting is better than crochet or large needle knitting, which is usually well known Complete works at a faster paceIt has the best advantage of being able to do it.

In this class, I will keep you cozy even in the cold winter Petit shawl and mini popcorn bagI'll try to make it. 1-2 hours with Afghan floats Bay, Stay warm and warm with the finest wool yarn I can complete it. The joy of soaking up today and wearing it tomorrowI'll give you a gift.

2 kinds of accessories suitable for winter,

Learn how to knit Afghanistan and finish it in no time.

As the first work Practice the basics of Afghan knitting while making a petite shawlI'll try it. The color-block shawl, which has a lovely color match, is easy enough to make while learning the basics, and the finished work is great for warm use.

It is possible to create a cuter look Application tips so that you can also create with Neki StyleI'll also tell you a little bit about it. Use it yourself or give it as a gift to someone:)

If you have learned enough basic skills while knitting a shawl, you will develop your Afghan knitting skills in earnest. mini popcorn bagI'm going to make one.

The popcorn knitting method is a knitting technique that allows you to create fun patterns without being too difficult, and is used to make various small items.

The mini popcorn bag is small but has good storage capacity, so you can easily store your belongings and use it comfortably as a daily bag.

The fluffy wool makes the round, plump popcorn pattern stand out a little more, making it even more Complete with an attractive winter daily bagIt's going to be.

With a small difference in details

Let's improve the completeness of the work?

Here are some important tips for decorating a handle. Not only will it improve the completeness of the mini popcorn bag, but it will also be a useful technology for other tasks.

You can also create a bag shape that can be used more practically by attaching a shoulder strap or using a leather string inner pouch that can be purchased as an additional component.

The finest wool yarn, 30 colors to choose from!

I create works that are perfect for my tastes.

In this class “Cool Wool” by Betanit, an Italian premium knitting yarn brandIt uses. Cool wool is a thread made from 100% of the finest Peruvian wool Beautiful color and soft touchI have it. Experience precious threads that cannot be found in Japan through the Effortless Crochet Mini Class and make cute winter accessories.

Cool wool has a wide range of color choices. 30 color selection optionsThere is, so imagine the finished work that best suits your taste.

Afghan flair that I learned once,

Let's leave it behind and use it.

When winter passes and the warm season arrives, try creating a cool feeling with betanit fettuccine threads. You can put aside the techniques you learned when making mini popcorn bags like this and use them in a variety of ways.

Learn fun Afghan knitting using a beautiful wool thread, and create your own props that will keep you warm in the cold winter! So let's get started right now?



Effortless Crochet

Effortless Crochet

It's been 15 years since I first learned how to crochet in love with colorful yarns. And over that long period of time, there have been countless big and small changes in my personal life, such as employment, turnover, marriage, overseas migration, re-employment, and establishment of a business. In the midst of so much change and confusion, everyday life continued day by day, and it was always knitting that allowed me to find small pleasures in it. At some point, I realized that knitting, which gave me comfort during such a difficult time and fun when I was bored, was not just an old hobby, but a driving force that made me who I am, and being so hot was no longer a hobby for me. Currently, I am working hard to make a name for myself by running effortless_crochet, which introduces Afghan knitting work through Instagram, and a small offline studio. Over the short time of the past year and a half, I have learned a lot, achieved, and had many challenges and failures while working as an Effortless Crochet. Among them, the most significant thing was that I received a design patent for the Effortless bag, which made people aware of the name Effortless Crochet. We will continue to strive to create knitted accessories with beautiful and creative designs in the future. Please stay tuned! ^^

Effortless bag with completed design patent registration_pocket



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