Live2D program, mouse
2 Class Projects

It takes about 3 hours or more to complete one class project.


  • Repeated moving wallpaper

Skills You’ll Learn

Obtaining Live2D installation and modeling

How to buy Live2D, install the trial version, and find the model you need for rigging

Basic modeling and rigging

Learn modeling in order, starting with the features and the whole body

Apply a physics engine

Let's add the effect of hair, animal ears, and tail flickering every time you move.

Face tracking with Vtube Studio

Let's use vStudio to track faces to see if it works properly.

Adding expressions and effects

Adding facial expression keys to make the most of a character's personality

Create an animation with a character that has been set

Create an animation with finished modeling

Manufactured by yourself”Animated illustrations“Try it out!

Create a moving wallpaper using the modelling you created

Track your own face with modeling

Create a live today model according to your wishes

Let's even make an animation with the model you created!

Right from the beginning!

It was difficult to get started Live Today (Live 2D), From how to buy and download programs, to how to get illustrations, to creating animations by creating models We'll show you the whole process.


Producing various animations and videos

I'm the creator TITANIA.

Since 2020, I have been with various domestic and international streamers and companies Vtuber (Vtuber) model making and riggingI have been in charge of. Uploading 2D animations and videos 200,000 YouTubers He works as a creator and freelancer, and produces not only 2D animations but also various video contents.

Despite the increase in demand for domestic Vtuber (Vtuber) and interest in LiveToday in the past year, it was difficult to get tips and information about domestic LiveToday at once, right?

Through this class, I Live 2D Cubism ProgramMake it easier for all of you Basic production and tipsI'll let you know.

I started self-study to use Live Today, and I have translated and produced the missing information in Japanese or English by myself. Rather than teaching you the methods you've learned in production with attributes, “Why do we need to make it this way?”I'll show you some ways that have a reason to show you.

The application methods are endless!

Move your characters in a variety of ways, such as creating moving illustrations and animated videos, as well as modeling a broadcast Virtueber!

Live 2D?

Live 2D official website image

Using the Live 2D program, you can distort 2D illustrations and make them move more dynamically. Although it is a paid program, it is a necessary program for creating Vtuber (Vtuber) modeling. From Cubism version 4 Koreanization of programsIt can be produced more comfortably.

Step by step, in order!

Even if you don't know the icons or functions of the program, I'll teach you the tools used and production methods by following them step by step from the beginning, one by one! Since this is a basic course, I will provide the necessary functions and information for beginners.

Tablet essentials X

You don't need a tablet to take a class. A tablet may be needed to modify or draw an illustration model, but since this class focuses on rigging, all you need is a mouse to pick it up! It can move.

Q. I don't have an illustration model, what should I do?

A. I'll show you a site where you can get an illustration model directly from the course. Also, I'll help you practice using models from the official website!

Ⅰ Character Texturing Basics

Once you're ready to model, you'll need to put joints in the mass to move, right? You'll learn how to adjust the number of points and set joints as needed!

Ⅱ Character Rigging Basics

Eyes, mouth, nose... Let's start with a strong eye, move your whole face, and move your body too! It may seem difficult, but if you start small and complete them one by one, you can quickly follow along!

Ⅲ Character extraction and application

Export the finished character and use the free program Vtube Studio and webcam (mobile phone) to track your own face! We'll also teach you basic Vtube Studio usage and settings!

IV Try putting in a physics engine

Let's add the effect of making your hair look silky! I'll show you how to set a fair value!

V Keyframe animation production

Let's add animation keyframes and insert the prepared physics engine to create a smoother animation together!

📌 Advantages of this class

  • Basic course for beginners!
  • It's a basic course, but everything from face tracking to animation!
  • Additional tips needed depending on the character
  • Not just Live 2D, but also basic Vtube Studio settings

If you're interested, you can create your own Live2D too!

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Welcome to the LIVE2D world!


Let's make a head-face


Hair - Set the movement of the hair


Body-clothing movement and breathing


Applying a physics engine


Pull out a character and apply it to Vtube Studio


Animation production


Create a moving, repeating wallpaper


Technology using LiveToday


Thank you for your hard work!




Hallo I'm the creator TITANIA.

I mainly produce animation and Live2D, and I am a 200,000 YouTuber, making anime memes and drawing pictures from overseas broadcasting activities. In addition, we are also engaged in various video content production activities.

As an anime lover of both East and West, I happened to virtual streamerI learned about, and I was fascinated by being able to move 2D as if it were 3D. As I became more interested in Virtueber, I began studying Live2D in order to be active on my own.

The first snow I made...

Snow made in late 2021

Without trying

I don't know what you can do

- Franklin Adam in a word-








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