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3 Class Projects

It takes about 2-15 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Girl illustration with simple composition

  • Scene illustration with simple composition

  • A one-piece picture with a sense of air and atmosphere

Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw an illustration of a person

Learn how to draw girl illustrations.

Production know-how of professional illustrators and cartoonists

You will learn the know-how of “painting” and “finishing” to draw pictures with complex compositions.

How to draw illustrations of everyday scenes

You will learn how to draw illustrations of everyday scenes with a sense of atmosphere.

How to draw everyday scenes full of atmosphereFrom illustrators and cartoonistsOnline illustration courses to learn


This class is an illustration course where you can feel the story by having fun and drawing little by little, using methods that are easy for anyone to imitate.

Anyone can easily improve the quality of their paintings by incorporating their own daily lives into the illustration production flow.

“I'd like to draw an illustration, but it seems difficult...”

“I want to draw a one-piece picture that combines a background and a person in a good atmosphere”

“I want to complete scene illustrations that match my image with high quality.”

This is the perfect illustration course for those who have felt that way, those who want to start illustration, or those who want to learn how to draw backgrounds.

Why don't you learn the know-how to create a wonderful one-picture picture of your own everyday scene in this class?

Learn how to draw high quality one-shot illustrations using photographs taken by yourself


In this illustration course, there is high reproducibility for beginners who are not used to drawing pictures, to those who can draw people but can't draw backgrounds well, and those who want to improve their skills even more [[How to draw everyday scenes with people and atmosphere]I'll tell you about it.

Since I draw by referring to photographs I have taken myself, I think anyone will be able to draw easily.

[Step 1] Input knowledge and tips for drawing a single picture while watching the actual illustration production flow


The class begins by inputting tips for drawing a single picture, preparation methods, and ways of thinking about composition while tracing the flow that illustrator and manga artist Morichika actually performs when creating illustrations.

I will tell you what creators value in order to draw illustrations that are atmospheric and generate empathy, and hints for creating illustrations in everyday life.

[Step 2] Learn how to create an atmospheric picture while drawing an illustration with a simple composition


After learning how to draw a one-piece picture, you will learn the production flow you've learned while actually moving your hands.

In class, I will draw girl illustrations with simple compositions and scene illustrations.

After drawing up an idea, deciding on a theme, and preparing preparations such as collecting materials, etc., we will proceed with illustration production by rough sketching → thinking about light and shadow → line drawing → painting.


It's packed with production know-how from professional illustrators and manga artists, so I hope you can absorb it thoroughly.

[Step 3] Slowly draw a one-piece picture with a sense of atmosphere


In the second half of the class, we will start creating a one-piece picture, which is the culmination of this illustration course.

Even if the background is a complex composition, if you draw carefully according to the production know-how you have acquired up to this point, you will surely be able to complete a one-piece picture of satisfactory quality.

The “painting” and finishing processes are also carried out carefully, and thick pictures with a large amount of information are created, so I think you will be able to firmly acquire the know-how to create illustrations that generate empathy.

[Summary] What you will learn and learn in this illustration course

☑ ︎ General-purpose production flow for drawing a single picture

☑ ︎ How to think about composition

☑ ︎How to draw a person

☑ ︎How to draw clothes and accessories

☑ ︎The atmosphere of light and shadow

☑ ︎ Know-how to “paint” and “finish” to draw pictures with complex compositions

☑ ︎How to adjust colors using the Photoshop function


[Message from creator Morichika]

Nice to meet you, I'm Morichika, an illustrator and manga artist.

I love everyday scenes with girls, and I've been drawing them all the time, but the trick is simple. Once you know the tricks, I think you'll be able to cut out everyone's everyday lives and draw people in them.

In this class, we will touch on simple basics so that even beginners can enjoy drawing, so don't worry if you are a beginner. We have also prepared materials that serve as role models so that you can draw right away, and we will proceed from the way of thinking when conceiving a picture, so I think even people who want to draw a picture from scratch will enjoy learning.

I'd like to tell you how to create a good feeling for the “light and shadow” and “atmosphere” of the illustrations that I cherish.

Let's have fun and draw carefully!





Manga artist and illustrator


2009 “Ikimono Zukan” “I'll do my best from tomorrow!” Comic serialization begins. In the same year, he began working as an illustrator after receiving requests for novel covers, etc.

The main production achievements include “Itomichi,” “Solomon's Perjury,” and “Spring Comes to Platform 6. And today, you'll be gone.” “The world is difficult for Ayako Yada,” etc.

Famous comics include “Oh We Are General Miao.”

Creator interview

Q.What kind of activities do you usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly

A.2021The comics that were serialized until the year were over, and now I'm leisurely drawing one-off comics and drawing illustrations that have been requested. The recent boom in illustrations is often drawing illustrations that capture the everyday lives of girls and dogs, modeled after the pet dog Corgi.

Q.What led you to start creating illustrations?

A. Since I was a kid, I noticed that I was a kid doing graffiti, so what triggered it...??? I feel like it wasn't until I became a college student that I started digital illustration, and when I got a PC for myself, I naturally bought a tablet and started drawing.

Q. Why did you start online classes with CLASS101?

I received a call from A.CLASS101, and since my own way of drawing and thinking can be imitated by pretty much anyone, I decided to start the course in the hope that it would be useful to people who want to have even a little fun drawing.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into planning your classes? Who would you recommend this class to?

A. I would like to convey the importance of collecting materials. It's a place I'm particular about. Even if you don't understand the theory, I think if you can look and imitate and draw, you'll be able to draw pictures naturally. I recommend it to people who “don't know the details, but want to draw a nice picture.”

Q. Please give a word to the students!

A.I would like to create a class where people can learn painting techniques and production know-how by repeatedly creating materials → looking, imitating, drawing, and putting them together in a nice way. So, if you have the feeling of drawing patiently and steadily, you'll be able to draw good pictures!



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