Skills You’ll Learn

Mindset for Drawing

In what mindset should we start drawing?

Finding your Tool

Learn about drawing tools and find out which is best for you.

Searching & Observing Objects

Find objects you want to draw and observe it with a brand new perspective.

Exercises to improve your drawing skills

Practice drawing lines, 30 sec croquis, copying magazine images and tracing.

Silhouette Drawing, From Basics to Advanced

Draw silhouettes of attractive figures and complex landscapes.

How to Refine your Drawings

Figuring out how to present your art is also a part of the process.

Personal Branding Tips

'Showing' is essential to completing your art.

How to Make Money Without Selling your Artwork

Various tips on making money through drawing.

I’m Lee Yeon, a Youtube creator

who delivers thoughts through drawings.

Nice to meet you all here at Class 101! I made a 'fun and practical' lecture for many of you who waited for my class. This course is packed with everything from preparation skills for drawing, to tips on how to present your art.

I hope that this class feels like a gift box that makes you wonder in excitement about what’s inside!

I've been painting for more than 10 years, including the time I was lost. The journey could have been much easier and shorter if I knew the shortcut. So in this class, I'm going to show you the struggles I went through. This way, you will find a faster path, maybe even your own!

I'll be right here to teach you all my special secrets like a tutor.

Learn the language of Drawing.

I really hope you learn how to draw. Drawing is like a language. You see, if you are good at English, it’s easier to travel and there are more contents you can watch. Likewise, when you can draw well, you can tell many more stories because it becomes a tool you can use to communicate with a bigger group of people. Just like the way I was able to meet you guys.

If you have learned the language of painting, now think about how you want to show your work. A lot of people are worried that they can't find their own style. But if you ask yourself, "What tone do I want to speak in?" you will be able to answer easily. There will be a tone that you want to use and listen to. Similarly, think about what story you want to tell through your drawings. There will be a line, a color, a face that matches it. I will also help you find your own style of drawing.

Prepare, observe, draw, show

The curriculum is divided into four main steps.

Learning about the drawing tools is the first preparation process for drawing. In this class, I will explain the tools that you can find easily and help find the right one for you.

I will also explain how to observe the object you want to draw. We’ll all be looking through the eyes of artists, who see the world in a different perspective. Let's refresh our eyes by looking at the object as a mass, from far away or at a close distance.

If you're ready, we can start drawing at last. Four training methods are prepared for you to enjoy drawing straight away. Have fun drawing with me and you’ll be creating your own unique lines in no time.

Lastly, I'll give you tips on how to present your drawings. I think 'presentation' is essential in the process of completing your drawing as an artwork. In this class, I will reveal all my know-hows in the class on how you can present your paintings in an impressive manner and even further, how to monetize them.

How to draw like Lee Yeon

'Silhouette drawing'

Silhouette drawing is a term that I coined, as I tried to define Lee Yeon-style drawing techniques in one word. When I look at an object, I keep distance from it and only look at it as a silhouette, a shape, and a line. That’s how I draw accurate and realistic pictures. This silhouette drawing can give you a lot of fun visually by making use of margins and emphasis.

The silhouette drawing lecture includes how to draw attractive figures and how to draw complex landscapes simply. As Lee Yeon, I'll teach you how to draw like Lee Yeon.

With Lee Yeon, Let's Draw!

Do you often take care of yourself? Come to think of it, we tend to use a lot of our time for others, but rarely support and cheer ourselves. Take this class to make time and to draw for yourself. Try supporting yourself like that. There's no better sponsor to you than yourself.

Trust yourself and have fun drawing. I hope you can experience the adventures you can have when you’re good at drawing. I, Lee Yeon, will be rooting for the day you find out how it feels to draw the exact line you want, to create what you have imagined all by yourself, and see your dreams come true.

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Personal Branding








Hello, I'm Lee Yeon. I majored in painting and visual design and worked as a designer for 6 years.

I designed MD and visual graphics for Starbucks Coffee Korea. Now as a YouTube creator with 700,000 subscribers, I lecture, write, and make various contents. I am also the author of the book <How to Draw Without Fear>.

Through Class101, I will give clear and easy explanations on how to brand your identity as an artist and on modern line drawing.






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