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Hacking the brains of thin people

If you want to be slim, follow a slim person.

Analyzing food on Earth

We analyze every food and brand on the planet.

Develop context-specific coping skills

Trips, dinner appointments, buffet visits, and more! I'll tell you how to deal with each troubling situation.


Never do it.

Until you get to know me.

Are you going on a diet?

Don't do it. It's ruined.

I can assure you, it's not a joke, it's really ruined.

If you don't know me.

You're only being used by the diet industry, but you can't lose weight and spend all your money and energy

Eventually, your appetite will only increase uncontrollably.

It's real. Because I did too.

👇 Below is my picture. Do you see the difference in ratio before and after dieting?

Who are you?

This is evidenced by numerous reviews.

There are countless other reviews... 😅

You can find more reviews by searching for [Lee Sang-soo diet reviews].

Seeing dieters makes me sigh

Diet, exercise? More importantly, this!

People work hard to eat, buy diet food, and exercise hard

In short, <show your will> diet.

But it's always in place. Why would that be the case?

This is because I don't know <core principles > which are important for dieting.

A boring diet life, Now we have to put an end to it.

✔ Continuing to lose a lot of money on diets

✔ I tried various diets but failed

✔ Bursting at home after not eating outside

✔ I take pictures of my meals every day and post them on Instagram

✔ When I saw the Instagram Dieter, I was mistaken that I could become like that

✔ You need to exercise hard to feel good

✔ Pack a salad, sweet potato, fruit, brown rice, and take it with you

✔ I like things like oral crops, whole wheat bread, and low calorie ice cream

✔ Binge eating with diet food

(nuts, calorie bars, sweet potatoes, yogurt, cereals, granola, vegan bread, etc.)

You guys think that's a real diet Scribe It's there.

A boring diet life. Now we have to put an end to it.

You should lose weight not by using your body, but by using your head.

You must now lose weight by “using your head” instead of your body.

To do that, it's no use following famous dieters for a hundred days.

I'd rather see people around me who are thin even after eating pizza, hamburgers, etc.?

It is rather helpful to observe such people.

I was a 10,000 year dieter.

Then my appetite grew uncontrollably, and eventually I even suffered from bulimia.

This was the thought I had a lot at the time

I can't lose weight even if I only eat salad 365 days a year

Why doesn't she gain weight even though she eats hamburgers? (anger)

I've been researching since then. Only those who look naturally slim.

Results of insane analysis and research 'Common behavior patterns of slender humans'I discovered, and I applied that discovered behavior pattern to myself.

✨ The result..

[1] The bulimia I've been suffering from for years is finally gone!

[2] Maintain a weight of 46 kg while eating everything you want and not exercising

(It's 45 kg these days, “Huck”... It's a problem even if it falls out too much. This is really... Side effects of Lee Sang-soo's diet lol)

It wasn't until then that I realized it. They're not naturally thin,

The fact that I became slim “by living like that.”

All we have left to do is learn 'this' and become slim for the rest of our lives.

People ask me questions all the time.

Why are you so thin?

Why are you so slim?

You don't always have a constitution that makes you gain weight.

I then smile inwardly.

(You don't know my past 😂)

I'm going to teach you the truth.

I created a diet theory, and you have to study.

I'm not an influencer.

I'm a “weight loss person.”

There is no one else on earth who creates and teaches diet theory like me.

Isn't it a secret for me to become slim?

That secret that only I wanted to know. Actually, I didn't want to publish it either.

I teach the truth.

Our naked real life. How should we survive in it?

Isn't that what we're really curious about?

✔ Which one should you choose from among the many commercial brands of bread

✔ What should I buy at a convenience store

✔ What should I do when I go to a cafe

✔ Tteokbokki, pizza, sundae soup, ramen

How and how much should I eat these foods!

I'm the only one who can tell you so much detail.

But when I had bulimia, what I was most curious about were things like that.

It's about how much people who are naturally thin eat, what they eat, and how they live.

Sadly, no one taught me that. That's why I decided to do research and teach it.

Let only you know secretly and become the second ideal number.

(If you don't know, you only lose money)

I didn't gain weight even when I woke up at dawn and ate a late-night meal, and I didn't gain weight even when I went on a trip

Be that scary human who doesn't gain weight even after eating hamburgers, pizza, marathang, and tteokbokki.

Everyone who studied and followed me to the point where I was frightened became like that.

The special benefits of Lee Sang-soo's diet!

1) Once you learn a principle, you can apply it for a lifetime.

2) It is possible to lose weight by eating all the foods you want to eat.

(By the way, I didn't exercise when I was losing weight.)

You can use Suseong Café for a lifetime with a paid membership!

By adding my lifestyle, the food I eat, and the amount without adding or subtracting it

We created a paid membership-only cafe so that it can be understood intuitively and in detail.

If you take a class, At a paid membership cafe that secretly shares “royal information” that only naturally thin girls know unrequitedYou can sign up with

So what's the difference between consulting and consulting?

Even for statisticians who work hard to study my theory, it works well.

The one who clearly grasped my theory is more effective.

I created a course to clearly convey my theory, and I encourage consultants to listen to my lectures.

(People who learn on their own vs. people who study while listening to star lecturers)

Of course the latter would work better, right? 😁

🙅‍♀️ If you are like this, please do not register

[1] A person who makes logical decisions

I'm not a doctor. Nor am I an exercise instructor.

They are “people who lose weight” and “lose weight” by doing insanely researching only slim people and telling them “properly.”

For example, when I told you that it's better to eat warm food, 'When it's cold, calories are burned to burn energy, right? 'A logical objection like that(WHY?) For those who do, my diet theory is useless.

[2] People who want to combine their own diet with a different diet

My diet cannot be combined with other diets. That's because the texture is completely different.

But that doesn't mean you have to make a complete decision.

There's something I'm doing right now, and I'm in a situation like this, can I take a class?

You can ignore these concerns.

🙆‍♀️ I want people who trust me and follow me properly.

My diet is applicable to everyone.

I'll let you know gradually, so you don't have to worry about that part.

By studying my theory properly, I hope you will be free from dieting forever.

Because I did.

Use your energy for more “valuable places” other than diets and food.

This is the philosophy and slogan of Suseong Diary, which I run.

You are wonderful and have endless possibilities.

Your precious and valuable energy Stop wasting on diets or food

I hope that this society will become an even more beautiful society by using it in more valuable places. 😊

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Sang Su diet

Sang Su diet


Since I started writing a diet column An average of 1000 visitors per day in 4 months Lee Sang-soo of 'Suseong Diary' who runs a blog.

I eat everything I want to eat, and I always maintain a weight of 45 kg to 47 kg without exercising separately. (163 cm tall)

Whether I go on a trip or go to a buffet, I always maintain this weight.

People ask me these questions.

Why don't you gain weight even after eating?

Was I naturally thin?

It's not.

I was a victim of the diet industry and misinformation. I tried everything and everything to lose weight and failed, and what I got was eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

After so many years of dark years of bulimia I started studying slim people and discovered some common patterns of behavior in them.

The thing that organizes it This is the current 'Lee Sang-soo Diet Theory'.

I applied that routine and stood out I experienced an improvement in bulimia,

I am maintaining a weight of 163 cm and 46 kg without any difficulty at all.

The result of applying the “diet theory” I have built to many people

Eat a regular meal While living comfortably Even without special exercise Appetite disappeared, Remarkable experiences and examples of dramatic weight loss have begun to unfold.

Additionally, I realized how the diet industry and culture, which is commonly known to people, conveys misinformation and is being imprinted on people's unconsciousness.

It just started with “I just wanted to be beautiful.”

At some point, I saw so many people whose diet dominated their whole lives, and I felt sorry.

99% of the diet industry is a scammer.

If you look at the diet methods and diet foods that are all over the market Only a sigh comes out.

What's more, even if you just look at the information I want to tell you about intuitive meals

I don't know the “job” of intuitive eating, and I haven't seen a single person who can properly tell me.

So just a few years ago, I was an ordinary office worker

“We can no longer keep so many earthlings in pain. (LOL) Now I have to step forward.”With that in mind, I began to spread my diet theory to the world.

How to lose weight, how can I be the enemy of diets Because he is a person who only studied like crazy about whether it is possible to get rid of appetite From people's lifestyle patterns, food intake, diet, etc. A person who can catch what is right and what is wrong like a ghost.

I want to pass on the values I know to the world

If only more people would know the right information

I hope this world will be a better world free from food and diet.


🌠Suseong Diary Lee Sang-soo

You're lucky to know me!

Please don't miss me and I hope you put an end to your diet hate.

(If you miss it, you'll only lose hehe)

When I was suffering, Someone like me who conveys the right informationHow good would it have been to have it?

Then I wouldn't have suffered from dieting for a long time.

Since a person named Lee Sang-su appeared on the planet Earth

Dieting will no longer be an unsolved homework.

What I'm going to tell you is going to be very different from what's already there.

I'll tell you the right truth in great detail.

What I got 10 billion insightsI can assure you that if you apply it, you will get results you won't regret.

You guys are just like me A diet master who can freely control appetite!

I hope it will be the second highest number.


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