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5 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 10 hours or more (The works posted on this page are current images. (Motifs etc. of works drawn in class are subject to change) hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Pictures to learn about my current technology

  • Croquis “human body”

  • Kao at various angles

  • Works for deepening knowledge of colors and color schemes

  • Character illustrations that include what you like

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic proportions of the human body and how to draw them separately

While actually drawing a human body with croquis, you will learn basic proportions and how to draw.

how to draw a face

You will learn how to draw faces according to age and gender, and how to draw facial expressions.

The basic concept of color and color scheme

You will learn knowledge and basic ideas about colors.

The way of thinking about proportions and composition

You will learn the basic concepts of proportions and screen composition.

How to draw character illustrations

You will learn how to draw character illustrations while experiencing a series of flows from rough to finishing.

Learn know-how from notable painters that beginners can improve in the shortest timeDigital illustration course


“I'm interested in illustrations, but I don't know what to draw”

“I want to be better at illustration, but I don't know what to learn”

“I tried drawing a little bit, but I can't continue because I can't draw the way I expected.”

“I want to know tips for improving. ... If you can do that, I want you to teach me from the same perspective and in an easy-to-understand manner.”

This class is for those who want to draw illustrations from now on, and those who are worried about not being able to draw the person illustrations they want to draw,Digital illustration course for [being able to draw illustrations of people you want to draw the way you want]That's it.

In this illustration course, illustrator Fujimaru 2002, who says “I was a beginner who didn't even know the letter A in illustrations until 3 years ago,” focuses on the points that he himself collided with and worried about.Knowledge, tricks, and know-how to “improve character illustration in the shortest distance” that I have grasped through repeated research to overcome barriersI will tell them carefully.

Whether you're a beginner in illustration or have no heart for painting, “I want to improve!” It's fine if you just have that feeling.

You are also in this class, and you “like it!” Why don't you learn to draw character illustrations that seem like?

[This online course is for people like this]

  • Those who are interested in drawing
  • Those who have just started drawing
  • Those who have stopped worrying about illustrations
  • Those who want to learn how to draw, think, and compose attractive characters
  • Those who want to know their “likes”
  • Those who want to be able to draw convincing character illustrations on their own in the shortest possible distance

Focus on human illustrations. Start by practicing drawing basic proportions of the human body and faces


This illustration course specializes in character illustrations, and is designed so that you can carefully learn the points that creators place particular importance on, such as “face,” “coloring/color scheme,” and “ratio/composition.”

The curriculum starts with lectures on the basic balance of the human body and how to draw, by actually learning it through croquis.

ふじまる2002によるデジタルイラスト講座で描くクロッキーIt's okay if you can't do well at first. By grasping your current location at this stage, you will be able to visualize your progress at a later date, and it should also motivate you.


Next, in order to be able to draw unique and attractive faces, we will practice how to think about and draw “faces.”

ふじまる2002のデジタルイラスト講座で描く顔の練習絵Input the proportions of the face, how to draw according to age, important parts such as eyes, mouth, nose, etc., and facial expressions, etc., and you can wear it firmly by actually drawing it.


There are various patterns in the world, and it is not easy to find a way to draw your own “face.” Use this class to develop your own unique way of drawing attractive faces and use it as your weapon.

Know and learn about colors and color schemes so that you can freely use your favorite colors


”It's not an exaggeration to say that “everything is decided by color”, so colors and color schemes are used in digital illustrationsIt's a very important element.

Continuing in this course, I will start by visualizing what kind of colors and color schemes you like, and tell you about the compatibility of colors and how to guide your gaze with colors.

In addition to theory, you will also acquire coloring know-how while feeling the effects by actually placing different colors on human illustrations.


Even if you have a nice illustration in the state of croquis or line drawing, if you can't properly color it, it will be far from an illustration image that you are satisfied with.

Let's find a variety of colors and learn the colors that match your paintings.

* Class participants will receive a 2002 color palette from Creator Fujimaru as a bonus!

Finally, the highlights of the course. Let's complete a character illustration packed with “likes”


Up to this point, I've learned the basic way to draw a human body, how to draw a face, and know-how about colors and color schemes. From here on, it's time to use all of these knowledge and skills to create a wonderful one-piece picture that I think I “like.”

After inputting the proportions and way of thinking about composition necessary to draw a picture with a high degree of perfection, I draw a picture one by one in order starting from the rough one.


Decide on a rough color, draw a line drawing, apply colors, add shadows, adjust the balance, and complete a convincing image while making adjustments and corrections. If you thoroughly experience and absorb this series of flows here, even after finishing this course, you should be able to reconstruct it in your own way and use it as food for creating works.

Let's have a firm understanding of your “likes” and complete a unique and attractive one-piece picture!

[Summary: What you can learn in this illustration course]

☑ ︎ Basic proportions of the human body and how to draw

☑ ︎ How to find your own “likes”

☑ ︎ Know-how to draw attractive “faces”

☑ ︎ Knowledge of colors and color schemes, and tips for using eye-catching colors

☑ ︎ Ratio of various things such as composition, golden ratio, etc.

☑ ︎ How to draw character illustrations packed with your own “likes”

<Message>To all participants from Fujimaru 2002, the creator of this class

Nice to meet you, my name is Fujimaru 2002. Thank you for your interest in the class.

In this class, IResearch results and information that enabled me to work as an illustrator after continuing to learn on my own for 3 years from a beginnerI would like to fill it in without sparing anything, narrow down the points, and tell them in an easy-to-understand manner as possible.

The curriculum is based on understanding one's own “likes” and being able to learn the basics on top of that, and above all, we proceed by placing emphasis on color schemes, composition laws, and proportions necessary for characters.

It's not a complicated theory or technical jargon, and we will proceed carefully step by step from the beginning, so I think even beginners will enjoy it.

There are many illustrators who are good at absorbing information flying around the internet, but it is also true that because so much information is overflowing, they don't know where to watch. It can also be said that it is a disadvantage.

“I don't know what to draw”

I also suffered from it, and there are many people around me who have suffered as well.

I hope this class can help people who are suffering and struggling like my past self.





freelance illustrator

I started drawing pictures in my second year of high school (2019)In 2020Received the Raytrektab Iracon Grand Prize.As of 2022/3, he is active as a freelance illustrator while still being a student.

In addition to winning the Raytrektab Irakon Grand Prize as the main achievements, game PV production,Byakuya Gokko Event Girls & Ruins illustration provided, appearance gallery real exhibition, etc.

Creator Interviews

Q. What kind of activities do you usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly.

A.I mainly create illustrations centered on characters. I like illustrations that pack a middle ground between something, such as a girl who doesn't seem like a real girl, an unlikely outfit or hairstyle, etc., and I'm aiming for that. I am researching every day to create illustrations that are the same as painting and line drawing, and have a three-dimensional effect but are also deformed.

Q. Please tell us about your experience and achievements so far.

A.I started drawing in my second year of high school (2019), and in 2020Raytrektab won the Irakon Grand Prize. Graduated from high school and now a university student and freelance illustratorI am working as, and I live while working hard to balance the illustration production requests I receive with my studies.

Q. How did you start creating illustrations?

A. When I was in my second year of high school, I quit my club activities and had too much free time, and I happened to meet an illustrator I admired on Twitter, and I started drawing pictures from there. Since then, we have continued our research and setbacks until now. I learned about the fun of painting around this time.

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

A. I haven't been a person who has been drawing since I was a kid, so being at a lower level than people of my age was very difficult at first, and I had problems typical of the SNS community today. There was also a time when I wasn't drawing because of my own unwillingness. However, thanks to entering such a hiatus period, I looked back at myself again, did my research, and it is up to now. I learned that there are many people who have similar problems, so I decided to start the course in the hope that it will help those who are struggling right now. Also, as I run the class, I myself wanted to get inspiration from the students, which is one of the reasons for starting the course.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

A. I put effort into being able to focus on “input” and “output,” where I know and understand what I'm thinking now and how to make it happen on the canvas. People who are worried or stuck on something often don't intend to understand, so I focus on that.

I think it's recommended for those who are worried about painting in some way, such as those who are stuck or don't know how to draw in the future.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

A. I want people to know my “likes.” In order to improve, knowing your preferences is the best way to improve. If you don't like your work, there's no way other people will like it. I'm thinking about my lessons with that in mind, so I want the students to clearly have their own “likes” and experience a state of “understanding” after the class is over. I hope that those who develop more and more into work from there will apply it, and that the fun of drawing their own pictures will be used as food for the future.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A.I hope that through this class, you will be able to improve your illustration skills, reaffirm your “likes” and what you are thinking, and enjoy drawing pictures. I'm looking forward to meeting you.





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