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Skills You’ll Learn

Getting Started with YouTube: Channel Planning

What kind of story can I tell? Set a topic for my channel & create a channel

YouTube photography basics

Introduction to equipment for YouTube shooting, basic settings, and practical shooting methods

YouTube Video Editing Basics

How to set Adobe Premiere Pro by default for video editing and how to edit cuts

Application of video editing techniques

How to add subtitles, use sound effects and background music, and add fun to videos

Speech basics for YouTube

Teach how to write scripts, how to speak to convey information, and voice editing techniques

YouTube monetization and algorithm analysis

The secret to getting more people to watch your videos! YouTube algorithm analysis method

한국인이 가장 많이, 오래 사용하는 앱 유튜브

▶ YouTube is the most popular and long-used app by Koreans

유튜브 인기와 관련된 뉴스기사

▶ News articles related to YouTube popularity

It is said that YouTube is already saturated with Red Ocean, but even in the midst of this, many people are experiencing explosive growth.

Is the success of a YouTube channel a matter of luck? There is a formula for growing a channel worth subscribing to and an influential channel. I'll show you that know-how from now on.

Hello, I'm an IT YouTuber “starring”.

▶ YouTube video starring ZUYONI_ 1

I'm reviewing various products such as electronic devices on YouTube. I mainly create content in the IT/tech sector, and my sub-channel covers more diverse fields such as beauty, food, and fashion. In total, we have about 590,000 subscribers.

Class 101 reveals the secret of the star's 1 million views

Through channel management know-how, I will reveal my own secret that I was able to gather more than 17 videos with 1 million views and 550,000 subscribers in just 2 years.

많은 사람들이 저에게 물어봅니다

▶ A lot of people ask me

결론부터 말하자면, 아뇨! 아닙니다.

▶ From the bottom line, no! It's not.

My channel achieved the most growth in the first year, In that year, when I gathered about 270,000 subscribers in one year, I was in charge of all tasks such as video planning and production, channel management, and business by myself.

I was just like all of you.

주연 ZUYONI_ 유튜브 썸네일_1

▶ Starring ZUYONI_ YouTube thumbnail_1

There was also a time when I didn't know anything about how to handle cameras or how to edit videos. The secret that I was able to take charge of all the production processes by myself and grow my channel is embedded in the videos on my channel.

As much as I've done on my own, I'll show you every step of making a video, from 1 to 10, so that even those of you who don't know anything can complete the whole process.

Before making a video, step by step from planning

▶ YouTube video starring ZUYONI_ 2

I'm an IT YouTuber, but I'm not an electronics-related major, and I'm not a developer or engineer. Nevertheless, when a new smartphone or new electronic device comes out, many people wait for my review video, and I say that my video is the most understandable and most helpful.

Q. Why is that?

A. I am The branding strategy I had before I created my channel That's because.

브랜딩 전략

▶ Branding strategy

I wasn't a developer, engineer, or major, so I was able to do practical and easy reviews from the consumer's point of view, which was my strength. I was able to understand what people are curious about and what they want to try from a more objective consumer standpoint than anyone else.

In this way, planning begins by finding and expressing my strengths in a story I can tell.

The law of YouTube videos that call for a large number of subscriptions

1) The secret to creating a clean video! Easy to learn shooting & editing

I'm going to tell you how to shoot and edit videos that many people have been wondering about. Basic video production know-how that can be easily followed even by those who are just about to start video production

I'm also going to learn some important secrets that can be used even as a pro.

Preparation for shooting - basic settings, pre-checklist, and scripting for a YouTube shoot

Shooting - Self-portrait, product cut shooting

Editing basics - speech sync, cut editing, video extraction

Advanced editing - adding point and line captions, and using background music

Shooting and editing methods that can be used for content of any subject

The shooting and editing methods we've learned aren't limited to review videos. What is the review video The key is to convey my planning intentions in a clear video.

Therefore, shooting and editing methods for creating such videos can be used in various ways for content with other topics. Because neatly planning the message you want to convey to people and delivering it in a clean video is a basic matter that applies to videos of any topic.

주연 ZUYONI_ 유튜브 썸네일_2

▶ Starring ZUYONI_ YouTube thumbnail_2

2) The completeness of an image is determined from a small thing.

Let's say you've uploaded a video to a channel you've created after shooting and editing it. What do I need to do next? Most people think that uploading the edited video is all it takes. In order for the channel to continue to grow, it is necessary to manage it even after uploading.

After upload - 3 additional factors to create explosive growth, how to manage after upload

Don't sit back and think, “I don't think I can.”조회수&구독을 부르는 유튜브 영상제작 비결

▶ The secret to making YouTube videos that attract views and subscriptions

Video production isn't as easy as it sounds, but at least you can do it through this process! I'll show you that in detail.

A video made by your own hands comes out into the world, and I'll show you the joy of changing channels with those videos! Let's take a random first step into the YouTube world with me.





Hello, I'm ZUYONI starring as an IT/Tech creator. Wouldn't it be possible to earn money while doing what you love? It's everyone's dream at least once. I made that dream come true. Now it's your turn. I'll let you know one by one.





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