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Large needle, crochet, and various threads
6 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 12 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Rabbit cape

  • rabbit hat

  • Rabbit knit

  • apple necklace

  • apple hat

  • apple cardigan

이 클래스느 니팅바이조 크리에이터와 함께 준비했습니다.

▶ I prepared this class with the knitting baizo creator.

Your precious dog and all of you

A time full of happiness, shall we begin together?

Hallo This is a knitting baizo. I'm customizing handmade knits for my dog. In the first class, I tried making knitted clothes of various designs, starting with basic patterns, then in this class, I can really try to make not only clothes, but also hats, capes, and necklaces together lovely knitting clothes setI prepared it.

And this class It is a class prepared with Class 101, so you can buy a high quality class at a slightly more affordable price! So let's work with me to transform my dog into a cute rabbit and apple?

It's fine even if it's your first time knitting,

We provide basic tutorials for free.

First of all, rabbits before making handmade knitting clothes You'll learn basic crochet techniques while making capes. Even if you are new to crochet, you can create beautiful works together by making capes step by step.

For those who don't have enough basic needlework [Class 101 Big Needle Tutorial] The special thing about this class is that it also comes with a course ticket package!

Those who have sufficient basic needleworkI didn't have a ticket to the tutorial I heard Basic course ticketYou can select, Those who want to learn the basics of large needlesI heard Tutorial ticketsPlease select a package that includes this You can choose the course tickets you need.:)

[Class 101 tutorial] Check out the curriculum for those of you who are new to big hands >

I'm going to create a total of 6 works!

I've collected some of the works I'll create through this class. For the rabbit set, I prepared a hat, cape, and knit, and for the apple set, I prepared a hat, a necklace, and an open cardigan. So let's take a closer look at each one?

[Artwork 1] Making a rabbit cape

I'll make a rabbit cape by learning how to hold a thread and a needle, which is the most basic of crochet, starting with chain knitting, short knitting, long knitting, and long knitting. I'll make the basic shape of the cape first and put straps on both sides. And I'll decorate it with bunny-shaped dolls and flowers. Time to finish a cute cape and learn basic crochet techniquesIt's going to be.

[Artwork 2] Making a rabbit hat

Next Rabbit hat with color schemeI'll make it for you. I'll take a look at it step by step, from the shiboridan face line to floats in the shape of a hat, and finally the cute bunny ears. I'll also attach straps on both sides so that they can be comfortably attached to the face. It would be a very cute rabbit even if it was just a hat, right?

[Artwork 3] Rabbit knit making

The rabbit knit is a bottom-up method, and the back is first floated, then the front panel is floated, and the neck pola - sleeves - decoration will appear in the order. I think the biggest point of rabbit knit is the rabbit motif on the back. rabbits I will also draw my own motifs to decorate the knit. If you've completed this far, you've already completed one set.

[Artwork 4] Making an apple necklace

At the beginning of the apple set, I'll first make an apple necklace with cotton and a plump, voluminous, and attractive apple necklace. If you pull out the apple motif and the opening ears and connect them with a string, you will complete a work that can be used as a point with just one necklace.

[Artwork 5] Making an apple hat

You'll learn how to apply an apple hat to a basic hat and an earfly-shaped hat with extended earplugs. And finally, I'll scoop the tips and leaves on the top of the hat to make it even more like an apple.:) The apple hat It's a much cuter piece if you look at the actual wearing shotSo be sure to try making it together.

[Artwork 6] Making an apple cardigan

last Open front style apple cardigan with plaid patternI'm going to make one. It floats in order from the back to the front, and then a snap button will be attached to the front. I'm going to put an apple motif on the back that's as cute as an apple hat. While making a cardigan, I'll show you in detail how to finish it with a high degree of perfection.

It's my kid's clothes, so it should be even more special, right?

Please make special clothes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world with as much love as your child is special. You'll be full of happiness until the moment you make clothes one by one. Let's start together thinking about children who will be happy to play in homemade clothes?

  • Please refer to the size guide below when choosing a kit size. The design for this class was created in a ready-made size. For those who want to learn how to adjust a custom size The first class of knitting baizoPlease refer to.:) 사이즈 안내

▶ Size guide



Knitting by Jo

Knitting by Jo

Hello! This is a knitting baizo. I got into a relationship with dog knitting by chance, and I've been making knitted clothes for dogs for a little over 4 years. As I communicate and think with dog caregivers, and make and develop knitted clothes, it seems that a certain amount of know-how about knitting clothes for dogs is piling up. I was able to meet so many students through the first class <Give a gift to your precious dog, and I was able to meet so many students through the one-of-a-kind “tailor-made clothes” >, and I'm really happy to see you again through the second class. together! Have fun! Let's feel a little happiness in everyday life while taking classes!! ^^



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