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Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw a girl illustration from scratch

You'll learn how to come up with ideas, drawing lines, coloring, and final touch

Steps for completing the illustration

You'll learn how to structure, design and color.

Learn how to design characters from scratch and how to draw cute fluffy illustrations

This is a digital illustration class where you will be drawing cute girls using Clip Stuido. We' will be providing you with skills on to how to draw cute illustration. You might think 'I don't have any ideas', 'I don't know how to draw' or I don't know how to color'. But you are not the only one with these difficulties. In this class, you'll learn how to get over this difficulty as well as how to draw cute illustrations. The class is also full of tips and techniques provided by professional illustrators. You'll learn details on posing, finger movements and how to draw cute faces. There are many things that you need to remember in order to draw cute illustrations, but beginners will also be able to complete artworks if you follow along.

What You Can Achieve

  • How to draw illustration of a girl from scratch
  • Tips on how to design clothes that feel soft
  • Cute poses and postures in detail
  • The basic knowledge of color and how to color
  • Drawing illustration from imagination

Recommended For

  • For those who want to draw cute girls but don't know how to do so
  • For those who want to improve the quality of drawing
  • For those who like to draw illustration

Before we start

Software used for the class (CLIP STUDIO) was based on the information in April 2022.

3 Reasons to Take This Class

You'll learn the creator's secret on how to draw 'cute' illustrations

The special lesson by Shiraho who draws cute illustration! Please enjoy the tips that are offered only for classmates!

Use mindmaps to learn how to come up with ideas and how to color. The class will cover a wide-range of content with great value

Mindmap is a diagram for representing ideas linked to a central key word. Take apple for example. You'll have 'red', ' ' and 'Snow White' in the diagram. Mindmapping allows you to visualize ideas that you had only in your head which will lead you to many ideas.

Learn how to draw a girl with a flower motif in fluttering clothes.

Flowers and clothes that adds beauty to the characters are important items. Learning how to draw, arrange and color will enhance the depth of your drawings!





Designer / Illustrator

I work as a designer for a web-related company, and draw illustration during my free time as a hobby or for work.

I participate in a lot of activities regarding illustration such as character design, clothes design, merchandise illustration and others.

I look foward to seeing you in class!

Interview with the creator

Q. What do you usually do for a living?

A.I'm working as a designer for a web-related company. I draw illustrations for my hobby and work and occasionally sell merchandises. Once I leave the company, I want to put up my art for an event.

Q. Please tell us more about your experiences and achievements as an illustrator.

A.When it comes to illustrations, I have designed characters and clothes. I recently had more various work opportunities such as partnering with companies and Vtubers to create goods.

Q. Why did you learn illustration?

A.During my high school years, I found it difficulty to walk or run due to my illness. That's how I started to enjoy drawing that doesn't require a lot of stamina. I was not good at drawing at first, but I did it and enjoyed it anyway. I didn't stop practicing, and my drawing skills improved continuously.

Q. Why did you teach illustration online at Class101?

A.I know from my first-hand experience as a self-taught illustrator that drawing beginners learn illustration from the Internet or books. Like my seniors who helped me a lot, I want to be helpful for beginners.

Q. What did you care about the most when creating this class? Who do you want to recommend this class to?

A.I did everything that I could to convey my message in the given time. I explained everything from drafting ideas, coloring, to applying in detail.

Q. What experiences do you want classmates to gain from this class?

A.People tend to believe that you need to be born with the ability to draw, but that's not necessarily true. I was once a beginner, too. If you don't stop learning and practicing, your drawing skills will get better. You'll get there eventually. It'll take some time getting used to at first, but I'll help you with tips on how to improve yourself and how to be consistent. I hope you're enjoying the class!

Q. What do you have to say for classmates?

A.Drawing from imagination or drawing illustrations based on what you think is 'cute' or 'pretty', is an amazing job. I'll do my best to make a meaningful class for you.



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