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Skills You’ll Learn

Correcting the front/back torsion of the pelvis

Select only exercises that fit your wrong pelvic body shape and focus on exercises

Pelvis and body shape self-diagnosis

Are there types of imbalances? I will self-diagnose my body type.

5 minute exercise method for forming a habit that suits your body shape

Learn how to habitually exercise for 5 minutes according to pelvic twisting

Upper/lower body exercises to fix a corrected pelvis

Corrected pelvic correction by strengthening surrounding muscles after correcting the pelvis by stretching

Routine exercise method for 10 minutes a day with a guarantee of 200% effectiveness

Learn a routine that you can continue to do according to your body type.

Fix my gait

Is the cause of the imbalance in gait? Learn how to walk properly

기회를 잡으시겠습니까? 당신의 몸을 처음으로 리셋할 기회

▶ ︎ Would you like to seize the opportunity? Your first chance to reset your body

▶ ︎ Do you have any of these concerns?

If you have any of the above concerns,

Please pay attention to this class!

Hi, I'm Dave, an athletic figure trainer and YouTuber.

Do you know why your body is out of shape?

There are many cases where the majority of people don't know how they got wrong or what kind of exercise they should do. In fact, it's no wonder that if you exercise indiscriminately in the midst of a flood of information, your figure will get worse.

The culprit that caused the imbalance in my body now is 'your unconscious habit! '

무의식적인 습관은 대단한것이 아닌 우리들의 일상생활의 습관에서 이루어져요

Body shape correction is not possible in a short period of time. Many people are trying to correct their body shape, so when they receive other treatments 'Only then. ' I often say that. What created my current body is an unconscious habit that has been built up over a long period of time.

Isn't it ridiculous with common sense that a habit I've been doing for years that I didn't even know is fixed with a one-time, short-term treatment? Your body is fundamentally difficult to change unless you fix your unconscious habits. So in this class, I'm going to fix bad habits that I didn't even know I had and find the right exercise method for me.

내 몸에 맞지 않는 운동을 하면 어떻게 될까요?

▶ ︎ What happens if I exercise that doesn't fit my body?

Exercises that don't fit my body are rather toxic.

Will the more, longer, and stronger I work, the more effective my workout will be? No! Just as no matter how beautiful and expensive clothes you wear, if they don't fit your body, you can't show the value of those clothes, so is exercise.

We must boldly throw away the things we are doing wrong and start anew on a white drawing board.

For example, while doing squats that many people do, have you ever experienced pain or irritation in strange places rather than irritation in the area you are talking about on YouTube?

Starting with an exercise that is effective without correcting the wrong body shape makes it impossible to exert 100% of the effects of the exercise, and it can cause injury. Now is the time to exercise properly.

Create an exercise method that suits you, just like matching a customized suit

Exercise that starts with a properly aligned body can not only have definite effects, but you can also get a lot of things.

  • Tailored exercises for each level of your body: You will learn to accurately determine your body type and exercise daily according to it.
  • Consciously changing my unconscious habits that cause my musculoskeletal system to break
  • Create an exercise habit with a 5 to 10 minute routine that you can do every day in a busy daily life
  • Understand the muscles surrounding the pelvis and the muscles that are key to body shape correction and find the right exercise method

후기가 증명하는 데이브의 골반 교정!

▶ ︎ Dave's pelvic correction proven by reviews!

So why do we need pelvic correction?

In our body The pelvis is the main part of the body connecting the spine and legs It's.

It transfers the downward load to the bridge and plays an important role when walking. It is also responsible for protecting organs from external shocks.

When the pelvis is twisted like this, the spine, which is the center of the body, is also affected. The overall body balance is broken Various diseasesIt may lead to, and if such a vicious cycle occurs The body becomes unable to maintain health.

Therefore, pelvic correction is the most basic and important part of body shape correction.

200% effectiveness guaranteed! Catch pelvic twists in 10 minutes a day.

Carefully selected as a systematic curriculum for pelvic correction. In this, we need < to solve problemsDetermining the current state - analyzing the cause - seeking solutions>It contains all of the steps.

1 ️ Grasp the current state : Self-diagnosis of types of misalignment, setting exercise goals and sequences

2 ️ Cause analysis : Identify the reason for pelvic distortion, check for unconscious bad habits

3 ️ Searching for solutions : Pelvis front/back/Left/right twisting Tightening stretches & exercises, proper gait method to maintain lower body balance, upper and lower body exercises to fix the pelvis, strength training routines for each level, regular questions Q & A

It doesn't offer an unconditional “I get better when I exercise” approach.

Learn about the “exercises your body wants” specific to your body type.



workout with Dave

workout with Dave

Hello, it's a workout day. I have a YouTube channel called Dave who works out. It deals with bare body exercises that you can easily do in your daily life and content that corrects bad lifestyle habits that affect the musculoskeletal system. A wrong musculoskeletal system can only build a sustainable and proper body by combining the wrong lifestyle with steady, bare-body exercise that can be easily encountered. We will always restore your body with easy and simple exercises.





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