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1 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour ~ hour(s) to complete each project.

  • fantastic forest landscape illustration

Skills You’ll Learn

Background introduction

You will learn tips for “composition, rough color settings, drawing, and finishing.”

An introductory background course where you learn the essence of background illustrations from painters from active major game companies. “One point class” where you can draw one illustration in 60 minutes

“I want to start digital illustration, but I don't know where to start”

“I want to add a background to the character illustrations I drew”

“I want to know the basic flow of drawing a landscape illustration digitally”

This one-point class is aimed at such people[[Background introduction course where you can experience how to draw background illustrations by popular painters with solid skills and careers in 60 minutes].

In a short amount of time, we simply trace the creator's production flow without the details, and complete one illustration together.

This is a dynamic class where you can enjoy the fun of drawing a fantasy one-piece picture above all else while learning the essence of background illustrations.

There are people who are new to digital illustration, and those who want to learn how to draw backgrounds and improve the degree of perfection of their character illustration work.

Why don't you learn the basics of background illustration in this online course and experience the fun of drawing landscapes and background pictures?

The essence for drawing a background is tight! Experience the basic flow of “composition, rough, color setting, drawing, and finishing” in 60 minutes

This online course is a class for “firmly experiencing the basic flow of drawing a background in a short time and experiencing the fun of drawing a picture one by one.”

In the lesson, you'll first think about the composition, draw a rough outline, and set the base color.

Once the base is ready, it's time to start writing.

In addition to the illustrations you will finish in this class, I will proceed with the production while teaching you skills that can be applied in various scenes, such as how to use brushes that can be used when drawing background illustrations.

Techniques such as roughly writing a distant view and putting objects in the trouble to create a sense of perspective and scale are sure to be useful for your future productions.

From the finishing process, you should be able to obtain various notices and hints on how to create a unique texture and atmosphere.

The creators themselves draw within 60 minutes, but if there is a difficult part, it is of course possible to stop playing the lesson and practice until they are satisfied. Please enjoy the freedom unique to online lessons.

The creator in charge is R.E.C., a popular painter active at an active major game company and as a freelance illustrator

Creator R.E.C., who is in charge of the popular class in CLASS101, will be in charge of this “one-point class”.

The classes I am in charge of are the following 2 classes.

  • “A beautiful digital landscape illustration that starts from the basics easily learned from a painter from a major active game company”

  • “An active painter from a major game company will teach you! 5 steps for beginners to be able to draw backgrounds and characters digitally”

It's a class with a reputation for being easy to understand and acquire practical skills, so I think you'll enjoy taking this one-point class as well.

I hope this online course will be an “trigger” to accelerate your illustration production.





Major game company painter/freelance illustrator

Mainly based on games, he creates various designs and illustrations from characters to backgrounds in a wide range of fields such as videos, toys, and books. Also, as an individual creative activity, he continues to draw fantastic illustrations called the “Fantasy Scenery Series.”



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