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2 Class Projects

It takes about 3 to 10 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • A work for learning how to “paint” digitally and how fun it is

  • A work for learning how to draw, paint, and create a sense of transparency in digital illustrations

Skills You’ll Learn

Digital illustration production flow

You will learn a series of steps for drawing pictures digitally.

How to place colors and how to paint each part

You will learn how to think about main colors and sub colors, and paint for each part such as skin, hair, and shadows.

How to think about ideas and compositions

You will learn how to think about compositions, ideas, and facial expressions that attract people.

How to draw and finish a one-piece picture

While finishing a single picture, you will learn how to determine the color and how to paint each part, such as eyes and clothes.

An illustration course that makes boys fall in love with illustration and coloring. Let's learn how to draw a wonderful boy and the color arrangements that make the picture shine

This class is an online digital illustration course where you draw illustrations for boys while enjoying coloring and coloring.

In this illustration course, you will experience a series of processes for drawing attractive boy illustrations while focusing on colors and how to place them. You can enjoy learning the “color” and “painting” know-how that beginners in digital illustration tend to stumble upon.

Those who want to draw attractive boy illustrations, those who want to improve their color/painting, or those who want to experience colors and coloring that are purely digital. Why don't you enjoy drawing and coloring boys in this class?

[First half of class] Learn the basics, such as the flow of illustration creation and how to place colors and colors

This digital illustration course starts by getting to know the sequence of drawing an illustration and learning basic knowledge and flow of color and painting.

Colors are applied to the prepared line drawings along with the lecture so that you can experience “the fun of painting” first and foremost, so even those who are new to digital illustration can learn the basics while having fun.

You can also absorb techniques unique to illustrators, such as how to bring out a sense of transparency and tips on how to finish.

[Mid-class] Draw boys with eye-catching compositions and colors

Next, while learning how to come up with ideas, composition, ways to think about facial expressions, etc., we will draw an illustration of a boy together with the creator.

You can learn how to draw digital illustrations by moving your hands along the flow that creators usually do.

[Second half of class] Finish the background+boy's single picture with free strokes

As a finishing touch to the illustration course, I will finish the background and the boy's one-piece illustration while learning points to improve quality, such as painting, processing, and how to bring out a sense of transparency.

I will also thoroughly teach you how to make light colors and how to think about light and shadow. Let's aim for an illustration with a high degree of perfection where the boy who plays the leading role stands out.

<Message from the creator>

Nice to meet you, my name is Ponzu. Thank you for your interest in this class.

There's no shortage of color worries when drawing digital illustrations. I also used to be bad at applying colors, and there was a time when I was satisfied with simple paint. However, after learning about the fun of placing colors through trial and error while hesitating about coloring, illustration improved even more, and drawing pictures became fun.

I would like to deliver to this class packed with points and know-how that make painting fun, which can only be conveyed because I'm at a loss in coloring like that. Let's have fun together!

[Summary: What you can learn and acquire in this digital illustration course]

☑ ︎ How to draw a digital illustration

☑ ︎ How to draw a boy

☑ ︎ How to make compositions and facial expressions

☑ ︎ How to place colors

☑ ︎ How to apply each part such as skin, hair, and clothing

☑ ︎ How to draw backgrounds that make people stand out

☑ ︎ way of thinking about light and shadow

☑ ︎ How to create a sense of transparency and finish a picture





freelance illustrator

■Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts, Faculty of Art, Department of Fine Arts in 2021/freelance at the same time as graduation

I wanted to become an illustrator when I was in college, so I started Twitter activities from scratch. I paint every day when I have time so that I'm not satisfied with my current level of painting. Also, I do not spare time drawing on each illustration.

Q. What kind of activities do you usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly!

A.I have been working as a freelance illustrator since I graduated from university. I post my work once a week on Twitter. I posted my work to an account that was barely active from 2021/3, and I was able to gain around 20,000 followers a year. I am self-taught about all digital illustrations, and I am immersed in creating ideas and works every day.

Q. How did you get into illustration?

A.It wasn't until I entered university that I started drawing digital illustrations. I was drawing illustrations all by myself, and I noticed colors and the fun of drawing boys along the way.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into planning your classes? Who would you recommend this class to?

A.What I place emphasis on in my illustrations is the use of colors and boys, so I put my focus on that and put a lot of effort into it. I would recommend it to those who are having trouble using colors or those who say boys can't draw no matter what.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

A.I want people who are not good at placing colors and who think that their pictures will be ruined if they put them down can see how they actually draw and explain, and find fun and joy in putting colors on them.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A.Placing colors certainly takes courage, and there are many things that don't go the way you want. However, I think painting will be even more fun if you experience that adding color makes the illustration even more wonderful. I definitely want them to learn.



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