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Using 100% cotton yarn and a special pattern made by Shieun Mom
24 Class Projects

It takes about 5 to 6 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Two dolls, Elena and Laura

  • Duvets and blankets

  • sofas

  • mini couple doll

  • cute poodle, mocha

  • immaculate cat, cotton

  • One piece

  • Flowers and netbags

  • Baskets

  • cardigans

  • Aprons

  • Mini bear doll

  • In mattresses and pillows

  • pillow cover

  • knickers

  • Neck collar

  • bandana

  • shoe

  • eye mask

  • mini rabbit doll

  • Several books

  • Mushrooms and cacti

  • Big needle knitting for dolls

  • cushions

Skills You’ll Learn

Making furniture with a three-dimensional shape

Knit to keep the shape well and sew so that the three-dimensional shape comes out well.

Create a circular shape with flatbed knitting

Learn how to make the outer pattern uniform when spinning a knitted fabric.

Top-down clothing making

Learn how to make doll clothes in a top-down manner.

Connect motifs to make a blanket

Learn how to knit and connect motifs to make a blanket.

Insert a wire to make a doll

In order to freely create the shape of the doll, wire is inserted to create a doll.

Shaping a bouclesar

Learn how to handle tricky bookkeeping skills well.

Create delicate and realistic flowers

Feed the grass and wrap the thread around the wire to create a realistic flower.

Creating a pattern through color matching

Learn how to create patterns through a variety of color schemes.

Create a realistic basket

Learn how to realistically knit using the texture of a basket.

Applying it to fit a variety of dolls

Learn how to apply costumes, shoes, etc. in sizes suitable for various dolls.

Making small dolls

Learn how to make small dolls in a variety of ways.

Making a roombox

Learn the process of making and decorating a roombox. (❗️ Room box is an additional optional component.)

Student satisfaction is 99%!
A crochet creator who trusts and listens
Please choose Shieun-mom's class.

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This is an excerpt from reviews from classmates who took Shieun-mom's last class.

The world of dolls unfolds with a single crochet

Let's start playing with the doll of our dreams.

Hello, I'm making creative dolls with crochet and giving classes to many people Shieun momIt's. In class 101, this time is already 3rd Regular ClassIt's.

Crochet A variety of dollsThe first class to create, Best friend themeFollowing the second class of making dolls with, this time A class where you can crochet everything you need to play with dollsI came to see you at

I've been preparing for this class for a long time, Crochet everything you can imagine playing with dollsI'm going to make it happen with.

Imagine a girl reading a book, knitting, and grooming flowers in a small room. And I'm crocheting all of those things myself!

Right from the beginning, just as you imagine!

It would be very difficult to prepare the room box and bed frame for puppet play by yourself. More of you A class properly prepared from the beginning for a perfect puppet playIt's. We'll start by assembling and decorating the roombox and bed frame together.

*The kit for making a roombox is purchased separately.

It looks like Shieun is painting the room box herself. We'll show you how to make it easy for anyone to assemble and complete.

The furniture that will fill the room box and the bedding placed on the bed frame will all be crocheted. The design is carefully woven so that if it floats on thick threads, it is perfect as a small item for human useThis is provided.

Who lives in this beautiful room?

Let me introduce our main character.

The main characters of our puppet play live in a pretty room full of lovely props. Elena and Laura, girls full of emotionI would like to introduce. Cotton and mochaI'm living with cute pets named.

The blond girl is Laura, and the brunette girl is Elena. I'm really looking forward to seeing what other games I'm going to try today.

The white cat that plays with the skein is cotton, and the adorable puppy with puggy fur is Mocha.

Elena and Laura, and cotton and mocha Complete by inserting a wire so that various productions can be performedIt will be. Natural motion is possibleI'll show you Shieun-mom's unique know-how to make it happen.

Depending on the direction It's like a scene from a fairy taleIt might look like this. Imagine and re-create your own scenes.

They even crochet this?

Everyone will be amazed when they see the work.

The fact that all the dolls and props in this photo were crocheted! Almost everything you can imagine when it comes to the theme of puppet play has been embodied in crochet works. As I prepared for this class for a long time, I tried to compose a work that would satisfy everyone the most.

I also made a lot of things I wanted to do so that I didn't have any regrets, and included plenty of them in the class.

There's no need to be afraid to create a large number of works. Mom Shieun worked hard to prepare for you to follow me step by step. If you trust me and follow me, your own lovely doll world will be completed!

Even if you make good use of the color scheme, the degree of perfection is amazing!

It's not always possible to improve the completeness of a work by using complex and difficult knitting techniques. Even if the method of floating is plain, it is a special work if you use a variety of color schemesYou can make it. Able to create a variety of works Color matching tips and how to use themI'll tell you in detail!

Use the color scheme to fill in a variety of doll clothes, blankets, book covers, etc. In addition to the color scheme taught in class, it would be even better if you use your imagination to create various patterns!

There are endless ways to use what you've learned!

In the class, you will complete several doll costumes, such as a dress, cardigan, and apron. Made with a variety of colors and patterns Dozens of outfits can be coordinated by combining outfitsI'll do it.

Also, if you like dolls, you collect a variety of dolls, right? How to adjust the size through several applications so that you can make clothes that are the right size for your dollI'll let you know.

Even if you learn one more thing Shieun mom's know-how so that it can be applied in various formsI will melt all of them and deliver them to you.

I'm already looking forward to the new works you'll create with your imagination after listening to the class!

Cotton yarn made by Shieun Mom herself,

You can choose with confidence.

I've been making dolls using 100% cotton yarn since I started making hand knitted dolls 9 years ago. At first, 100% cotton yarn was rare in Korea, so I used an importer, but now I make my own threadThat's why I'm using it.

Following the dolly cotton and dolly cotton lace, the dolly cotton lace scene was created. All are 100% cotton yarn, and the color is perfect for making dollsI have it.

In this class Use all 3 types of yarn created by Shieunmom for different purposesI will do it.

The dolly cotton race scene is very thin, so it won't be easy for first-time users to handle. It might take a while to get used to it. But don't worry, we'll give you tips on how to use it well!

Let's enjoy the joy of finishing it by making fun of it with our hands.

The process of preparing for this class was very difficult and exciting for me at the same time. It took quite a while to create a finished piece with a very thin dolly cotton lace scene, but once I got used to it, I knew it wasn't impossible.

We all love knitting, and we all know it. A knitted work is never a hit! It's not finishedThat's it. It takes a long time, your fingers and throat feel stiff, and if you have a wrong nose, you have to loosen it for a while and then open it again!

Just looking at the finished knitting work is a source of pride, and if you decorate or place it in the right place, it will be a source of vitality for the day.

I would like to bring such pride and comfort to all of you through this class. I know the completion process won't be easy, but don't worry, I'll always be with you.

We are waiting for you to relax and start playing with dolls. Let's start playing with our own puppets now?





After working as a graphic designer for over 10 years, I loved making dolls so much that I started making dolls using hand knitting.

I spent the whole night without even knowing how to line up, and it became my job to make dolls.

I want to show the delicate design and color of a former graphic designer through dolls.

It's been over 5 years since I started crochet puppet making classes.

In the meantime, a lot of students have been there.

Crochet classes vary greatly from person to person, so there are people who are good at the beginning, while others find it too difficult at first but are very good at getting past the heights.

It may never be as easy as one might think, but no one failed or gave up halfway if they were interested.

I would like to conduct fun classes, from the know-how I've gained through the lessons to how to make clothes for pretty dolls.





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