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Skills You’ll Learn

Understand Basic Concepts Of Body Correction

Body Correction is the starting point for health, beauty and comfort free from pain.

Body Shape Analysis And Consultation

Learn how to analyze body shapes and consult based on body photos.

Learn A Personalized Workout

Learn 25 basic exercises and 40 exercise methods for body correction.

Introduction to the class

Do you want to align your body, but are you being held back from getting a personal training due to the cost?

Are you having difficulties aligning your body or reducing the pain even though you are already working out?

Pain caused by poor posture will naturally disappear when the body returns to normal. I'm here to help solve the problems of people suffering from body imbalance using more than 130,000 body photos taken by myself. I'll share my 25 years of know-how on body correction.

"In order to correct the body, it is important to accurately analyze the body shape."

Having good posture is important to your health. When correcting the body, I'm not seeking to reduce the pain first. Musculoskeletal pain, such as shoulders, waist, and neck, is caused by improper body alignment. When you have proper body alignment, the pain will go away naturall

The main reasons for not having proper body alignment are as follows.

1) You were innately born with it

2) Due to diseases and after effects of an accident

3) Bad habits attained during or after growing up

A lot of the times, your body is out of alignment not because of the first or the second reason. There is a limit to complete improvement or recovery. Generally, misalignment in the body is caused by bad habits like number 3. You can correct your body with proper body analysis and exercise.

A misaligned body can cause the following problems in our body.

  • When gravity acts on a misaligned body, there is a greater possibility of an increase in fatigue and worsening misalignment while consuming more energy.
  • A misaligned body causes distorted movements in the joints, causing damage to the musculoskeletal system.
  • Movement in a misaligned body will increase exponentially in damage and pain due to increased pressure from gravity and other external forces.

I hope that through this body correction class, you will learn how to analyze the body thoroughly, and it will be an opportunity to recover from body imbalance and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Class Takeaways

  • You can learn the basic theory of body shape analysis that can solve body imbalance and musculoskeletal pain.
  • You can learn 25 basic exercises and 40 exercise methods based on exercise analysis.
  • It can fix body imbalance and reduce musculoskeletal pain for yourself and loved ones (family, friends).

Recommended For

  • Those who want to fix body imbalance (calves, OX legs, abdominal obesity, crooked back, shoulder height difference, turtle neck syndrome, etc.)
  • Those who want to reduce musculoskeletal pain (foot fatigue/lower leg swelling, lower back pain, stiff back, shoulder heaviness, neck tension, etc.)
  • Those who want to improve as a physical training instructor and differentiate themselves with body correction

2 reasons why this class is special

Easy for anyone to follow along

Body Correction Manual

If the In-Put (input value) is the same regardless of who instructs or exercises, the same Out-Put (result) can be obtained. However, there may be differences in the time until completion depending on the target person's muscle condition and concentration on exercises.

Through 25 years of numerous trials and errors

Complete body analysis expertise and successful experience

Before/after improvements to “turtle neck syndrome” and “Curved Back”

Before/after improving 'turtle neck syndrome' and 'anterior pelvic tilt'

"O Shaped-Leg" correction Before / After


1. Body Correction PT center for classmates

50% discount event

  • Benefit: 50% discount for the first month when registering for Oh Seongho Daom Mediwall Therapy PT
  • Target: Anyone who has taken 10 or more courses in this class(Anyone who knows this becomes an expert to correct body posture)
  • To whom: The first 10 people per month during the event
  • How to choose: Benefits will be provided after making sure that they are among the first ten people on the site (PT center)
  • Schedule: From October 20, 2022 to April 19, 2023 (6 months)

2. Free body analysis and workout regimen

  • Benefits: Free body analysis and exercise prescriptions
  • Target: Anyone who has taken 10 or more courses in this class(Anyone who knows this becomes an expert to correct body posture)
  • To whom: no limit
  • How to choose: Those who sent 5 four-way standing photos (front, left, right, back) of themselves to the email below after confirming the course (
  • Schedule: From October 20, 2022 to April 19, 2023 (6 months)





25 years of going down a single path, I'm chetonglyeong(president of body pain), body correction expert Seong-ho Oh

In fourth grade, I was just a puny weak child with bad posture and I was teased as a "hareubang" by my classmates, teachers, and even some of the adults in the neighbourhood. Since then, decades have passed and it's been over 25 years since I've been walking down the path of body correction.

Now I would like to help solve the problems of many people who have been going through the same difficulties

I have been obsessed with body correction for the past 25 years and to date, and I have taken more than 120k body photos myself, which became a great asset in developing my body correction program. I will continure to be obsessed with body correction for the rest of my life, and I wish to enjoy sharing the meaningful information that I gain through this process, with everyone who needs body correction.

Related history

  • Opened yoga school in 2003
  • Certified as a modern pilates instructor in 2005
  • 2008 Head of 'Posture Correction Yoga' Program Development Team, Department of Yoga and Meditation, Wonkwang Digital University
  • Established the Korea Yoga Exercise Prescription Research Association in 2010
  • Director of the Korea Healing Yoga Association Right Body Exercise Research Institute in 2015
  • 2020 Chariman of Korea Healing Yoga Association

Che Tong Lyeong (President of Body Pain) - Seong-ho Oh's

  1. Slimming and Exhilarating Yoga (Monthly Golf, 2005)
  2. Moving Yoga Myology (Wonkwang Digital University Press, 2010)
  3. Lower Limb and Pelvic Yoga Exercise Prescription (Book Publishing Guide, 2012)



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