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Is it really safe for my couple to prepare for old age?

I hope all of you will become rich in order to prepare for a bright old age in your 50s. First, let's first diagnose our household economy.

Know-how to save on food expenses by buying 70,000 won a week

It's not an unconditionally cheap and unhealthy diet, but we'll reveal ways to save money on food costs while eating healthy and full.

Stock, ETF/fund, and real estate investment know-how of a mom in her 50s

A family can become rich only if a mother dreams of being rich. I'll teach you how to do financial technology easily even for an ordinary lady in her 50s.

A rich man's dream began in the 50s! Preparation for old age ended after 18 months.

If you dream with Mrs. Seo, you can do it too.

서미숙 작가의 50대에 도전해서 부자 되는 법

▶ How to become rich by challenging the artist Seo Mi-sook in her 50s

The 50s are called the sandwich generation because they are in the middle. This is because the above must take elderly parents, and the bottom must continue to support children these days when employment is late. Meanwhile, are you preparing for old age...? It was a repetition of a life where I had to work part-time because the living expenses of living in my house month by month were not enough, let alone getting ready for old age.

How did I do that Was it possible to become 2.5 billion wealthy in 1 year and 6 months?

If you read this article to the end How to get rich even in your 50sYou'll notice that it exists.

🚩 The class of Mrs. Seo, who dreams of getting ready for old age after 2 years

✔ With Mrs. Seo 5I'm not afraid of old age in my 0's.

✔ If you join Mrs. Seo Embed the habit of getting richYou can do it.

✔ If I work with Mrs. Seo, I will continue to write a household account book Efficiently manage living expensesYou can do it.

✔ If you join Mrs. Seo You can quickly raise seed money through ways to save money on food expenses.

✔ If you join Mrs. Seo Stock/ETF/Fund/Real Estate InvestmentsYou will open your eyes to

The reason why a sauna shop aunt in her 50s decided to become rich

“What does your father do?”

I was really upset when I closed the art school that had been running for a long time due to the coronavirus. The only thing I could do when I was over 50 was a simple labor job. I've been teaching art to children all my life, and my self-esteem has shrunk a lot in the midst of a life I haven't adapted to. The place I went in to find something I could do Sauna shop auntIt was.

Then one day, my daughter's tears made my mind flutter. In an interview for the broadcasting station I wanted to join “What does your father do? ' When asked, the daughter shook her head and came back... The world didn't change, and it was still a society where parental ability was the speciality of children. The daughter had to put an end to her dream due to the incompetence of her parents. It was disheartening, but it was a reality. My daughter's sobbing late at night made my heart burst into tears of blood. My child's collapse made me decide to become rich from that day on.

Cheong Ulim TV Dan Hee-sam TV appearance video

The first was eagerness, the second was mentoring, and the third was execution. I was more eager than anyone else to find a mentor to teach me how to change my life. I met in books, met in lectures, went to meet rich people on various routes, and began copying their habits into my own. While reducing expenses, I started financial technology little by little through investment studies, and after making assets in a certain sector, I started writing books and giving lectures.

Now I'm living beyond my husband's salary as a writer, motivational lecturer, and real estate investor. My life changed dramatically in less than 2 years. Now I'm going to put all my know-how together so that your life can change as much as I've changed.

😊 4050 everyone! Mrs. Seo will be waiting for you.

  • Those who dream of becoming rich and want to try 'financial technology' but are afraid to even start
  • Those who are worried about “preparing for old age” because they spend too much money on educating their children
  • Those who have a tight monthly “living expenses” to take care of their parents
  • Those who want to take on the “opportunity” to change their lives even in their 50s

Is the asset value of 2.5 billion won really bad? Yes, of course:)

잡지 인터뷰

▶ Magazine interview

💰 Dream Mrs. Seo's wealth revealed

  • Real estate: 4 apartments in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • Main income source: rent 500,000 won, US stock dividends
  • Additional revenue sources: App tech, e-books, content, lectures, smart stores

The reason I was able to grow my assets after 1 year and 6 months was because I spent money, increased my income, and invested in assets that increased over time through investment studies. The method is quite simple. It was the result of consistently implementing these 4 things.

1) Reduce expenses

2) Studying financial technology

3) Invest with seed money

4) Expanding income

🍚 First, save on living expenses! Let's start by saving money on food with Mrs. Seo's recipe to get rich:)

Among these, the quickest way to reduce expenses is to save on living expenses at home! You have to start by saving on food expenses. This is because the item you can reduce the fastest is food expenses if you pay a little care~ You are right now Households of 3-4 people live for 70,000 won per week; households of 1-2 people live for 50,000 won or lessOnly by doing it can you build strength for rich people.

You think it's going to be difficult? Through classes
I'll share Mrs. Seo's unique food savings recipe:)

🚩 US dividend shares/ETF/funds that can be invested directly with a small amount

US dividend shares/ETF/funds are a field where you can invest even with a small amount of money. So I invested all the money I saved by saving on food and living expenses. As investment funds are being raised more and more, I feel that the dividend shares that are steadily coming out are coming out. Don't try to start with a big amount of money in the first place; start investing with the money you've saved by saving a little bit. You'll open your eyes to a new world.

송도 아파트 투자 사례

Opportunities are created when steady real estate study leads to execution.

🏠 After all, the flower of investment is real estate investment!

After studying how to invest in real estate, I thought I should leave the area where I lived. I moved twice a year to get my assets. It wasn't until then that I realized that if I wanted to become rich, I had to take on troublesome and difficult things. Because the more uncomfortable I moved, the more real estate grew into a bigger asset. If you listen to my story, you'll be leaving Lim Jang as soon as this week. At first, you'll walk alone, but if you keep walking around, you'll find yourself walking with your family.

Mrs. Seo's 3-piece e-book set

📘 My knowledge and experience also makes money. (e-book & paper book)

I began to publish e-books and paper books by diligently writing on topics such as know-how to save on food expenses, running a household economy, and the financial technology of a mom who dreams of being rich. Thankfully, the e-book is receiving tax by registering 3 e-books, and the paper book is about to be printed 5 times. Paper books can be difficult, but e-books are easy for anyone to try. It's not difficult to increase your online income pipeline. Ramen with me ^^

If the mother changes first, then the family changes.

Build a prestigious family with strong wealth!

Body profile of Mrs. Seo's family (from left, son-in-law, Mrs. Seo, husband, and daughter)

I wasn't the only one who changed when I woke up early in the morning, saved on food expenses, studied financial technology, and leased real estate. My husband, who at first woke up at 4 a.m., and was nervous about why he was so upset, became someone who woke up earlier than me, and my children also opened their eyes to real estate stories by going to the office with their mom.

As my mom changed, my family changed, and my mom got the habits of being rich, so my whole family got the habits of being rich together. As a result, our family was transformed into a rich and prestigious family. How could we have anticipated these changes?

After 2-3 years, not only me but my family are living 180 degrees differently. I feel a little more relaxed physically, and even in the language we spend time together and talk, I feel a different kind of affection than before. I also left a family body profile because I wanted to leave a picture of our family united by even stronger trust. Everyone was envious when they saw my family photo rather than my personal body profile ^^

Create a wealthy and prestigious family that everyone is envious of. A family changes when mom starts. Mrs. Seo is responsible for helping you and your family change. Become the mom of your dreams from today:)

Mrs. Seo's dream is currently in progress!

May there be more happy families whose household economy will be prosperous ^^

If you change the direction of your efforts, your life will change. Now is the time to raise more money than children. When you're in your mid-50s, the picture of life really becomes apparent. I mean, the difference between a relaxed home and a tight family starts with a small difference. There's no time to be envious of other people's lives.

At the age of 100, we are still brilliant young people. It's an age where there's nothing you can't do if you have the courage to try and jump in with confidence. Your attitude depends on you. We just haven't tried, there's nothing we can't do. You too can change your life as much as you want in your 50s. There's no such thing as a late age! We look forward to dreaming with Mrs. Seo, who dreams!

 꿈꾸는 서여사와 함께 부자되는 레시피로 고정 지출은 줄이고 수입은 늘리며 꾸준히 불어나는 자산 파이프라인을 구축하세요!

▶ Build an asset pipeline that reduces fixed expenses, increases income, and steadily grows through recipes to become rich with the dream Mrs. Seo!

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Dreaming Mrs. Seo

Dreaming Mrs. Seo

🥇 CEO of the Wealth Research Institute to Save Money on Food

Current leader of the Wealthy Project Wealth Manual (November 2021 to present)

Current) Lecturer at Brothers Who Earn Money Academy (March 2022 to present)

Current: Saemajeong Premium 2nd Season Coach (March 2022 to present)

Former) Nine Habits 301 Project Food Savings Lecturer (2022.02)

Former) Special Lecturer at Dadum School (January 2021, May 2021, March 2022)

📺 Broadcast/YouTube appearance

Three appearances on Danhee TV (February)

2 appearances on Cheongulim TV (2month)

Radio YouTube showing Ant Bus Co., Ltd. (4month)

Woongdal Bookstore TV Woong Isa (4month)

🙋‍♀️ Interviews/Lectures

Lectures for middle-aged and elderly citizens of Incheon at Michuhol-gu Library

Seoul Economic Daily Interview

Back News interview

📘 Books

Author of “How to Become Rich by Challenging Your 50s”

Co-author of 'Women Who Wake Up at Dawn'

3 e-books, brunch writer, etc.


Hello, I'm Mrs. Seo and I dream of a dream. One day when I was the director of an art school, I closed the school due to the coronavirus and became a sauna kiosk. There was nothing I could do in my 50s. I decided to live a new life as a challenging mother who decided not to live like this for the dreams of two children majoring in entertainment. After 18 months of continuous research on how to become rich and chasing rich people, I was able to become who I am today.

In order to become rich, you must eventually increase your side income and reduce your expenses. In order to reduce expenses, I first created a habit of saving on food expenses and implemented an attempt to increase side income by accumulating various know-how. Now, with all my know-how, I'm going to generously unravel the know-how of an ordinary lady in her 50s who became 2.5 billion wealthy in 1 year and 6 months.

A family changes only when a mother changes. The family is challenged only when the mother takes on the challenge. A family can become a prestigious family only if the mother becomes rich. Join us on the path to building a rich and prestigious family with mom's power! The 50s are still an age where the possibilities of doing things are endless. I'm old enough to change my life. I did it, so you can do it too. We hope you'll get started with us through classes.





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