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Use paper
5 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 4 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Freesia bouquet

  • Packing a bunch of tulips

  • Carnation flower box

  • rose bouquet

  • Christmas wreath

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding and cutting paper flower designs

Understand paper flower patterns made from colored paper and cut cleanly with scissors

Various ways to use an awl

Learn 3 or more ways to use the paper flower's core tool, the awl

How to apply petals in a balanced manner

Tips for attaching petals to achieve balance and harmony using various techniques

Various ways to use paper flowers

Tips for using paper flowers in a variety of ways other than wrapping flowers and making wreaths

Various ways to enrich paper flowers

Learn various ways to make paper flowers stand out

Paper flower pattern made with my own hands

Try making your own paper flower pattern using fresh flowers

About the class

Hello, I'm Slipper, a paper artist who makes flowers that won't wither.

From the graduation ceremony in February to Christmas in December, exciting anniversaries await us every year.

Wouldn't you like to give a special gift on Mother's Day or Teacher's Day, which comes up every year but is troubled?

This class is a class where you can make your own paper flowers and give them as gifts.

You can learn 5 types of paper flowers and try making each item for 3 gifts.

You can use it in a variety of ways, including flower wrapping methods, pocket money boxes, and leases.

So let's try the paper flower that we make today and give as a gift tomorrow together.

장미 09.JPG

Course effect

  • You can make paper flowers that are essential for anniversaries and are perfect for anniversaries.
  • I'll also tell you how to wrap flowers suitable for paper flowers and how to use them in a variety of ways for anniversaries!
  • Even alone! You can also learn how to make paper flower patterns with fresh flowers.

Recommended classes

  • People who like to make things with their own hands
  • A person who likes to give someone a gift with a work of their own making
  • Those who were allergic to pollen and found it difficult to take flower classes
  • Those who want to learn about paper flowers and use them as various items
  • The bride and groom are about to shoot their wedding
  • Those who need a special flower item to put on a stone or whooping day

3 reasons why this class is special

1. How to make a realistic flower from a paper artist in the fourth year

I'll teach you everything from the basics to the ins and outs of paper flowers so you can easily understand them.

I'll touch a variety of colored paper and tell you how to use it as an interior accessory like a real flower through detailed expressions of flowers.


2. Is tomorrow an anniversary? Then try making it now

From pocket money boxes for Family Month to bouquets for a loved one

I'll tell you about various flower packaging and uses that are great for gifts.

Give the gift of a special flower made by hand!


3. Turn my favorite flowers into paper flowers that won't wither

Are there any flowers I like from the flowers covered in class? It's fine. I'll also show you how to turn your favorite flowers into paper flowers!


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Hello :-) I'm Seulgi, the creator of Slippaper Studio, who creates a one-of-a-kind story on paper that never withers.

In 2019, I was learning paper flowers with wrinkle paper because I wanted to enjoy my favorite flowers with my husband, who is severely allergic to pollen, Is it possible to make paper flowers with “colored paper” that is more readily available at stationery stores? I started this work after thinking about it. At the time, there were no creators who made paper flowers with colored paper in Korea, so I started teaching myself how to handle paper one by one, and after making paper flower designs with my characters one by one, I became a paper flower artist who had been working full three years.

Colored paper is harder than wrinkled paper and has modern characteristics. The advantage is that it doesn't tarnish and can be stored for a very long time once made. Compared to wrinkle paper, there are only a few skills for making flowers, but if you have the right pattern, you can make attractive flowers by making the most of your hands. In particular, in this class, I'm not focusing on skills that are built up step by step Just one thing is fascinating enough, and once you learn it, you'll be able to release tips that you can use in a variety of ways all over the place!

I'm so happy to be able to join you in this class filled with the know-how and trial and error of the past 3 years! Let's make a story that won't wither together! :D





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