Skills You’ll Learn

Collecting notes

It's time to learn that every object and emotion in the world can be used as a material for writing.

Draw in detail

Practice describing a scene in detail as if it were being drawn in front of you.

Beautifully trimming

The point of writing is to refine my writing the way I want it!

Write honestly

It's important to get into the habit of writing honestly for my mental health.

From essays, novels, and lyricist work

Writing by 10-year writer Oh Hui-myung

Hello, my name is Oh Hui-myung, an artist. I have written books such as <I still don't know how to break up with you>, <Just imagining you turning around makes me unhappy >, <Please enter a message>, <enter a message>, etc., and wrote the lyrics for the title song <<>Alone> for Crush's regular volume 2We are engaged in various activities such as participating in.

“It's like a scene is drawn right in front of you.”

Among the words I've heard while working for close to 10 years, the one I was most happy about “It's just like a scene is drawn right in front of you. ', “I wonder where they brought these ingenious items.'It was the same thing. My own Memo method and description know-howI'll let you know generously about.

'Ah! You might think this way! ' , 'You could try this! ' I'm sure there will be a lot of work to be done.


What are your concerns?

글쓰기 고민

As you can see from the picture, the main concerns of people who are starting to write can be broadly divided into three categories.

  • Search for writing
  • Unraveling the lack of expressiveness in writing
  • Steady

After teaching offline for a long time, I was able to see that the concerns of the various students were not much different. That's why I think it's difficult for you I'm going to tell you how to solve those three things through classes.

30 minutes a day,

Start writing with smartphone memos

1) Search for text

In order to get a sense of writing, we will write easily, and create a routine to find our own writing style through the lifestyle of memos. I'll show you why you need notes, and if it's hard to get started, take a look at past memos and tell you step by step how to start anew.

An article where you can feel the temperature and smell

2) Lack of expressiveness to unravel in writing

There is definitely a good article in your head and mind, but is it difficult to express it in writing?

In order to write with hearts and scenes, we will try to write through “description.”

I also practiced sentences where the smell, temperature, taste, and scenery were felt in order to give the writing a synesthetic feeling. I'm going to show you the methods I've actually seen work in class. I'll also show you how to find a description that only you can express.

Writing can also be quantified

3) Steady

I think creating steadiness is motivation. It's not easy to measure my improvement in the subject of writing. Measure your ability to improve through quantified missions such as measuring the number of notes.

I am with you How to collect notes, how to make a beautiful description based on collected memos, and the process of refining one's own writing and appreciating it for yourselfI plan to teach you how to develop a steady writing habit through. It's definitely going to be fun!

Put aside the blockages and difficulties for a while, I'm a person with a wonderful hobby called writing, I'm a great writer while I think and write,
I hope you can have fun doing it again. I think of you as a writer, and I'll ask you questions and comments!

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We help you keep writing: continuous writing until book publication

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I've been waiting. This is Oh Hui-myung's writing class.


I know, I want to write well


The fact that there is no dramatic magic


Easy to write


Memo, the first step to good writing


Give water to a memo


Describe - Writing where you can feel the temperature and smell


[Depicting Advanced Course] Raising the image quality of the description


Be honest above all else


Congratulations on your stubbornness.




Hello, I'm Oh Hui-myung. I've loved writing for a long time. After all, I've published twelve books. A person who enjoys everything related to writing, such as editing, writing lyrics, and serializing.

Those who want to express their thoughts and feelings well

Those who want a hobby that is not limited by time, space, or equipment

Those who want to manage stress and mental health on their own

We will continue to work with 'Fun Writing', which can be a good solution for people like the above.

  • Book- AZ and 3 others. 2017
  • Books - Just the imagination of you turning around makes you unhappy and 2 others. 2019
  • Book- One Person's Loneliness. 2020.
  • Books- Good things will happen to you 2021
  • Books - enter your message 2022
  • Lyricist- Crush regular 2nd album title song, <Alone> participated in the lyrics.
  • Solicitation- Monthly Current Affairs Shin Dong-ah, Quarterly Literature Consonants and Vowels, Around Magazine, etc.


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