I graduated from painting portraits that just boosted my bust!

This class is for those who want to not only be able to draw the whole body without difficulty, but also understand and draw expressions of clothing.

Gesture drawing is a drawing method that animators and story artists learn by “drawing with care about impressions (gestures).”

What is gesture drawing in this class,From an explanation of basic termsI'll explain it carefully. What do you want to convey by drawing your own pictures? What is an illustration that can be conveyed? You can learn it through gesture drawing.

This class has content that can be taken not only by complete beginners, but also by those who are worried about working on it now, starting with the line of action (the first line they receive from posing), simple things necessary for drawinganatomyUntil, tips for drawing a human bodyI'll pack everything and teach you.

By continuing to draw with gestures,You will be able to draw things you like, such as fashion illustrations, etc., and you will be able to draw the whole body of the human body in a fun and easy way.

Let's deepen our understanding together!

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You will be able to learn the basics of drawing a human body, and you will be able to draw the whole body easily.
  • Design the lines of your own drawing and make your drawing more attractive.
  • You will be able to draw drawings in a variety of poses, from people with a sense of stability standing on the ground to living people who can convey movement.

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who are beginners and want to work hard on line drawing before coloring
  • Those who are stumbling at drawing practice and want to get rid of the resistance to drawing their whole body
  • Those who are worried that the lines in their drawings are hard

When you take the course

Creators use the paid digital tool “Procreate” to proceed with illustration creation.

Please purchase separately. Please note that you are not responsible for purchasing the Procreate app at all, such as the class not starting even though you have purchased and prepared.

※ You can practice analog (hand drawing) in this class without a digital device/tool.

What makes this class so special

You can draw a wide range of human bodies, from gesture drawing to fashion illustrations

Gesture drawing is all about drawing. It's a drawing method I definitely want people who draw to know.

Understanding the human body while drawing together makes drawing fun, from dynamic pictures to calm everyday illustrations.

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Before meeting Gesture Drawing


What is gesture drawing?


Gesture Drawing: Beginner


Gesture Drawing: Intermediate


A pose with a sense of dynamism


Clothes drawing


A more enjoyable way to study drawing


Congratulations on finishing the course!




I started drawing 4 years ago when I was 38 years old, and I learned everything on my own. I'm aiming to become an illustrator as my second career, and now I receive requests and work as a university grading instructor.

Currently, I am also writing comics, and I would like to try various things through illustrations.

I continue to do gesture drawing and drawing fashion illustrations and comics.

I think gesture drawing can be a catalyst for telling stories. Not only the art of drawing pictures, but also the way we see the world may change through gesture drawing.

I want everyone to expand their creative world and enjoy a fun drawing life.


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