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iPad Procreate
10 Class Projects

It takes about 5 minutes to 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • What kind of brush makes this kind of cool feel?

  • Which brush can easily and effectively create contrast?

  • A brush like colored pencils?

  • What kind of brush do you need to express the blue sea?

  • What functions do you need in a brush that is great for calligraphy?

  • If you want to feel like a wild boy, I recommend this brush!

  • How many brush combinations do I need to draw a building?

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to draw this, right?

  • What kind of brush should I use to feel like a masterpiece?

  • A brush that makes easy drawings easier!

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding point, line, and face brushes

You'll learn what kind of purpose each brush is used for: points, lines, or faces.

Brushes used for basic drawing

Learn the basics by looking for brushes that are good for drawing croquis and basic sketches

Textured brushes

Draw amazing pictures with a textured brush

Procreate's hidden features

Improve your ability to use the app while also learning about ProCreate's hidden features!

Brushes that express natural objects

Brushes that express natural objects are well supported!

Calligraphy is basic

This is a must for writing suitable for calligraphy! Let's find out!

Get the feeling of painting by famous painters

Feels like a wild spirit with just this brush! What kind of brush is it?

Class introduction

Hello! I'm Dal Hee, an office worker, parenting daddy, non-major, and emoji artist. As a child, a kid who was confused because he was caught scribbling on textbooks became a father in a family and was overwhelmed by a tight daily life. Drawing, which I started as a hobby to have a healing time to reflect on myself, has become a part of my life.

낙서에 최적화된 브러시

“Isn't it going as well as you think? I don't feel like I want something.”

If you want to use an iPad with ambition and just draw that picture, the first time I think there are many people who thought this way. The fact is that there is a brush that is absolutely necessary or suitable for each picture! DID YOU KNOW? If you learn how to use brushes well, such as brush touch, color expression, contrast expressed by light, and repetitive tasks, you will be able to draw more enjoyable. This course is a course where you can learn and explore the feel of as many brushes as possible to help you complete a brush suitable for your own painting and your own painting world.

Course effect

  • The drawing method is simple, but the result is satisfactory, and you will be able to find a lot of pictures.
  • With easy-to-draw examples, even beginners can draw easily and happily.
  • You'll create works made with a single brush, works with a combination of different brushes, and works that use brushes in a completely new way.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to add a hobby to painting
  • Those who are curious about how to use a brush
  • Those who want to find their own painting style
  • Those who are starting out but don't know what to do

4 reasons why this class is special

First, how to use brushes by broadly dividing them into points, lines, and faces

Dots, lines, and faces are basic when drawing a picture, and there are brushes designed to help express faces, things that have meaning when dots are dots, and things that have meaning as lines. Throughout the class, you will gain the ability to distinguish these things by listening to them in theory and practicing them.

Second, even the brush you see for the first time can determine its own characteristics

Each brush has individual characteristics such as shape, pressure recognition, automatic rotation, and opacity. Since we learn how to identify brush characteristics together before using the brush, you will also be able to identify brush characteristics in the middle and second half of class. This will also be a good basic basis for purchasing brushes for a fee or customizing existing brushes.

Third, make my favorite brush

“Oh, I loved this brush.” While doing so, you'll unexpectedly know your favorite brush. I personally like the 'Mono Line' and 'Marker' brushes the most. When you meet a brush that many people love and go on a fun painting trip of your own, you'll find the one to go with.

Fourth, Experience a broad spectrum of pictures

Regular lectures teach know-how on how to draw something that you can draw well. The advantage of my course is that you can learn about the paint for each brush, not the painting. By learning how to use brushes, you can come across examples of paintings that you want to draw at least once while being as diverse as possible without incorporating a specific painting style.

I hope all my classmates who take this class will also be happy with the painting. Immerse yourself in the charm of painting as a healing time away from the stress of everyday life. I promise you won't regret it.





Hello ~ ^^ I'm Dal Hee who supports her hobby of painting. I'm in love with iPad Pro Create Drawing, so I enjoy drawing. Thanks to this, I'm also an emoji writer, and I'm busy writing two books and giving lectures. This course is designed to guide you to properly understand and use ProCreate's many basic brushes. Even if you just change the brush, the picture changes dramatically, and if you know the brush well, there are so many things you can express. Why don't you go on an iPad Pro Create Brush trip together? ^^







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