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Skills You’ll Learn

190,000 YouTuber Park Je-yeon tells us about his attitude towards stocks

Stocks aren't as simple as matching a chart.
I need to study for investment!

Examples from the past that can be memorized over and over again

Memorize the time to make money that you missed before
I will invest in a similar situation in the future!

Current issues and stock investment ideas you can use right away

Analyze economic and financial issues
Seize investment opportunities coming in the near future!

Class introduction

Do you want to create an investment idea that can be used for years? You think you need to study investment, but are you overwhelmed by the amount? If you want to find an industry that suits you, reduce the scope of study, and learn how to invest properly and honestly, take a class. I hope you don't lean on methods where no one has made a profit, and believe in situations where many people have historically made a profit and seize that time.

Course effect

  • If you memorize them, you'll get investment ideas and past examples that you can keep using.
  • You will not fall into the temptation to earn money easily, and you will be motivated to study for investment.
  • You can analyze current issues, analyze investment ideas and investment timing, and seize investment opportunities that will come in the near future.

Recommended target

  • People who want to start studying stocks but don't know where and how to do it
  • A person who has been harmed by following the reading of people claiming to be so-called experts
  • People who want to learn a classic and proper investment method rather than just a danta

Pre-course notes

  • This class is based on the 2022 stock market.

What makes this class special

Stop fantasying!

Finding financial freedom through classic investments

Private investors are often dazzled by false stories such as “big hit techniques” and “power techniques” and brilliant conversations. We've created an investment idea that you can continue to use for those who have been harmed or so that no one is harmed. I don't have fantasy stories about making tens of billions of won from one million won like industry fraudsters, but I think I gained financial freedom in my own way. Learn how to invest in your own way, which you have learned from time to time through investment advisors and securities firms!



Welcome, welcome


Park Je-yeon Money Club's Stock Investment Principles


Past news that moves stocks TOP10 (first half)


Past news that moves stocks TOP10 (second half)


Money Making Current and Future Stock News TOP10 (first half)


Money Making Present and Future Stock News TOP10 (2nd half)


Outro's words


Park's Moneyclub

Park's Moneyclub

Hallo This is Park Je-yeon from Money Club.

It runs the YouTube channel 'Park Je-yeon's Money Club' with 190,000 subscribers. We will generously reveal how to succeed with stocks made from decades of blood, sweat, and tears.

🥇 Education

  • Graduated from Korea University, Department of Law
  • Graduate School of Law, Master of Securities and Criminal Law

🥇 Career

  • Current CEO of JYP Club (runs a YouTube channel with 190,000 subscribers to 'Park Je-yeon Money Club')
  • Former FWS Investment Advisory Derivatives Trader
  • Former DB Financial Investment Corporation Sales Team
  • Former Korea Economic TV anchor and WOWNET partner

🥇 Books

  • “There are sports that will rise even if the market collapses” The wave of money

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