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Skills You’ll Learn

Will the 2030th generation be helped by the National Pension Fund?

Let's properly analyze the 2030th generation's national pension, which was hotly debated about exhaustion.

How to build a five-story pension tower for a comfortable old age

Learn about the five-story pension tower strategy for living in old age.

The magic of increasing the yield of “retirement salary”

Did you know that a pension, which is a “retirement salary,” and the amount you receive varies widely even if you pay the same amount of money? Learn strategies to increase pension yields.

An essential “tax savings plan” for those who are about to retire

The biggest attraction of pensions is tax savings. Learn strategies to save on taxes before you retire.

Class introduction

When it comes to “pensions,” people often procrastinate because they think it's too complicated and difficult. However, old age is a reality that comes to us 100% of the time, and I can say for sure The sooner you prepare for old age, the better. It's been a long time since “elderly poverty” and “old age bankruptcy” emerged as social issues, even though it is difficult for young people to eat and live. There are probably many people who feel a vague fear of old age. But if I retire What if you had 1 billion in pension assets? I think I can retire with a strong and relaxed mind. One billion is a dream story? That's not the case. It's quite possible if you develop an asset strategy step by step and invest according to your lifelong asset strategy.

“Life cycle investment strategy” is a strategy that is several times more likely to be achieved than a stock jackpot or real estate intensive investment, which is only 0.001% achieved. Of course, as it's a 'life cycle strategy', it takes time and patience. Work with me to develop a life cycle investment strategy using pension products, study, and start the “Making 1 billion pension assets” project. We'll help you design a happy future without fear.

Course effect

  • You can easily understand the differences and characteristics of national pension, retirement pension, and personal pension
  • We will inform you about the most important ways to increase the “return on pensions” and strategies for accrual and withdrawal
  • Through a 'pension', you can develop the concept of 'lifelong asset management' and an investment plan

Recommended target

  • Everyone who is preparing for lifelong asset management or old age
  • Beginners in society who want to prepare stably for old age by referring to age-specific pension portfolios
  • Those who want to know how to withdraw a pension or how to save on pension tax before retirement

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ 'Lifetime Salary', A Magical Strategy to Increase Pension Yield

In order to properly prepare for old age, it is not only necessary to prepare a “National Pension” or “Retirement Pension”. Considering the aging trend in Korea, it is also said that the National Pension Fund should have a retirement pension, personal pension, and housing pension as a countermeasure. From public pensions such as the National Pension Fund to private pensions such as personal pensions, I will let you know exactly how much I am currently receiving and how much I can get after retirement. There will be a lot of lectures on pensions. However, there is no lecture on various strategies and management measures to increase pension yields like this class. You can create a “lifetime salary” with a pension whose yield changes depending on the accrual and withdrawal, and a magical pension management strategy.

5층 연금 체계 활용하기

▶ Using the 5-tier pension system

❷ Pension Strategy TOP Class from Top Retirement Experts

It is a top pension asset management class directly planned and taught by the best “investment expert” who has served as the director of “Mirae Asset Retirement Research Institute” and the representative of the “Mirae Asset Investment and Pension Center”, and the best “investment expert” who has served as the chief executive of [Mirae Asset Asset Management Bond Management] and the representative of [Mirae Asset Asset Management Management Division] in the market for over 30 years. In Korea, where the history of pensions was short, the “pension” yield is bound to be low due to the short-sighted approach every time. You won't be able to avoid “old age bankruptcy” unless you have a long-term perspective and an understanding of the global economy as well as a lifelong asset strategy. Above all, a 'pension' is given to everyone only once in a lifetime. Let's not only develop a smart pension strategy with a “pension class” containing deep and broad insights from the best retirement experts, but also seize opportunities to manage your own assets throughout your life.

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The Sea Captain

The Sea Captain

Hallo Kim Kyeong-rok is Mirae Asset Asset Management Advisor. After moving to Mirae Asset, which was my first job at the Economic Research Institute of Janggi Credit Bank, I have been protecting the investment scene for over 30 years, including Mirae Asset Asset Asset Management Chief Bond Management Officer, Mirae Asset Capital CEO, and Mirae Asset Asset Management Division CEO, and Mirae Asset Asset Management Division CEO, and I have read macroeconomic trends not only from the perspective of an investment expert but also from the perspective of an economist. In particular, I was interested in the shift in wealth brought about by changes in population structure. In particular, since 2013, I have been working on aging and aging asset management as the director of Mirae Asset Retirement Research Institute. Since then, as a retirement expert, I have been adhering to specific asset management methods for a successful aging as a representative of Mirae Asset Investment and Pension Center.

In the age of 100, we are looking for a way for everyone to enjoy a comfortable and happy old age rather than being “poor for the elderly.”

  • Present) Head of Financial Pension Center, Economic and Social Research Institute
  • Present) Adjunct Professor at Sogang University
  • Former Guest Professor at Inha University
  • Former Director of Mirae Asset Retirement Research Institute
  • Former CEO and President of Mirae Asset Asset Management
  • Former CEO of Mirae Asset Capital
  • Former Head of Bond Management Division (CIO), Mirae Asset Asset Management
  • Former Research Fellow of Korea Bond Research Institute, etc.

📽 KBS <Morning Courtyard>, <Saengsaeng Radio> and YouTube <Sampro TV>, <Sin Saimdang >,

<Kim Jak Ga TV> and many others

📝 Contributed to a column on economics and investment in a daily newspaper

📚 Books

<The Demostructure Changes Investment Map> (2006), <1 Person 1> (2016)

<The Courage to Be Naked > (2019), <Demo Tech is coming> (2021)


<Successful Portfolio Management>, <Mutual Fund Industry Handbook>

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