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Skills You’ll Learn

Self-influencing (self-influencing)

How to be an influential person in your own image, the real secret of being an influencer

Cell fluencing/self-influencing

: How to be an influential person in your own way

140,000 followers, honest stories from 'real' influencers

안녕하세요 '관종' 입니다.

▶ Hello, I'm Guan Jong.

Become an Instagram influencer

The changes in life I experienced

'AnnouncerBecause enabledWhat I did Isn't it? '

It's not.

셀플루언싱 before / after (@j.anagram)leftis my early Instagram, rightis the current Instagram feed (@j .anagram).

This is a beefore/after appearance of the same person. I felt it. Even if they're the same person with the same appearance

It means that what I do and the way people look at me change depending on “how I express myself.”

My life completely changed as an influencer.

(왼쪽부터) 스타벅스 광고, 헤럴드 인터뷰, 싱글즈 매거진, 스포츠브랜드 행사 진행

It's not a change of receiving product sponsorships and paid advertisements.

I worked with a famous brand that we commonly know,

When an event is held, a few hundred people gather,

At some point, there were people who were inspired by my writing,

I gave a lecture on my story, and an offer to publish a book came in,

To the inspection (real-time search term) 'My name is Park Ji-hye announcer' is going up,

In a magazine I know My story is featured

Those changes have begun.

“I” that no one was curious about in the company or in the broadcasting station

Being an influencer, people About my future They said they were curious.

“Future” felt only as an uneasy word

When I became an influencer, the word “future” became an exciting and anticipated word.

“How could this happen to me...”

I couldn't believe it.

I thought I wouldn't be able to achieve it

“Influencer” is the way I made my dream come true.

  • Influencers (Influencers): People who influence the public through a large number of followers on social media

If you want to be an influencer,

Instagram is perfect.

'인스타그램'이 곧 내 명함

▶ “Instagram” is my business card

First, start with Instagram.

Instagram Photo platform Because it's winning cellphones, me, and mechin eagernessAll you need is.

You don't need to buy any new equipment.

You don't need to learn any new skills.

Right now if you only have a cell phone. Right away. Starting today. Anyone can get started.

Easiest, Fastest Instagram is the way to become an influencer.

Are you worried about not being able to take pictures and not confident in your appearance?

Q. If people who take good photos can become influencers, all photographersWhat about you guys?

Q. If people who are good at marketing can become influencers, all marketerDid you hear it?

Q. You have to have a pretty face, only if you have a good body, Only if you're good at something If I could be an influencer, who would I be?

If I did, Everyone can do it.

An ordinary office worker with a salary, a small broadcasting station announcer, a small height of less than 160 degrees,

I'm not particularly good at... Something was ambiguous, and he was lacking.

With more eagerness because it wasn't enough

We thoroughly analyzed the entire process from the bottom to 130,000 followers.

“With one photo, A world where you can create your own job'

With the confidence that I can create my own brand with a single photo and create my own job

I downloaded all the photo apps and created my own know-how to make myself known on social media.

I'll tell you all my secrets.

Anyone who wants to get started! To whom! You can be an influencer who makes an impact.

Because he's a 'real' influencer

A lot of people ask.

Q. How can I become an influencer?

I was one of those people who noticed influencers.

Even when I started Instagram, Instagram was already saturation It was in a state where it became,

Influencers with high followers are me Another worldIt looked like someone who lived in

I wanted to try it even if it was too late or seemed hopeless.

I ran to the bookstore and read all the books related to “Influencer, Instagram.”

I also looked for online courses related to Instagram, and asked people around me

There was no “real” thing.

What is the method taught by an influencer who is currently active

It wasn't anywhere else.

130,000 followers in 1 year!

10-fold increase, is it possible?

I want to be an influencer, but I don't know how
Please someone let me know...

I was eager.

So I analyzed the influencer I thought of for 4 years

Writing papers related to influencers

As I got to know influencers, I began applying their know-how to my feed.

After that, it increased by 10,000 every month

However, I got 130,000 followers in just 1 year.

My number of followers, which was 2.3 million in January, was 130,000 a year later.

I got more followers than the influencers I used to enjoy

It happened that the influencers I admired got to know me in reverse.

Please feel that feeling.

It's exhilarating.

All the know-how I've learned so far

We will reveal all of them, not a single one.

1) How to create a concept from your own image

2) 5 ways to make yourself known on Instagram

3) How to shoot and correct influencers that make you click

4) 3 ways to turn followers into fans

4) The world of influencers

  • Earnings by follower, branded advertising costs, and things you can do as an influencer

5) Q&A for becoming a sports influencer

It's not just a course to increase followers and likes on Instagram.

→ I'll show you how to get a concept after looking into and getting to know someone called “I”.

It's not just a course that teaches you how to post beautiful photos on Instagram.

→ Beautiful photos are basic. Thoroughly announce “I” with photos on Instagram

We will tell you in detail about each feature that Instagram has.

So even if it's hard for my followers to suddenly increase when I follow them in one way

Personal branding was clarified with my own concept, so many Work with brandsYou can do it.

That is self-influencing (self-influencing).

Pay attention!

The world of influencers that has never been seen anywhere else

Become an influencer and brand every time you follow Ad revenueHow much do you take with you,

As an influencer commercialsI want to do expenseTo what extent should I catch it,

Among many influencers, my ransomAlong with how to upload

How many followers do you get when you become an influencer workingI'll let you know if they'll listen.

Chapter recommended by announcer Park Ji-hye

■ If you want to become an influencer → I recommend taking the course by chapter.

■ Those who are curious about the work, income, and branding costs of influencers → Starting with chapter (7)

■ For those who want to know what I am good at and who my country is a person → From chapter (2)

Why are you confident

I prove it with real reviews.

수강생 후기

Why are you confident

Prove it with actual Before/After

As you can see, being an athletic person is the same thing.


If BEFORE feels like a feed that records workouts,

AFTER has taken the concept name “Athletic Man,” and since then it looks stronger and more professional.

The number of followers also went from 6000 to -> 15,000.

In this way, I ask not only office workers, but also startup representatives, lecturers, broadcasters, and even influencers.

How can I find someone called “I” and express it on Instagram?

The answer is, It is listed in the self-fluencing course.

Why Park Wi Wi?

What is the difference from other courses?

  1. Current influencers who are actually active (@j .anagram)
  2. An influencer who has been verified with 130,000 followers in 1 year since the bottom
  3. Active in various fields such as running, mountaineering, tennis, exercise (fitness), announcer, etc., and has secrets that can be applied to each category even if the category is different

I have my own know-how that I have experienced firsthand, analyzed, and produced results. whereupon

I'm proud that it's different from Instagram books & lectures and influencer books & lectures on the market.

And because I didn't work in just one category, I worked in various fields for 4 years

It's a method that can be applied no matter what concept you decide on.

self-influencer (self-influencer),

People who influence people in their own way

“Become, want to be, become”

It could be.

Please bring only your eagerness.

I'll make the rest.

Thank you

※ Those who are not eager will politely refuse ※

- Athletic announcer Park Ji-hye Dream -





Athletic announcer Park Ji-hye channel (@j .anagram)

  • Park Ji-hye is an announcer who works as a sports influencer. 14.4 million followers (as of 2022.07)


  • Korea University Graduate School of Journalism, Department of New Media (M.S.)

Career matters

  • Present) Freelance announcer
  • Former) Daily TV anchor (5 years of broadcasting stations and many others)
  • Former) K-eco anchor, Korea Environment Corporation

Social Contributions

  • Run a “1 Day 1 Learning Challenge” meeting to donate my habits every month (cumulative 5 million won)
  • Running a Vietnamese children's sponsorship crew with World Vision (Chozen Crew)
  • Donate to the “Miracle Plogging” event every year on Arbor Day with singer Sean (Seungil Hope Foundation, 7.8 million won)
  • Donation to the self-planned event 'Tsu Choo Eun Run' logging event (Environment Foundation, KRW 13,267,491)
  • “1 Day 1 Running Donation Run” Donation Challenge (Good Neighbors, 6,032,920 won)

Brand power (advertising and models)

  • Starbucks advertising model
  • adidas sustainability model
  • Descent Korea Lecoque Running Influencer (Year 4)
  • Ambassador of the Colombian Embassy and Forest Service Saesanbae Forest model
  • LG Life Health Retune influencer and K2 model
  • Gunsan International Marathon Ambassador and JTBC Marathon LIFE+ Ambassador (2021,2022)

Other media appearances

  • Appeared as captain of “Monthly Cap” at SBS SBS News Upcycling Meeting
  • Broadcast with the webtoon artist Kim Pung and “The Announcer Who Picking Up the Garbage”
  • 'Trend Korea 2020' announcer working as a modular human
  • Awarded 2 times in Naver Real-time Search (Inspection) (2018, 2019)
  • SBS Morningwide “Athletic Announcer” 2 broadcasts
  • Many interviews with magazines such as Singles, WomanSense, Women's Chosun, and Allure Korea
  • [Naver interview] “I started because I thought I wouldn't be competitive as an announcer alone” | JobSN

[Lectures and lectures]

  • [Diary Lecture] “Diary” made by writing it down
  • [Corporate Lecture] How to do personal branding with your own concept in new media
  • [Startup Lectures] University Environmental Startup Lectures and Event Planning Lectures
  • Korea Tourism Organization Exhibition Lecture (Minister of Style participated)

Currently the most active 140,000 followers,

The announcer Park Ji-hye is the most popular influencer among brands.

They say that you can never quickly become an influencer just by taking photos every day and posting them every day.

Park Ji-hye was also an ordinary office worker and announcer for a small broadcasting station until just a few years ago.

Instagram started with the intention of “making me known” outside of work.

At first, “Are you a spectator?” I got stories and attention from people around me,

Eventually, after discovering self-influencing (self-influencing), the secret to becoming an influencer who gives influence in one's own image, he gathered 130,000 followers in just one year and became a “popular influencer” for many people.

Since becoming an influencer, the announcer Park Ji-hye, who learned the secret to becoming a real influencer that even influencers don't know in the same way that comes from books and online lectures, has been working with advertising models such as Starbucks and adidas, as well as collaborating with many brands and holding their own donation events.





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