10 chapters · 8 hours 24 minutes
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With iPad
10 Class Projects

It takes about Within 30 minutes to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • [Hands-free drawing] Drawing a mongle-mongle-like cloud in a blue sky

  • [Hands-free drawing] Drawing a cute dessert

  • [Hands-free drawing] Drawing an emotional interior object

  • cute animal face drawing

  • Your one and only cute animal birthday card

  • Draw a twinkle twinkle

  • Drawing a landscape of a flower garden full of sunshine

  • Draw a healing window view

  • Create your own one-of-a-kind postcard

  • Oil pastel style painting

Skills You’ll Learn

Get to know Procreate with nearby props

Get to know ProCreate with the cute and cute props you see all around you.

Smudging methods that are used differently depending on the subject you are drawing

We will reveal smudging techniques based on topics rather than random rubbing.

Create a color palette with warm colors

Let me introduce some of the colors I often use.

The feeling of sparkle, how to draw sunlight

With Gaussian effects, you can easily learn how to express light without professional skills.

How to improve the mood of the photo and correct my picture

Learn how to express a different mood by correcting a constant tone.

Create and sell postcards using your own pictures

Create birthday cards, postcards, wallpapers, etc., and sell them easily in an hour a day

About the class

It's Machi Bombli, which depicts a favorite atmosphere as warm and lovely as spring. I usually like cute things and sentimental things, so I mainly draw cute illustrations and landscapes or flowers with my favorite atmosphere.

With just one thin and lightweight pad, you can freely draw your own pictures anywhere, and even though it's a digital drawing, you can express the same naturalness and warmth full of sensibility that isn't artificial! Isn't digital drawing really fascinating?

Getting started is fun and easy! I'll just pick up the basic essentials and let you know. Everything seems difficult at first. My classmates will share in a short, bold, and easy way only the core features needed for painting that I felt while studying pro create on my own so that it doesn't feel difficult.

Course effect

  • It's an iPad digital drawing, but I can make my paintings richer by making use of texture
  • You can learn and use your own color palettes and oil pastel texture brush variations
  • You can learn how to use various types of your work, such as birthday cards, postcards, wallpapers, etc.
  • Invest an hour a day to learn how to easily monetize goods from your social media account

Recommended target

  • People who don't end up with digital drawing and want to make various use of their own paintings
  • People who want to create digital drawing works as postcards and link them to online sales on social media
  • People who want to draw pictures of various landscapes and cute animals in warm colors
  • A person who wanted to try digital drawing with an oil pastel texture while watching Machi Bombli's social media

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ Making the same picture stand out,

Machi Bombli's unique know-how revealed

[Texture] I'll show you a very easy way to make it feel like a hand drawing by putting on a picture a paper texture made by Machi Bombli, which has an oil pastel feel that makes it look like it's shiny and cute!

[Smudging] I use smudging very often when I paint! Instead of randomly rubbing, I use different smudging techniques depending on the subject I draw! I'll share my smudging technique with you!

I make brushes that match my paintings!

A one-of-a-kind brush that you make of your own

There are so many beautiful basic brushes in ProCreate. This class contains a brush transformation method containing my own unique oil pastel texture secrets determined after a long period of research! Even if you don't buy them separately, try modifying the basic brushes yourself and create your own unique brushes that are different from others and use them in your paintings!

❸ No complicated procedures!

A simple way to generate revenue using my own pictures, my social media, and Naver Form

N to get a job! We can all do it! For classmates who want to take on the challenge but can't get started, I'll also show you a simple way to sell postcards using social media and Naver Form!

Instead of ending after production, draw attention with a detailed page with your own unique personality that is different from others to increase sales rates! I'll show you how to create a highly readable detailed page using the composition of the product photo, the location of the text on the detail page, and various icons!

Have you given up on complicated procedures, creating additional accounts, downloading related apps...? It's really easy to create an order form with Naver Form. It's also easy to check sales volume. After that, once the order comes in, I'll show you how to pack and ship it.

I definitely want to make one of my own goods! Once you've finished a painting, I really recommend not stopping there, but reinventing it with your own goods! Starting out small, it's so fun and proud to pack a postcard that was ordered from Poshilak Poshilak at home! Classmates should also make goods with me with the goal of making at least 1 item after taking the class

How to avoid mistakes and failures? I'm curious too, but we have an iPad that can be modified indefinitely, right? If you let go of your fear of painting, you'll have a lot of fun drawing.

Through a class full of my own unique tips
How about taking time to fill each day with warmth?





I'm glad to meet you. It's Machi Bombli that conveys warmth with pictures 🌷

I usually like cute and emotional things, so I usually draw cute illustrations and landscapes and flowers with my favorite atmosphere!

“Don't worry, just try whatever you like! 👊🏻”

I love drawing, but at a reasonable price, can I really make good use of this iPad? What if I only use it to watch YouTube? I've only been thinking about buying an iPad for almost a year because of my worries. Then all of a sudden, let's put off those worries and do what I like! Let's draw a picture! As I thought, I rattled and bought an iPad.

And now I'm wondering why I've been worried over the past year, and why I couldn't be more courageous about what I like:) I think the feelings I feel while doing what I like are really invaluable feelings that cannot be replaced by anything. 🎀

I'm so happy and excited to be able to share and communicate with my classmates about a variety of unique painting tips that many people have been curious about on Instagram through this class 🎀



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