10 chapters · 6 hours 43 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the characteristics of oil pastels

Learn how to utilize various colors of oil pastels and to express lines in various means

Draw in three dimensions using contrast

Learn about basic contrast and saturation and how to give your portrait three-dimensional sense with gradation and layering

Body and face proportions and composition

Learn how to proportionately structure and sketch body and face, including proportion of facial features

How to draw and utilize detailed, realistic lines

Learn to adjust the thickness and length of lines for drawing each of the facial features

Find your own unique colors

Draw a unique portrait of your own using colors of your choosing


Would you like to draw your own unique painting with oil pastels?

Through this class, you can learn how to draw portraits of your own using unique colors and expressions. You'll learn about proportion and composition of masses in still lifes and landscapes, as well as different proportion of facial features changing according to angles.

Is this your first time to try oil pastel drawing? No worrries! We'll cover step by step from basic theories to actual practice, so it won't be difficult to follow and draw along. We'll also learn about various types of line drawing and how to utilize them, as well coloring method maximizing the contrast. With these skills, you'll be able to create your own unique drawing style in no time!


  • You can create your own unique paintings by learning to use oil pastel, specifically, how to draw detailed lines and utilize various colors.
  • You'll learn about light and shadow as well as contrast using basic objects, which will help you to to create more realistic expressions.
  • You'll learn about composition and proportions, including proportions of facial features. This will help you to easily draw still lifes or portraits on your own.
  • You'll learn to create your unique painting style using colors of your choosing.


  • Those who'd like to try drawing for hobby but not sure how to get started
  • Those who'd like to draw and recreate the works of their favorite artists
  • Those who'd like to create beautiful portraits of people they love, such as family and friends, using unique colors and expressions
  • Those who would like to have peaceful, stress-relieving moments through painting


After looking at my paintings, people often ask "How did you come up to use these colors? Did it just come up to your mind?" I believe a big reason why people like my drawings is because my portraits capture figures and their unique characteristics using various colors and lines.

My drawings may seem like they can be easily drawn and improvised. But all this became possible having countless drawing practices and failures to come up with my own coloring and drawing know-hows. Thanks to these skills, I can now express what I want to without hesitation and create them into unique paintings. I would like to share these skills and know-hows with you through this class. If you carefully follow each class and practice on your own, I'm sure you will be able to develop your own unique painting style with fascinating colors and mood.





Hi, I'm ofmydraw.

Expressing myself freely on paper in lines and colors using oil pastels is the happiest thing for me to do. I'd like to share my easy-drawing know-hows for those of you who found it difficult to get started with drawing.



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