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Skills You’ll Learn

Why individual investors lose money in the 'stock market'

Is it because of information asymmetry, “private investors” who sell before they go up and buy before they go down?

After all, Korean stocks are not allowed?

What is the reason for the low yield and significant loss in the Korean stock market even in the COVID-19 liquidity market?

An “investment strategy for individuals to win the market”

If they know the market, ant investors can also make money. We reveal investment strategies that win the market

After all, only ants are “on the side”?

How does the stock market repeat itself!

On March 19, 2020, due to the “COVID-19” shock

KOSPI hesitated at 1,439P!

With unprecedented economic support from governments around the world, the global financial market showed a more dynamic movement than ever before. It's an emergency KOSPI also reached a record high of 3,316p during the day in June 2021, 1 year and 3 months later, breaking through 3,316p during the dayI did. Looking back, it took a whopping 13 years to get from 2,000 to 3,000. In the past “Stock investment = disgrace”There were many cases where they shunned it.

The perception of “stock investment” has changed a lot in recent years. “I became a multi-billion asset owner with a small investment”, “I quit my job after investing in stocks” There are a lot of success myths appearing in the media and YouTube, and people are treated as “out of date people if they don't invest,” or if they don't invest, they can't secretly participate in contests. There were also people who treated them as people who lived without a vision or thought about the future.

What's it like now? Is that true even after the global stock market completely declined, or even after stocks became unscathed as they turned to a downturn?

“Choi Jang-soo” from the head of the securities company's research center

An individual investor's 'investment strategy to win the market'

“After all, I didn't even start investing, so I'm wise!!”

Is that really smart?

The world is changing. Working hours are getting shorter, and the concept of profit compared to labor is also changing. It has become a world where the more you have capital, the more profit you get, and capital is called capital. though Among the capital, Algok and JangjeongIt would clearly be divided into those with. Therefore, investments must also be covered up. Otherwise, you'll lose a lot. At one time, there were quite a few individual investors in their 20s and 30s who said they had excellent “investment talent” and decided to beat their jobs and become full-time investors. Everyone makes money when the market is good. However, real skills are revealed when the market is bad. How to read the market that I have built up based on my long experience and an investment strategy that even an ant investor can win against the market, and a strategy that can properly analyze the market and win properly using scientific statistics as a weapon, rather than simply fighting with confidencewas included in this class. Learn short and bold.

Recommended target

  • Jurin people, helps you understand the basics of stock investment and the market.
  • Those who study stocks, such as university studentsIt presents scientific analysis and statistics to
  • Don't ask investors who have lost a lot, We will help you recover and develop your own investment strategy.

Course effect

  • Understanding “What is stock investment”
  • Understanding the big hands and real factors that drive “stock prices”
  • Scientific research on historical examples of the stock market, stock market forecasts for the next 5 years



Jongwoo Lee

Jongwoo Lee

Hallo I'm Lee Jong-woo. I've been in charge of stock market analysis for 31 years at a securities company, starting with Daewoo Economic Research Institute in 1992. Regarding market analysis, I am proud to have the longest experience in Korea and an extraordinary insight.

  • The Economist
  • before Head of Investment Strategy Team, Daewoo Securities Research Center
  • Head of research centers including Hanwha Investment Securities, School Securities, HMC Investment Securities, IM Investment Securities (now Meritz Securities), IBK Investment Securities, etc., served as the head of the Choi Jang-soo Center for 16 years

📚 Books

<<Reading stock market trends with economic indicators:2005>>

<<Stock investment with Lee Jong-woo's classic: 2003>>

<<Basic principles of stock investment: 2000>>


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