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Skills You’ll Learn

Asset allocation investment with economic freedom

Automated trading makes complex strategies and rebalancing easier!
Everything, even my pension account!

Quant investing is also automatic!

Any quant strategy can be implemented automatically with a class-created system!

Are long-term investments boring? Try rolling Danta automatically too!

From Korean stocks to US stocks
All of them can be sold automatically!

An item that has exploded in trading prices? US ETF leveraged investment?

Let's implement various danta strategies!
That's great!

It provides a number of automated trading bots

Bots whose profits have been verified over a long period of time through backtesting
I have a sense of peace of mind!

Class introduction

If you invest in stocks, this class is a 'must'!

If you want to reflect your own strategy completed in this class

You can continue your investment life with peace of mind no matter what kind of market situation it is, and no matter what kind of crash it is.

I think you'll eventually be able to achieve financial freedom.

From Korean stocks to US stocks

Automate everything from general accounts to pension accounts!

Static dynamic all famous asset allocation strategies!

From quant to danta!

As you can see from reviews of the existing automated coin trading classes, I made this class with all my heart!

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자동매매 후기

In the case of automatic stock trading

Various bots whose profits have been verified to some extent through long-term backtesting

You can use it as is, and you can invest comfortably.

Course effect

  • With effective asset allocation, it is possible to automatically trade overseas accounts as well as internal pension accounts (personal, retirement pension), and through this, successful retirement is possible, and even enjoy fun with quant investment and single investment.

  • You can create a proven asset allocation automatic trading strategy that distributes investments in various assets such as stocks, bonds, gold, and cash, and rebalances once a month to a year.

  • Multiple complex strategies can be executed automatically at the same time, from numerous quant strategies to single hit strategies.

  • Rather than high-risk, short-term, high-return investment know-how, can be seen in any market situation with 'low risk and long-term high-profit' investment know-how.

▲ From the automated trading system we built Asset Allocation + Quant + DantaYou can invest in a variety of ways with a combination of

Recommended target

  • Those who need a bot that automatically invests 24 hours a day according to the strategy I have set

  • Those who are curious about “asset allocation + quant investment” know-how and “danta trading” know-how, which is easy even in a falling market

  • Those who want to automatically trade using the API newly released by Korea Investment Securities (logic similar to automatic coin trading)

  • Those who are curious about the minimum yield of investing 100 million, 2.6 billion after 20 years, 13.6 billion after 30 years, 7.1 billion after 40 years, and 360.7 billion after 50 years

한국 투자 증권

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Achieve a return on investment with 30% annual profit and 15% MDD

📍 Do you know about “Quant Investment”?

Also known as 'quantitative investment', it is an investment methodology that is not a qualitative judgment, but rather an investment methodology that involves investing only with numbers. It doesn't matter who the CEO of the company is or what kind of business they do. It has a deep history as an investment method of buying if conditions are met, and there are so many strategies. Through this, we can implement any number of other quant strategies in the automated trading system we have built.

A view of the bot provided by the class working automatically on the server

📍 “Asset allocation” is not just for wealthy people

The more novice you are, the more you should start investing with asset allocation.

As an asset allocation investment that shines in a falling market by investing in various assets in a distributed manner

You can continue to invest stably with less MDD. Experience the magic of welfareTry it out!

❷ Trading know-how with relatively low risk

We will show you a system for trading using indicators such as trading prices, RSI indicators, moving averages, and Bollinger bands. In addition, we will also show you how to build the following investment bot (2022 NEW version).

📍 A bot that targets when an item with a transaction price immediately rises, and targets a pullback zone.

📍 If it falls too much, there is no choice but to eventually have a technical rebound. At this time, Danta Bot uses the RSI indicator to use short-term lows

📍 Bots that use Bollinger Bands to carry long fights and danta together, etc.

In addition, we will teach you about the risks of leveraged ETFs and how to invest safely in a class.

Also Maximize profits by implementing a trailing stop function I will!

There are so many advantages of classes, but to sum them up, there are limitations

Check out the curriculum right away or check out the details from the link below!

Class details:





I'm a digital nomad “Gemanah” (father who makes games) who has been making and eating games with his wife at home since the winter of 2013.

As a game developer, I became interested in automatic investment, so I have been developing and investing in bots myself.

There are no assets that just go up, and there are no assets that just fall.

Therefore, the asset market continues to rise and fall.

If you want to invest safely without worrying about the rise and fall of these assets

You must invest in asset allocation.

Then everyone can gain financial freedom after retirement.

You don't think you can wait until retirement?

For those of you Quant investment and single hit investment are also preparedI did it.

If I even get the fun of investing as part of my investment funds

We can continue to invest

After all, we can survive in a capitalist world.

All without worrying about money

And if the stock falls, don't worry about anything

We will support all of you so that you can continue investing!

Let's meet in class ^^!



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