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Korean|Audio English

Learn how to speak Korean like a native with a Korean teacher! Do you want to improve your speaking skills? I will help you to communicate like a native Korean speaker. Check this class out, I will tell you all the secrets that will be helpful to you.

가르치는 모습

Learning Korean will not only help you to look professional but also will make you expand on various experiences.

I will take you through all the steps of your Korean journey from elementary to advanced level.

I’m not just teaching you the theories. Each lesson has numerous examples and exercises that will help you to understand and practice.

Here’s what this class is the best for you:

✔️You can learn real usage of the Korean language in a fun and interesting way in everyday situations

✔️All courses are in English, no need to waste your time. I will explain it with easy explanations to follow all Korean courses

✔️Proper Korean pronunciation practice

✔️No need for special knowledge of Korean, anyone can learn!

In these courses you will learn:

1)Useful daily phrases

2)Korean vocabulary that you must know

3)How to ask questions

4)How to answer

5) Real Korean cultures

After taking this class:

you will be able to

1) speak Korean causally

2) understand K-culture and dramas

3) make Korean friends easily

4) express your idea and feelings

This class aims to help you master conversational Korean!

🤷‍♀️Who should take this class?

-Anyone who wants to learn Korean

-Anyone who wants to learn natural conversation in Korean.



Natalie Ssam

Natalie Ssam

강사 프로필

HI, I'm Neroli:) My Korean name is Yeeun Park

but here's the reason why I go for "Neroli" as my nickname:

Neroli is an essential oil,

extracted from the flower of bitter orange trees. Neroli has benefits for giving a sense of stability and happiness. I will therefore provide a professional and systematic curriculum for students who are shy or frustrated about speaking Korean.

Neroli seeks to provide solutions for growth and development and for students to reach their full potential.

Korean and English, the difference between memorization and the usage of background knowledge in Korean, is to thoughtfully and clearly express oneself.

A comfortable mindset and attitude are the first priority.

Neroli will be a bridge for learners to achieve their goals by speaking Korean in a friendly environment.


✔️Class 101 Korean & English creator

✔️SAMSUNG C&T / English instructor

✔️ 10 years experience living abroad


✔️From State University, MO



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