8 chapters · 2 hours 45 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

How to use chat gpt

Basic usage of chat gpt, a chat-type AI, and how to use it easily

How to use vrew

An automatic subtitling and video production program learns how to use vrew hehe AI

E-book publishing process using AI

Learn the basics of creating and distributing e-books

About the class

Hello, I'm a digital N-jobber with sales of 120 million won per year without facial exposure or followers. Since this is the second class with class 101, I'm going to talk about various ways you can use Chat GPT.

A lot of information and classes where you can use Chat GPT professionally, such as for work or monetization, came out of nowhere. In this class, I learned how to use Chat GPT in a fun way to easily create content and even practice micro-conversation. From branding through chat-type AI and automatic video creation through video AI to publishing! I composed various ways to use chat-type AI and how to expand it using various AI tools along with practical know-how I have experienced.

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Course effect

  • How to build social media and blog personal branding using Chat GPT
  • How to create short forms and videos through automatic video creation using video AI
  • How to create and publish e-books using AI
  • Things to keep in mind and tips when using AI and how to expand using AI tools

Recommended target

  • People who are new to chat-type AI or aren't familiar with it
  • People who want to do branding but are having trouble
  • People who want to make various videos and books

What makes this class special

Built on e-book funding and NFT production using AI Practical usage guide

All Master Keabi was recognized as a branding course in Class 101 and earned over 100 million with a small number of followers. I recently started a business using such experience, and since I use branding/business/video production in the business due to the AI I used at that time, I can give you a core practical application guide that is even more useful to you.

Also, this course was created based on a real story rather than my own, which can be heard anywhere, with the experience of successfully funding a book using AI and selling over 300 books and the experience of creating an NFT using AI.





Clay cutlery, basic living recipients, high school students.

It had the setting of a common protagonist in dramas, but there were times when I thought that she wasn't the main character

Until 3 years ago, I only heard about debt, slow learning speed, lack of talent, and asking me to find a stable job

However, when I came across a digital nomad and learned about various digital jobs, I worked hard with eagerness and got 12 digital jobs in my 3rd year.

How to create talent through hard work and how to turn it into profit Digital N Job is the first big and strong stone in the digital N job bridge

Because I didn't have all the money, time, connections, and education

I can talk now. They say you can create talent and earn money even if you don't have one.

First of all, I'd like to tell you how to make money by raising my awareness. Many people find it most difficult, and if you follow the instructions on how to create branding, which is the foundation of everything, one by one, you will be able to meet your own fan base and customers before you know it

-ASMR YouTube. Knowledge YouTube is running

-Insta nano influencer

-Digital writer (personal newsletter, brunch writer)

-Emoji & digital sticker artist

-Official creator of Mmm

-Year DJ (800 Spoons, Blabla Best Crew)

- Online instructor (making costumes for cug-gepeto, raising kids' YouTubers)

-Time management consulting and coaching, emoji course with Super Proof Ambassador (highest level) N Jobber


-E-book on sale

-Character shop in operation (Marple Shop, Red Bubble)

-Sales of BGM songs

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